Living in Oneness

April 20, 2006



The beauty of this process 

Hello dear readers; my name is Alexis Shaffer and the beloved people of this newspaper have invited me to share my experiences with you. These are some experiences from the people to whom I have given Diksha energy:

A soldier's experience

(Miguel Alejandro Chávez)

“I felt something like electricity, all through my body, from head to toes. When I was doing the chakra exercises, I saw criss-crossing lights in my mind, forming a violet color, and I felt at peace.”

Lucia’s experience

“All of a sudden, the Lord spoke from inside me. ‘To embrace yourself is the first and last step.’ The Lord was then silent. At that moment the gates of heaven opened in me. A joy greater than I ever experienced went through my body. When I went back, I was dancing in ecstasy. I danced my jealousy, my egoism, my frustration. This joy has stayed with me till this day…”

Flor’s experience

“For many months I had been suffering due to a sharp pain in my left kidney, and I had been to hospital without managing to cure the problem. Just 10 minutes with Alexis placing her hands on my head and then on my painful kidney and… all of a sudden I felt a magnetic energy in my whole body with a vibration of intense heat in my kidney, which is now not bothering me any more. I feel it is completely healed! The whole experience was accompanied by a deep sense of peace, and I saw a luminous light inside me, all at the same time. Thank you very much Alexis, you are pure light and love and I’m eternally grateful to you.”

Miracles and communion with God

This week 3500 years ago, Moses and the Israelites were confronted with a crucial decision: to drown in the Red Sea which was in front of them, or to be killed by the Egyptians who were coming from behind them. When Moses shouted to God to save them, the Creator replied with the famous phrase, “Why are you shouting at me?”

At that moment, a single man took slow steps towards the sea. When the water reached the limit, the sea began to part.

So I ask you, who did it? God? Moses? The Israelites?

God is a powerful infinite force. You create your own miracles when you successfully connect to this infinite power of goodness. The key concept is the “connection”.

Through Diksha we can connect to this power of goodness and infinite energy.

This new energy in this new system (the receiver’s body) will adapt transforming itself in the body, maintaining the essential quality which is the Supreme Intelligence, which operates by producing a biological and energetic change within the person’s requirements and guided by the Lord’s intention at the moment of the Diksha. If we look back and observe the experiences of all those men and women who received the experience of enlightenment and who were recognized as Wise Ones or Masters, we find that at some point in their lives they had the experience of this gift, or blessing which might have been given by a spiritual master or directly by the Source. They didn’t actually achieve this state through the constant practice of a spiritual or yogic method, or by following a certain teaching… if we look back at their lives, we’ll see that this experience, which was super-powerful, could not by any means have been achieved by themselves alone, and they recognize it as the greatest of blessings or the greatest gift they could ever have hoped for.

The cobbler

A philosopher who only had one pair of shoes asked the cobbler to repair them.

“It’s closing time. So it won’t be possible for me to mend them now. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?” said the cobbler.

“I only have one pair of shoes and I won’t be able to walk without shoes.”

“Very well, I’ll lend you a used pair for the day.”

“What! Wear another person’s shoes? Who do you take me for?”

“Why do you resist wearing another person’s shoes on your feet, when you aren’t bothered by wearing other people’s ideas in your head?”

“Truth, when it isn’t yours, is still false.”

Several years ago, a sincere Buddhist practitioner came to visit the master. He was an analyst of philosophical systems with a very good reputation for his keen intellect. He had been practicing meditation for 20 years at several schools of philosophical thought. However, when he came to the master, he was in great anguish. He asked him: “Master, I practiced Sadhana for the past twenty years. A couple of days ago I saw my wife being too friendly with a friend of mine. Great jealousy rose up inside me. Remembering that these things are fleeting, I immediately accepted it. Now it doesn’t cause me any pain. However, I’m deeply saddened because I haven’t made much progress.”

The Master told him “While you are not enlightened, don’t act like an enlightened person. You’ll be miserable. If you aren’t a Buddha, don’t act like one.”

For Christ, compassion was his most natural state of being.

“Love is the humblest power, but the most powerful one the world has.”

Mahatma Gandhi


In Puerto Juarez you’re welcome to attend Sundays at 8.30 a.m. on the beach in front of Hopelchen apartments which are located 2km.from the ferry terminal, where Alexis will share the Diksha energy with you.

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 Suffering is UNNECESSARY! I guarantee to you that there is ANOTHER WAY!

WE ALL ARE ONE…  ONLY LOVE EXISTS…. Everything else is just an illusion!

I’ll be even happier to show you giving you the opportunity to have your own experience through Diksha.

  I love you all and send you BIG HUGS full of Love.     ALEXIS