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Tv Show, Helping Angel, and a lot of Dikshas


I forgot to tell that last Saturday on the Sky Channel 112, the live interview that was showed in Monterrey, Tabasco and Chiapas was fantastic!!

I’m so happy!!

I will make another personal interview on Cable TV here in Palenque this Saturday; live on TV-Cable Channel 2, only showing here in Palenque to 3000 subscribers!!!

* * *

Photo of my new "Palenque Angel" Carlos Alberto that Bhagavan has sent to me!

This beautiful man has been by my side since I gave his whole family Diksha on Monday August 8th!

He has personally moved me to his 5 star hotel inviting me to stay free of charge,

Provided me with everything I could possibly need from 3 meals a day, helping me on the computer in his internet cafe, making all my phone calls for me...... to ........personally driving me to all my meetings, taking all the photos necessary before & during the Dikshas, asking for donations for my work (as Iīm too shy most of the time) !

He is treating me like an absolute princess & if I didnīt work so hard, I may have had a fleeting thought that Bhagavan has sent me a Prince!

He has also introduced me to Important People that I hadn’t yet met as he is President of a Committee that holds meetings with ALL of the Commandants of the Police, Military, Politicians & all of the Govt. Agencies once a month!

He has ALL of the VIPīs personal cell phone numbers!!

After we met, unbeknownst to me, he began calling all of his contacts to tell them about me & each one responded with "Oh yes lovely Alexis! Of course we know her as she was just here with us yesterday .......last week...........yes, isnīt she amazing with her "energy"? We have all really enjoyed her presence in our base, offices, etc.! She has really helped us all!"

He was so surprised that I KNEW EVERYONE!!!

In the span of only 3 weeks!

It took him half his life to make his contacts, he told me!!

I even met & gave Diksha to the General of the Military in one phone call & unfortunately he has not yet been given that honour after about 50 phone calls!

He communicates only with his 2nd in charge The Coronel, instead!

He was jealous of that!

We laughed as I told him that I would be happy to introduce them if he likes!

But we did find one that I missed, The Regional District Attornies Office (Public Prosecutor).

Too bad I'm meeting him at the END of my time in Palenque & not in the beginning as he would of made all of my work A LOT EASIER!!!!

Having them ALL in one room together to begin with! Imagine!

He sees how hard that I work, from 7am to midnight without breaks & wants to take me on a beautiful excursion to the Agua Azul Waterfalls for a day so that I can have a day to rest & enjoy for myself!

I feel that that well deserved day will come...soon!

* * *

Police Chief and family

This particular Police Chief is so open and has such a pure heart that with pleasure I gave him Diksha on 3 different occasions and then he requested that I please also visit his home & give his entire family! 3 generations are present.

* * *

Illegal immigrants

The following photos are of a third group of Illegal Immigrants of 101 that have received Diksha before boarding the buses back to their countries which in this case are: Honduras, Guatemala, Salvador and Nicaragua.

But they donīt always tell the truth to the Police (if they do not have any identifying papers on them) as they prefer to claim Guatemala as their home country, then they donīt have so far to travel back in their final destination; U.S.A. as they get right back "on the road" when they are dropped off in search again of their dream!

They have 6 chances to make it to the U.S. without being caught!!

When they get "caught" in Mexico at least they receive 3 meals daily, & are treated well with (Dikshas :)) if I am there, & a 1st class bus ride as well! If they make it to the U.S. & are "caught" there, they receive new clothes; complete with new Nike Sport Shoes, 3 meals a day & a free airplane ride home to their home country!

The photo above shows a few Immigration Police members doing their important necessary paperwork before the Immigrants would be allowed to leave Mexico.

Also in this same photo are many newspaper articles explaining unfortunate situations that many Illegal Immigrants find themselves in, many times ending their lives.

The article on the far left and far right both say "Take Care of Your Precious Life"

This is the lovely open & tranquil group of (almost all) of the 101 Immigrants very grateful for receiving Diksha

This group has been the most peaceful of all the groups so far in my experience.

They gave an applause to the police BEFORE I gave them the Diksha as they felt grateful for the gift that they were about to receive!

(I feel that they knew intuitively that it was going to be something good for them)

And of course they gave a thundering applause AFTER AS WELL!

* * *

The Palenque Regional District Attorneyīs Office (Public Prosecutor) receiving Diksha

The Palenque Regional District Attorneyīs Office (Public Prosecutor) receiving Diksha.

I find that the Mexican people really connect well with God inside their hearts by placing their hands over their heartspace.

I chose to also amplify their states by giving a group Diksha (sitting on the desktop, which is my latest favorite place to give Diksha) while I was waiting for them to return.

They all fell into a beautiful trance for 30 minutes, especially the Chief Regional Prosecutor himself!

He is with his son in the last photo, both in beautiful states as you can clearly see!

What a pleasure to give these beautiful overworked, underpaid government workers diksha.

* * *

Me at the computer doing what I don’t do best! But am required to do to keep all updated!!

* * *

Photos of, team of 20 Municipal Police of Catazaja Playas town, 45 min from Palenque

* * *

Photos of the main prison near to Palenque with 130 criminals

I visited them 3 times giving mini courses & Diksha

Criminals that are separated from the main prison for various reasons

Begging me to please return & give more lectures & Energy Dikshas as I just arrived to only take photos this time!

Various Prisoners that were available in the moment for the photo. And in this picture and the last photo you see 2 different persons that requested "please hold my hand"

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**



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