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April 18, 2007

CuliacŠn Public Security State Police

Group of over 450 members

This group took place in a huge Gymnasium at the State Police Academy Headquarters along with about 120 cadets training to enter the Police Force. (They are the eager ones seated above on the left side dressed in white) They in particular were so committed to their process that I was truly honored to be in their presence!

  •  Excellent Alexis. God bless you.
  •  I felt very well thank you and I saw my sister that had passed away. She used to meditate a lot.
  •  I returned to memories of my childhood in the mountain range of Durango, seeing the pine trees landscape and the big brook.
  •  This session was very interesting to me. I now feel very relaxed. I liked that you had touched my heart. Thanks!
  •  Thank you for this wonderful birthday present. I will start my life over today.
  •  It was sensational. I felt as if I was in outer space staring at the earth and I could move it as I wished with my mind.
  •  I liked the exercise very much as it gave me an experience that I hadnít ever felt before. I hope that this will not be the last time we do this. Thanks.
  •  Very good
  •  I felt peace, tranquility, and full relaxation and a strong desire to feel the same again; I also feel relief from all of my pain. Thank you.
  •  I did not believe... Until now.
  •  Relaxation, serenity, and peace. Thanks.
  •  It was a very beautiful experience; I felt strange things that I have never experienced before. Congratulations.

Official Government Course to Relieve Workplace Stress for the ProcuradurŪa (Stateís Attorney Generalís Office) in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico - Group of 250
Here are their experiences:

Culiacan, Sinaloa. April 18th, 2007
ďFrom the moment I saw you I knew that you were an angelĒ.

In the first energy transmission you gave us just by intention I saw a red colored light and I saw someone flying.

During the Anandamandala exercise I donít know exactly what I was feeling but I couldnít proceed with the practice because I was feeling that my weeping (tears) was drowning me, after that I saw a red light, green, purple, and dark blue.

Then I saw an amber color light very bright (as if that big spotlight was illuminating my eyes and it was dazzling!! I also feel as if my eyes were completely open to that light. I felt a lot of joy, serenity, and peace. I cried because I was experiencing huge emotions, those emotion are still present. I also saw the divine Jesus as he stood in front of me with open hands and I held my hands out to him. Then I saw a small circle of light. It was a dark dot and around that circle it was a bright light. I also want to tell you that I saw kind of a blue planet and in the crown a bright light. When I heard the music I experienced a lot of peace. I was feeling that I was flying and swimming. When we released our hands and the breathing returned to normal. I saw that all of us were still holding hands and we were all rotating slowly in our own places.

Thank you for the gift of peace and serenity.

I liked it very much, the relaxation-course help me to relax myself and to leave from there more in peace.

My suggestion is to repeat the session because I think it wasn't long enough.

It was very pleasant what I experienced. The way that you managed and conducted the training to me was also very pleasant.
I felt very relaxed.
Thank you very much. I only saw three colors - yellow, red, and green.
I felt scared. Thanks.


I felt that this therapy was one of the best experiences of my life, I feel relaxed and tranquil, it seems as if someone removed a big weight from me.
It would be very helpful to repeat this again.

My experience in the session. I felt very relaxed and I saw a lot of lights, the white one was dominating the others. I saw some shapes, blurred faces, and some red flashing lights.

Breathing Exercise 1,2 Anandamandala
I felt that every time that I accelerated the nose breathing my hands, feet, and shoulders began to get cramps.

I saw a big blue circle that as time was passing by it was reducing its size, suddenly it appeared to be a small circle that was incorporating inside of the big circle and then both disappeared, and then returned again, and again.

Afterwards I found myself standing in front of a big, long tunnel. And at the end of the tunnel was a sea landscape with intense blue water and mild waves. Near the shore there were lots of green trees. Suddenly I found myself in front of that landscape.

My experiences were very beautiful, and not very well defined. I felt my whole body, mostly my arms become numb from the energy and my nose hurt when I breathed, probably because of my cold. And with one eye I saw a brilliant bright light and at the end there was darkness, like the color purple, but I can't be sure. I felt my head touched twice, I think the first time it wasnít Alexis, but the second time, it could have been her, Iím not sure, I wish someone could explain these doubts to me, but anyway it was a beautiful and extraordinary experience because you get to know and feel your body very intensely.

April 18, 2007
My experience was that I felt much tranquility, I felt much lighter. I also felt very hot, I saw a yellow light, and a lot of water, I was in a HUGE room full of tranquility all alone looking at crystal blue water and I felt the presence of someone transmitting a lot of energy to me, I felt much less stress as I felt that I had total control of myself. I'm grateful to you Alexis for being the special person that you are and thankful that in this world we now have ways of helping one another. May God always bless you.

I'm grateful to this institution for their interest in providing us with this type of event for the development of our self-esteem and personal growth. I feel less stress and tension now as there was an overwhelming amount accumulated inside of me. I think that this type of therapy really benefits us on a personal level enabling us to do our duties in a better way and with more confidence and self-esteem.
Omar Guerrero V.

(So lovingly translated from Spanish by Patricia & Lyseth)

  • A deep relaxation expressed itself in all aspects of my senses, I also saw pink flashes, and blue and white lights.

  • It was a very interesting experience of meditation accompanied by a deep feeling of peace and tranquility.

  • She is an excellent presenter!

  • I felt a little relaxation, and smelled a soft smooth aroma of vanilla that Alexis explained was only created by my senses as it wasnít present in the room.

  • It was a marvelous experience, an encounter, with myself, with my feelings, and my objectives in life.

  • It was a very good course, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Gratefulness

  • I lived an experience that I have never before in my life felt.

  • We must have the chance to repeat it. Thank you.

  • I felt really wonderful and rested deeply. I had been exhausted and by the end of your session, I felt like Iíd slept for a whole week. Thank you.

  • My experience was great although I didnít actually feel the energy entering me, only that my neck felt so heavy that I felt that I would crack the wall as I rested against it, but it is the first time that I practiced an exercise of this kind.

  • Thank you very much for your interest and concern for the emotional well-being of us public servants, as this will help us to become better each day with our families and also with the people that we serve.

  • Opinion: It was excellent! It relaxed me considerably and now I feel much lighter, with energy to move forward in a positive manner. Please offer us more of these conferences.

  • Thank you.

  •  I felt peace and tranquility.

  • I hope that our bosses also receive this course as they will then understand us better!

  • It was a very interesting experience of unexplainable peace and tranquility.

  • Congratulations, and I sure hope that you will come back to visit us soon.

  • It was a conference that will surely help us in our work.

  • The way that the therapy developed was very interesting; I felt positive energy and much lighter in my body and soul. Can this course please be offered more often?

  • It is a lovely experience where you feel peace and tranquility. I would like to know your web page.

  • I believe that this course is very useful because it brings you deep inner peace and tranquility. I wish that we could receive them more often, so that absolutely everyone receives the session as we all would benefit greatly.

  • I found this conference excellent as it focused exactly on what people needed.

  • Iím very grateful for this unbelievable experience, I relaxed a lot and I now feel more positive. I must admit that at the beginning, I was resisting, but in the end I feel immensely happy. Thank you.

  • I feel very relaxed. I experienced sensations of red lights 6 different times.

  • The truth is that I didn't know what to expect with this conference, but during the exercise, I felt an inner peace that Iíve never before experienced and I hope to repeat this course with my family.

  • I felt that my nose was completely cleared from congestion, the pain in my neck disappeared and I felt very relaxed.

  • Participating in this session was a very pleasant experience, as never before in my life I had experienced such a deep relaxation and profound tranquility. Thank you so much

  • This was an excellant conference!

  • This course is very useful, it make us feel happier, removing the stress that we carry, and for that reason it should be repeated more often, for our personal and mental health.

  • I felt very deeply relaxed but also energized at the same time.

  •  It was very good to learn this kind of technique, as I received very good results. Iím feeling so wonderful and deeply relaxed and peaceful. Thanks for this experience as in my case; Iíve never lived anything like this before.

  • I felt very relaxed with so much energy running through my hands, and in the moment of connecting with myself and closed eyes, I observed flashing lights.

  • Regularly I suffer from gastritis pain. Before the session I was suffering, but by the end of it, I felt stupendously well. Thank you Alexis and God Bless You.

  • The truth is that I was very skeptical, but yes, I had a moment when I saw colors, and I tried to clarify images of distressed people and at one point, when you  touched me, I saw electrical discharges and a pain I had in my head quickly disappeared.

  • My personal experience was spending time in deep relaxation based on the methods that we practiced, and for that reason, it was a very good experience with positive energy.

  •  18/04/07 I felt extremely well, more peaceful and I only saw 3 colors, green, red and yellow.

  •  April 18th 2007 I will forever thank Alexis for this marvelous experience that she gave me and all my work colleagues employed at this ProcuradurŪa. When she touched my heart and my head, I felt a lot of peace and tranquility, and during the exercise, I saw many colorful lights, but mostly purple. I no longer feel fatigue or any pain in any part of my body.

  • I request that she returns again soon to share her wisdom and positive energy with us so that we can again have the pleasure and experience her lovely sessions.

  • I will express in writing my experience of today's session.

  • With great joy I can say that I will forever carry todayís experience with me.

  • It was extraordinary seeing the beauty of the heavens, and the quantity and clarity of the shining stars reflecting against that backdrop. I felt many different sensations like cold then hot, fatigue and the need to cry. In one specific moment, I felt so close to the Divine presence of God and my adorable Grandmother who I love so dearly and will continue to do so always from this unforgettable experience. I want to thank all the people that contributed to this experience. I hope that we will continue with these sessions that are so successful at leaving us feel so good. Thank you!

  • Treatment for workplace stress.

  • This work shop is much more than just a motivation to connect with the energy of each human being. In this experience, I learned extensively about the human body's chakras.

  • Finding myself in complete relaxation, I observed white flashes and a flying image which was black with white sparkles around its edges.

 Dear Alexis,

Before anything, I would really like to thank you and congratulate you for your wonderful work, and for the way that you transmit this energy full of so much peace, tranquility, and pure good vibrations. During the exercise, I perceived a feeling of like pins and needles in my face especially in my eyes, lips and hands. I could also see many colors mixing together and moving like waves. At one point, I felt a little pain in my head and neck, but at the same time it began diminishing. By the end, I can say that I felt very positive, tranquil and without any weight; completely free of worries.

  •  Treatment for workplace stress.

  • First I would like to express that I'm so pleased that you came and visited us and thrilled that the authorities of this institution gave us this opportunity to experience you.

  • I would like to say that I was really impressed upon first seeing you as it was truly something special; especially since I hadnít known you, and had never even heard of you before. You radiate goodness; tranquility, peace and security, and even better really know how to transmit it.

  • The short time that we were in the auditorium listening to her lecture and doing the exercises actually went so fast! The time flew by and I didn't even notice it. I really think that we needed at least 30 minutes more and it would have been perfect. I hope that one day she will come back to visit us again.

  • In this letter I wish to share with you my experience of this conference which I will describe in the following:

In the first exercise, when I closed my eyes I saw an actual angelís complete body and her profile. She was bending down with her left knee touching the floor as a group was gathering and she was radiating white light. Suddenly she disappeared and I saw another image but I was unable to distinguish her face, but it was similar to the Virgen of Guadalupe, and she also radiated white light.

In the second exercise, arriving at the third chakra, I felt a tingling energy run through my entire body in which my left hand began feeling hot as if my co-worker on that side of me was transmitting this sensation of strength which continued throughout the remaining chakras. The energy proceeded to flow through my entire body feeling as though it arrived to my right hand and passed to my co-worker on my right side.

In the beginning of this exercise I felt your hand as you placed it on my head and by the end of the exercise I saw a yellow light and it was as if an amber color had filled the inside walls of my entire skull and at the same time I saw horizontal lines of an intense blue and purple entwining themselves. Then came an intense inner tranquility.

I would love to know the significance of what I saw and felt.

The last thing, I need to tell you is that I suffer, intense pain in my knees resulting in much discomfort when I sit for long periods in the same position and when I stand and walk the pain only intensifies. By the end of your session and after various hours sitting in your session I didnít feel any pain whatsoever! That was magnificent!

 Iím going to do the best I can and focus my efforts so that negative energy doesnít affect me so I will always feel well and with a profound inner peace. Thank you so much.

(So lovingly translated by Rau of Madrid and Katia in London)


I felt very relaxed and I could clearly feel the energy. I saw the color purple and also a very bright white light.

I want to express my gratitude to you for the experience that I just lived and also thank God for guiding me to be here putting you in my path. Thank you for your generosity, time and presence. I now leave this place in peace.

I felt a lot of energy and saw many colors and the most interesting was when I saw a huge hand grasping a tiny babyís hand.

My experience in this course was very beautiful, as it took me almost magically to live an unbelievable experience with Jesus Christ as we actually played together on the beach, and I felt an intense tranquility.
As if in fast motion I also experienced and lived the Passion of Christ

In the moment during the exercise when we reached the heart chakra, I felt Jesus physically behind me as he put his hand on my heart.

The experience was marvelous as I saw many colors and I actually felt the divine light penetrate and travel thru my entire body. I also saw Christís image. Thank you so much Alexis for sharing your gifts and knowledge. God bless you forever and I wish you much happiness.

My experience during the therapy was really impressive. By the time we returned to breathing normally, and we relaxed into a comfortable position I actually saw like a black hole in which suddenly appeared a blue color which turned into violet, then yellow and later became violet again, then changing to red and then violet once again, then blue and green and suddenly appeared red and even more red. What an experience!
I would like to keep in touch with you Alexis.

I saw many colors such as blue, yellow, maroon and green. I also saw luminously shining stars that covered the silhouette of a body. There were three distinct stars that were on their head. I also felt an intense heat and cramping in my hands and they began to sweat.
I think that I fell asleep five different times.

I had a unique experience that I have never had before in my life. Thank you.

I felt a tremendous amount of bright light and I saw the purple color and the image of Jesus sitting in front of me and looking at me. I wonder what it means.

I saw the colors: purple, yellow, green and blue. And in the middle of these colors was a circle that seemed very far away. As this circle came closer to me, I suddenly saw my son. I told him by thought to touch my tummy to feel the peace and serenity as well as see the colors that I was observing and I suddenly began to cry with overwhelming feeling. I also saw some brightly illuminated white steps and I saw Jesus Christ there.

I felt peace and tranquility and at the moment of the exercise I felt an intense energy all over my body like an energy current of electricity, and then I felt as if someone was taking my hands standing just in front of me. And from the very first moment that I saw you, just looking at you, you transmitted to me energy full of peace and serenity.

Itís actually been awhile that Iíve been asking God for something, for change, for help, a way out of my problems, for strength, more energy and healing. I now feel better; with more energy. I was exhausted with overstressed muscles, that were not flexible and they caused me a lot of suffering. Yes itís true that I felt a lot of relief from it your session, even though not completely 100%. Thank you so much.
I was happy to hear your explanation of the causes as I didnít know where my pains were coming from. Thank you for being here with us. Teresita Romero.

I experienced softness, fresh air, harmony, less heaviness, infinite serenity, many colors and a brightness of light with easy peaceful breathing without any obstruction of any kind. It was really fabulous! Nora Castro

I saw everything in the color blue which then turned into green. A young woman appeared and told me that she had been very happy. She was young but grew older as she came into view. She said that she was on the right path and hadnít reached the end as it ended suddenly. It was if she was floating without any fear. Then people arrived who were to take me to the other side. Telling me to continue on the path where I will find a huge heavy boulder but to just jump over it. I know these people that I saw were friends of mine who had died as well as my grandparents.

My experience in this exercise was feeling an intense electrical energy that ran all thru my entire body. It relieved me of a huge burden/heaviness that had been so overwhelming that it made me cry in relief at the end.

My experience was very beautiful feeling a lot of warmth in my belly and my throat.
I felt an intense energy when you touched me as if my diseases actually left my body.
I saw the colors, red, purple, blue, and yellow. I also felt that you offered me sacred water to drink as if it came from a waterfall that alleviated my cough. I then felt so happy and joyful that I couldnít stop laughing! It was a superb experience. Thank you so much!

I felt very relaxed

I felt really relaxed. The pain in my coccyx completely disappeared along with my stress. I now feel that I have overcome my repressed way of being as I realized that I have to see the true reality of things as they are.

It was very beautiful; I felt a deep rest inside myself and my back pain disappeared.
I observed blue, orange and red lights. I also saw a figure moving inside of a dark tunnel that moved towards me and then away. When you placed your hand on my heart I felt that your hand moved something very strong.

I was somewhere very high in the sky in a place full of fog mist or clouds and everything was very soft in which an angel appeared with very large wings which caressed and embraced me completely. I was naked as I lay down amongst those clouds; later coming down from that height finding myself floating just over the surface of a lake with crystal clear pristine water and afterwards I became enveloped in that water and suddenly stood up and began to dance.

My experience was feeling overwhelming energy and a strong pain in my head, which slowly diminished during the exercise until it completely disappeared. Later I felt an intense fatigue and I observed many colors: green, yellow and purple.

At first I felt that I couldnít breathe at the rhythm necessary for the exercise but little by little the energy came into me and the color that I could see clearly was yellow.

I felt like electricity in my body, a headache in the middle of the session and a pain in my left arm. I observed many colors, sparkles of light and an image of a man.

In the moment that you touched me I suddenly felt that I couldnít stop crying and I felt a kind of trembling in my stomach and legs and sometimes throughout my whole body.
I constantly observed the colors green and violet and sporadically also saw yellow as well as the other colors of the chakras.

The level of tranquility is really surprising as I have never felt this desire to be so calm and comfortable. Thanks so much for this special moment.

It is an experience of deep tranquility and pure acceptance. Thank you for helping us to improve our lives, our way of being, and changing the manner that we see lifeís situations and experiences. It was a great opportunity that I hadnít expected.

I felt something very heavy that was trembling as it rose up into my throat, and I also felt something that was orange or black in color. Tears began falling as I thought of my children, father, brothers, nephews, and my husband whom I wish nothing bad to happen to so I asked God to please watch over taking care of them, and also to please remove my motherís knee pain.

I felt very hot and sometimes I even felt cold. My hands felt as if they were swelling up. I saw a vision of an eye with a sad expression that slowly faded away little by little.
I also saw the colors purple and yellow. Blessed is the heart of Jesus for giving me signs with your light that he is always with me. R VŠzquez

It was a very special experience as I felt a re-connecting with myself as well as a connection between me and my celestial father. I also felt so free and liberated that I flew, as you removed a heavy weight/burden that I had in my shoulders. Thank you as it was the best birthday present that anyone has ever given me. Thank you very much.

(So lovingly translated from Spanish by Paola en Venezuela)


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