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Alexis's Stories

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A little bit about Alexis.....

For Alexis traveling is a way of life as she has enjoyed working in over 120 different countries; also residing in many of them. For the last 22 years Alexis maintains a residence in Barcelona, Spain but focused on working the entire Republic of Mexico from 2005-2015. In 2008 she visited 28 different countries in 5 months (India, Asia, Europe, Africa) and returned again to India & Asia in 2013 for 5 months. She feels that the Divine is now guiding her to focus mainly on Africa. She has spent a lot of time on the African continent in the last 20 years and the most recent visit was working in 11 countries across Central Africa from November 2016-July 2017..

Alexis is dedicated to sharing her priorities in life which are: transparency in all areas, forgiveness and total healing of one’s relationships/beginning with the parents and honesty and acceptance of oneself exactly as one is / not as one wishes to be. When one has clarity in these areas; all flows harmoniously.

Alexis’s purpose is to be available in service to every human being that desires or needs assistance in personal growth and transformation. She is focusing on helping people to find inner clarity, peace and experience Oneness with all that is. She enjoys guiding people to that joyful and unlimited state that flows abundantly inside one’s heart when the resistance to suffering ceases. That feeling heals relationships—especially with oneself, bringing oneness back to the planet as a whole. She accomplishes this by allowing the Divine to guide her every moment and flows in trust and surrender with that guidance.

She is traveling the world focusing on established groups of men & women in uniform on all levels with Federal, State, Municipal & Immigration Police, Forensics, CIA and FBI, Airport Customs, Immigration Officials, and ALL Airport Employees. After receiving the Oneness experience they will then naturally transmit this positive energy affecting the state of many others that they come into contact with by their chosen role of uniform. This also benefits many delinquent youths and criminals as they receive 'The Grace' when Alexis visits prisons by first giving courses to the Prison Guards and then later offering the same to the entire inmate population..

Alexis also focuses on the Political realm with Leaders, Presidents, Ambassadors, Governors, Mayors, Embassy and Government Officials, as well as all Government Employees and their families which also include the departments of abused women and abused/abandoned children. Alexis also devotes much time to the Military with Army and Air Force Generals, Navy Admirals, Colonels, Officials, Pilots, Marines and Soldiers as well as their entire families. Alexis is happy to report much success in many areas like helping the overworked staff of Mexico’s Federal Commission of Electricity after Hurricane Wilma devastated Cancun as well as the Tourism Industry including Hotel Directors & their entire Staff as well as the Transportation Industry; with over 15,000 Taxi Drivers in Cancun …

Alexis’s diverse talents have enabled her to help the Red Cross, hospitals, schools, AIDS patients, drug addicts, youth groups, the elderly, handicapped and organizations that help those who are unable to help themselves. Alexis really enjoys Public large event opportunities every chance she gets with experiencing crowds of over 300,000 in Mexico City receiving Intention Oneness Blessing & smaller groups of 14,000 in Cancun and 3000 in Palenque!! She also has the honor of sharing the Oneness experience with millions of viewers in their homes by appearing regularly on 20 different Mexican television programs.

She writes a weekly full page newspaper article that is published in color with photos in the cities of Cancun and Oaxaca, Mexico. The public requested that she continue to maintain a presence in their cities when she is unable to physically be present, so she happily continues sharing the Grace thru written words using the newspaper and her website as tools.

Alexis is committed to help the SHIFT in Consciousness on all levels as she quickly learned that the time and energy spent creating interest to gather 'spiritually minded' groups, was not worth the time and effort needed and realized that it was much wiser to go directly to where groups are already formed, presenting herself to them openly & honestly allowing and trusting Grace to do its work easily & effortlessly.

November 2, 2008
Small Miracles

May 30, 2008
Sharing the Grace in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico; Oaxaca was truly an unforgettable experience

February 14, 2008
A Heart flowering Valentine's Day gift for the Social Services Branch of the Military

December 27, 2007
Resisting Change

October 15, 2007
The Miraculous Little Black Bag that wants to Travel to Africa

August 9, 2007
Oneness Blessings Shower over Singapore�s Impressive National Day Celebration.
Intense efforts were focused on raising the consciousness of this Asian powerhouse.

June 16, 2007
Experiences of Gratitude from a Justice Dept. Office and State Police Officials in Mexico

June 1, 2007
If you were to return to being a child you will be creative; Creativity needs freedom.
At some time between the ages of seven and fourteen years of age a great change happens in the child. The psychologists have been investigating this phenomenon. Why does this happen? And what exactly is it that happens?
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May 29, 2007
A beautifully written recommendation letter from the Mayor of Culiac�n, Sinaloa M�xico, Aaron Irizar Lopez.
Congratulations Culiacan as it gives me great pleasure to honor all the people of the city for choosing and voting into office such a fine and outstanding Mayor who genuinely lives from his heart. His signature says it all.


May 5, 2007
An Outstanding Event Celebrating Children's Day and Mother's Day with Impressive Gifts for ALL thanks to Culican's Generous Mayor & his Loving Wife.


April 26, 2007
There will be a talk about the liberation of energy
An article written in the newspaper El Debate, Culiacan, Sinaloa about who is Alexis Shaffer and what she offers to the people in an event organized by the Mayor of the city for his employees as well as all of the public is invited by this article.
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April 21, 2007
A group of City Police Chiefs & Commanders in Sinaloa, Mexico
There are no words to explain the things that happened in this group. What I can say is that it was VERY special and without a doubt the Divine was clearly working through these men!
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April 18, 2007
State Police & FBI Experiences from Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico
Two lovely high energy groups with over 700 members attending. I happily report amazing results!


April 1, 2007
When this beautifully written article was published in the El Imparcial newspaper in Oaxaca, Mexico and titled: �A woman transmits tranquility and instills peace�; over half of the city began to call me on my cell phone!
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March 5, 2007
Experiences of Soldiers and their  Families in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico
In this part of Mexico exist  some of the most serious problems with drug traffic and daily assassinations. Due to this the Sinaloan people suffer from a lot of negative energy influence.



February 14, 2007
Various experiences from the Hearts of those in Mexico...
Re: Thank you so much!! Alexis: Hello there. I�m writing these lines to tell you how much I appreciate your intervention & concern for me on that day that you came to our office for your meeting with my boss. You filled me with...


February 5, 2007
Experiences of Soldiers in Oaxaca
There are many written experiences from these soldiers that touched my heart deeply!!


February 5, 2007
Working unexpectedly during a VERY COLD winter with ALL in Chihuahua, Mexico.
Working in freezing temperatures yet my heart was warmed from the abundant love and gratefulness shared by all of the Chihuahuenses so touched by the Grace.


January 26, 2007
Transmitting her spirituality
An article written by a Mexican newspaper �el Diario�, in Chihuahua Mexico explaining who Alexis is and what she is offering to the people there.
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January 16, 2007
The Air Force General's Appreciation Letter and the Written Experiences of his Air Force members and pilots in Chihuahua Mexico
I am working non-stop just now in the northwest part of Mexico and enjoying it so much that sometimes I don't find time to even sleep! Many nights I stay up all night just writing about it all. Here are some of the lovely men's experiences of the Air Force to touch your heart.
As they sure touched mine! And with the most beautiful humble General I have ever met yet.


January 16, 2007
Military Soldiers Experiences in Chihuahua Mexico
I am working non-stop just now in the northwest part of Mexico and enjoying it so much! Many nights I stay up until 4 am just writing about it all. Here are some of the lovely soldiers experiences to touch your heart. As they sure touched mine!


January 6, 2007
Oneness Blessing with the San Francisco, CA Police Department
Last summer in June of 2006 I managed to share Oneness Blessing with a few lovely police officers working for the City of San Francisco, CA.


December 19, 2006
Oneness Blessing at a Mexico Military Funeral Ceremony
In mid-April of 2006 a Military General phoned me with a unique request; something other than Oneness Blessing...
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December 16, 2006
Many Oneness Blessings for VIP group of convicted police & politicians, prison guards & women's group & judges
What a pleasure it was to provide ALL of these many deserving men & women with Bhagavan's Grace!
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December 15, 2006
I visited the largest distributed newspaper in Cancun, Novedades
..and the Human Relations Director, decided that he wanted the entire newspaper headquarters staff to receive a Oneness Oneness Blessing Course...


December 14, 2006
Intensive Oneness Blessing Courses with Members of PGR (Mexico's F. B. I. & Forensic Team) in their Headquarters
It is always fascinating for me to work with these levels of the police and I really enjoy their team of Forensic Doctors! They call me Doctora! They say that I fix their hearts..


December 14, 2006
Mexico's Federal Institute Election Board with 2006 being a particularly stressful year
The new President of the Republic Of Mexico was being elected into office. This only occurs every 6 years! So you can imagine the stress level.


December 13, 2006
Manifestation in Cancun due to President Bush's Visit
Any event that brings a majority of the people together in a quest for �the good� is a step up in the level of consciousness and a step forward in connecting all of humanity in oneness with each other and the planet. ...
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December 11, 2006
Oneness Blessing at the 1st Government Annual Report by Cancun�s Mayor Francisco Alor during his first term in office
The Mayor had quite a job putting the city in order during his first year in office! And he really couldn't have done a better job!!


December 11, 2006
Cancun's Sunday Beach Oneness Blessings
As promised, here is the complete experience of the 4 hour Oneness Blessing courses on a Cancun Beach, from April 9th.
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December 9, 2006
A Local Mexico Municipal Jail/Prison Oneness Blessing with Male General Population
With photos!!!!
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December 6, 2006
The �Cinco de Mayo� Ceremony� in Cancun. With a surprise personal visit by a dangerous scorpion
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December 4, 2006
At Cancun's Taxi Union Syndicate Auditorium many had received the greatest gift of all...with photos
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Sept. 17, 2006
Annual Mexican Military/Navy Parade for President Fox. Over 200,00 people
With New Photos!!!!

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SEPT. 16, 2006
Democratic Convention by Obrador - 3rd Event in 2 days!!
So just when I thought it was time for a rest�. I discovered that there was even ANOTHER EVENT #3 beginning in just 2 hours in the same square!
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SEPT. 15, 2006
Over 600,000 people receive Oneness Blessing and it felt as is heaven had opened it doors!!!
There were 3 separate events with over 200,000 people present at each one.....
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MARCH 20, 2006
Sharing Bhagavan's Grace during Spring Equinox in Mexico's Chitchen Itza Ruins
The energy was SO INTENSE that my entire physical body was VIBRATING!!!!!

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MARCH 28, 2006
A Cancun Mexico Taxi Man's Experience body was suddenly sliding through time and space like when a leaf falls from a tree in the fall, but during the leaf's fall everything was with a dark background, which made me feel as if my body kept on traveling through that peace with a calming silence until I felt that I was part of the water, water which was manifested in me through its waves, returning to feel the sense of tranquility in my while being....
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MARCH 20, 2006
Grace Flowing in Abundance in Cancun
Namaste Beloveds!!! It�s been awhile since I have written. Please forgive me as my hands have been very busy with giving Oneness Blessing as you will soon read about. You will soon know exactly where they have been as I have provided you with my 1st months Cancun schedule as it was�

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MARCH 19, 2006
Bhagavan on Television LIVE giving his GRACE to Millions
This last week, Alexis was mostly focusing on reaching the TV Studio Channels, The BIG Newspapers, and Radio Stations to advise ALL of Cancun and the entire State of Quintana Roo, Mexico about her availability for them so Bhagavan can help MILLIONS!!!!
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 MARCH 13, 2006
The Group for 2006! 300 Young Men & Women of 18 years of age doing their military service. Some of their experiences...

Alexis has continued sharing Bhagavan�s grace with more than 300 beautiful young souls doing their 1 year of Military Service here in Mexico during this year.
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MARCH 06, 2006
Giving Long Distance Phone Oneness Blessing to General�s Family Members

Upon request he also provided me with her photo taken by her father on his cell phone of her as she lay comatose in her hospital bed. He mailed it to the General�s cell phone and every time that I saw him during the week, I seized the opportunity to give her another Oneness Blessing...
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MARCH 06, 2006
What happened? I don't know. It's something the likes of which I've never experienced before and I feel that it will take a long time for me to understand....

Today I lived something truly amazing!! .......The television in the office suddenly began turning on and off in a series of repetitions, and when I tried to disconnect it I found out that it was already �DISCONNECTED!�
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MARCH 05, 2006
Small Miracles

Upon receiving my NEW Drivers License hours later, I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at the expiration date and had received 30 years!! And....WE ARE YOUR PARENTS was Amma and Bhagavan�s message
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FEBRUARY 27, 2006
An energy that made us feel young again!!!
...after having received the energy, BOTH of us no longer experience pain! We continued visiting the ruins, running up and down the pyramid stairs like youngsters! We now have so much energy that we feel like new born babies! In the last 6 months I took medicine for stress and now I don't take them any more! This is really and truly a marvelous wonder! Dr. Jorge Luis Rebolledo
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FEBRUARY 24, 2006
Flor's story..... A History of Light

I shared with you by phone my personal and the whole sales team's miraculous experiences of Hurricane Wilma. I am convinced that the Grace that you shared with us completely protected us thru that whole disaster!! I would like to now share it in writing with you so that you may show the world that unexpected miracles DO ACTUALLY happen! My name is Blanco Flor and it is difficult to express with words how lucky I feel!
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FEBRUARY 22, 2006
CFE (Commission Federal of Electricity) employees in Mexico receive Oneness Blessing

I really feel quite pleased to offer the Mexican Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE), Bhagavan's Grace as I KNOW that they will now be protected. I wish to give Oneness Blessing to the entire corporation of CFE employees in the whole of Mexico.  That consists of approximately 25,000 employees in the entire country.
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FEBRUARY 17, 2006
Reading and Writing about Oneness Blessing Experiences IS IMPORTANT to further your process!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all your stories, especially the goldfish and turtle stories. It breaks my heart apart and I seem to receive Deeksha from just reading them.
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FEBRUARY 15, 2006
Turtle Gracefully Laying her Eggs on Cancun's Beach
Walking down the pristine beach late one evening at midnight in meditation enjoying the beauty of existence.......Suddenly noticing sand flying radically up in the air from nowhere, just 10 meters away from the waters edge where I was walking peacefully. It quite surprised me and the thoughts, What could possibly be creating that? Should I be fearful? Were passing through my mind... Also flashes of horror movies I had watched in the past presented themselves.
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FEBRUARY 13, 2006
Bhagavan touching lives in passing....... An Experience of a Lovely CA Police Officer ...

I'm the grey haired cop from Morro Bay, California. I'm still basking in the glow of our brief encounter. It was no accident we shared that sunset and those wonderful moments together. I certainly came away from it a better person and I hope you did also.
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FEBRUARY 11, 2006
Mexican Police, Airport Personnel, Military and Marines

Oneness Blessing with Mexican PFP Federal and Immigration Police, Airport Customs, Airport Federal Police, Military, Marines & Official Parade of the Uniformed Men and Women of the City of Cancun.
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FEBRUARY 09, 2006
Christmas Week Miracles in the U.S.

I held �Bubbles� between both of my hands under the cold water sending light, life and love into it�s little fish body begging existence to revive it so that he may continue to bring joy into the life of the little boy owner and his family.
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FEBRUARY 03, 2006
Cancun�s Taxi Drivers and Their Families, Radio Stations and Newspaper Officials Receiving Grace with Testimonials Included

When she placed her hands on my head, I felt a drop of liquid falling on my right cheek and my entire body got very hot moving all the way thru to my knees!
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JANUARY 27, 2006
Oneness Blessing with Fiesta Americana Hotels Cancun, Mexico

...When Alexis placed her hands on my head I was immediately transported; bringing me back to an experience I had over 10 years ago: the birth of my daughter, and holding my newborn child in my arms for the very first time which gave me an experience of great immense joy all over again ...


JANUARY 27, 2006
D. E. M. Brigade General and Colonels Thank you Letters to Alexis

I would like to reiterate our most profound and deep gratitude on behalf of all of the families and friends as well, of all the personnel of the Guarnition and 64th Infantry Battalion of Cancun, in Quintana Roo Mexico for receiving the benefits of increased mental health from the transmission of energy...
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JANUARY 24, 2006
More Experiences of Mexican Soldiers -Part 2

Alexis received hundreds of written experiences by those soldiers she gave deeksha to near Cancun.    Here is the second part of them...
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JANUARY 13, 2006
Back to reality!
"Oneness Blessing"; the little push that humanity needs.
It all started the 2nd of February 2005,  a Wednesday, when mi Tai-Chi professor and friend Ravi called me to cancel de Tai-Chi class we had the next day. In fact I really wanted to go so it frustrated me a little. But the reason was because there was going to be a �Oneness Blessing� in Barcelona. He asked me to go but ...   from Oscar (via Alexis)
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JANUARY 03, 2006
New Years Eve Wet Showers of Grace!!

Looking at my watch, I now had very little time before the Oneness Blessing event began... Getting ready to drive away I noticed ALL the firemen exiting the hotel and I NOW understood WHY it was ONLY MY ROOM that was swimming and felt that I needed to seize this opportunity to at least share Bhagavan's Grace with the Fire Chief & Fire Captain of this particular fire station. And I DID JUST THAT!!
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DECEMBER 30, 2005
In such admiration and awe, I want to assist!!

I have always been intuitive and full of senses but now it is in living color. I can feel the shifting happening in my body as a result of all the energy transference I have received from you this week. I am so grateful. Amy Ford
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DECEMBER 13, 2005 
Experiences from Young Mexicans in Military Service

These are some experiences of the 350, 18-year old SMN members which are required to do 1 year of service work for Mexico...
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DECEMBER 13, 2005
Oneness Blessing in India for children's blind school with 140 young boys!!

Today was a Oneness Blessing for a children's blind school with 140 young boys!! With photos
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DECEMBER 12, 2005
Experiences of Soldiers in Mexico -Part 1
These are some experiences from an army battalion of 450 soldiers that came from 5 hours outside of Cancun to help the city to clean up & recuperate after Hurricane Wilma. This particular battalion was also fortunate and received 3 days of 3 hour long Oneness Blessing groups...

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NOVEMBER 11, 2005

All is slowly recuperating, THE CITY AND ALL OF IT'S PEOPLE that is... Thanks to Bhagavan`s presence!
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OCTOBER 20, 2005
Oneness Blessing in the Mexican Army
Various experiences from the soldiers that attended a one week course that Alexis offered for an entire battalion of 640 Mexican officers and soldiers.
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OCTOBER 10, 2005
Bhagavan Transforming Families and Grouchy dogs -PURE LOVE IS ALL THAT REMAINS!

When I began my Oneness Blessing Marathon in Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas last spring many people working for the Government in the Municipal Palace began taking me home to their large families so that they may also receive Bhagavan`s Grace!
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OCTOBER 06, 2005
Military Battalion In LOVE Story.....

I Finally finished this STORY!!! Took me many days!!!!
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SEPTEMBER 21, 2005
Things are going UNBELIEVABLY well here in Cancun Mexico!!

Everything has been one major flow..... I have been SO busy that it has taken me until now, 19 days later to find my way to a computer to begin to download the many photos & write you all the latest!!
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SEPTEMBER 19, 2005
Crowd of 14000 People Receiving Oneness Blessing

The newest photos from Alexis. Crowd of 14000 people receiving Oneness Blessing, Red Cross, FIP Special Forces Police , Red Cross and Military .
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SEPTEMBER 01, 2005
Many in Palenque "Drunk in Bliss"

As I moved closer to the window, I saw a shining little face peeking out from under the covers with a big smile shouting," GRACIAS! MUCHAS GRACIAS ALEXIS!!"
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AUGUST 11, 2005
TV show, helping angel and a lot of Oneness Blessings
I forgot to tell that last Saturday on the Sky Channel 112, the live interview that was showed in Monterrey, Tabasco and Chiapas was fantastic!!
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AUGUST 10, 2005
Photos of my favorite PFP POLICE

Some photos of Alexis and the PFP police
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AUGUST 09, 2005

What amazing energy came thru as I entered the stage next to give Oneness Blessing to the 2000-3000 (difficult to calculate the exact # of people present!)
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AUGUST 07, 2005
Prisoners in Peace - Police & Military in Joy
The police told me that in their base in Tapachula, South Chiapas, there are more then 600 illegal immigrants captured & transferred there daily!!!! I feel to go there soon! Imagine, I can affect almost all of Central America from 1 simple police base in Tapachula Mexico as the illegal immigrants come from all over Central America!
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JULY 26, 2005
Every day is amazingly HIGH ENERGY here in Palenque! The energy is SO HIGH!!! Today another Military General Brigada (2 star) received Oneness Blessing & I will be giving his soldiers a mini-course this Saturday at 9am! I'm SO HAPPY!!!! I just called the base & asked to speak to the General & went to him all within the same hour! I feel like my new "motto" is the same as NIKE'S....
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JULY 24, 2005
Policemen falling in trance

Here is the latest Palenque Story with Great Results!!! Sectorial Police members each went into DEEP DEEP STATES for over 30 minutes! I have to speak about GOD a lot & do healings in the name of Jesus here!
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JULY 18, 2005
Today was absolutely an amazing day giving Oneness Blessing in the Palenque Ruins
All day was a steady flow of tourists from many different countries but the majority was Mexicans as Sundays are free entrance for Nationals. About 350 received Oneness Blessing today
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JULY 18, 2005
Oneness Blessings in the ruins at the temple of Reina Roja

I also gave an indigenous guide who gave me a private tour of the ruins & he will now organize the 1500 people of his indigenous pueblo to gather in the main square so that I may go there & give a group Oneness Blessing!
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JULY 13, 2005
Before heading to Cuba
Then I will move on to Tuxtla (Chiapas capital city) to shower all of the Govt. Agencies & Military there (at least 10,000) with Bhagavan's magic before moving on to Cuba.
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JUNE 30, 2005
Healing Armies in Bliss

Alexis has been giving whole armies deep peace, and tremendous healing has taken place. 
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JUNE 27, 2005
Oneness Blessing with Alexis in the Pacific Ocean off the Mexican Coast!!!!

Wow!!! How the Energy Multiplies in the Sea!!!!
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JUNE 26, 2005
In 1 hour I will be live on the television here in Chiapas Mexico!

I will explain all about Oneness Blessing & then I will give a group Oneness Blessing over the radio waves of the TV to all who are watching!!! It will be the 1st time
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JUNE 26, 2005
My life has been completely transformed since the Deeksha experience and now I feel much calmer!

I have noticed that I am much more efficient now in organizing my life which leaves me a lot more free time to do more things that I truly enjoy & everything is flowing much easier now. I am so happy with this change in my life!  from Mar�a Mariaca
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JUNE 04, 2005
In Chiapas, Mexico Men & Women in Uniform Receiving Bhagavan�s Grace. Over 2500 people so far!

Full story with all pictures...
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JUNE 01, 2005
Report from Alexis about Oneness Blessings to Police

Today Alexis gave Oneness Blessing to 200 police, and tomorrow 200 more, since they work in shifts...
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MAY 24, 2005
I gave about 800 people (without rest!)

See more than 25 photos of Alexis' Marathon Oneness Blessing under the Cross!!!
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MARCH 24, 2005
Spring Equinox Course in Puerto Vallarta Mexic
After receiving the Oneness Blessing, almost 100% received the Deep Peace & Overwhelming Love & Connection with All, and many had transforming out of body experiences that couldn't even be shared in words at the time....
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MARCH 20, 2005
Oneness Blessing at 36,000 Feet

After spending the last 2 months working very intensely with the beautiful Spanish people of Barcelona in Spain it was time to leave for other parts of the world to spread the Dharma, mainly introducing this in new parts of the U.S. and Mexico .
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MARCH 04, 2005
Isabel's story

About a month ago I received my first Oneness Blessing. When I stepped out onto the street after that first experience, I knew Oneness Blessing was the path that lay ahead of me. I can�t explain the immense happiness I felt inside, the joy I was feeling at having received such a miraculous gift!     from Isabel
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MARCH 01, 2005
Flowering Hearts

As I've been so busy giving Oneness Blessing to everyone I could possibly place my hands on since November 26th 2004 that requested it both in Chennai and Pune, India & since my little feet touched the ground in Barcelona, Spain January 15th!!
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FEBRUARY 24, 2005
My delicious experience with Oneness Blessings

I woke up this morning with a song in my head. I don't know if you remember the TV series "Once upon a time on earth". from Silvia
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DECEMBER 26, 2004
Girls Blind School

I'm still in India and on such a special day as Christmas, I wanted to share the greatest gift that I could think of: Amma & Bhagavan's Grace with the Pune Girls Home & School for the Blindlocated in Pune City itself. About 45 minutes from where I am living in Koregaon Park. There are 90 children & 40 female adults living there...
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DECEMBER 22, 2004
Here in India sharing the Grace with all

I�m Alexis, here in India sharing the Grace with many lovely open hearts :) I have been giving individually daily wherever I am in the moment whenever I am requested with the people feeling: "very beautiful, relaxed, and going very deep inside themselves. Feeling very clear & centered after".
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DECEMBER 18, 2004
I am right now in the process of freeing myself

Towards the end of the session (I do not know how long the session lasted, 10 seconds or 10 minutes) I experienced this tremendous power in my legs and feet, warmth all over, the waves subsided.  From Nisheeta
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DECEMBER 13, 2004
Oneness Blessing in India for children's blind school with 140 young boys!!

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OCTOBER 11, 2004
Mail to and from Robert B

Just thought I would share this letter (that I replied to Blisfoot) with you just in case you were not aware of how I'm enjoying this tour of Spain sharing Bhagavan�s energy with everyone we can possibly get YOUR hands on!
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SEPTEMBER 18, 2004
IT IS WONDERFUL! to say the least!

I wanted to share with you what is happening for me at these video nites we are having! As I'm sharing my experience of receiving Oneness Blessing in Angsbacka from you & Anette & then return to my room, (I was in a complete PEAK experience Out of Body not wanting to return bliss! As I'm sharing this again, I find myself FEELING that same bliss again as if I'm there in that PEAK experience!
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