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The Palenque Ruins


The "President" (Mayor) of Palenque did receive Diksha the following day & after enjoying a 15 min trance commenting," Wow! What a marvelous experience! Thank you SO MUCH!! I feel so wonderful now! The mountain of stress I was feeling is NOW GONE!!!! I can now return to my meetings with tranquility.I want to give you a personal letter of recommendation right now so that all who desire will not miss this opportunity to receive this lovely experience!
(see photo of letter below in Spanish)

With a personal invitation (see photo of letter below in Spanish) from the Mayor: he also desired the Governor to receive Diksha. The following day I attended a special event for the Governor and when the "President" (Mayor) saw me enter the stadium, from the stage he gave me a big greeting; waving with such a face grinning from ear to ear that I knew that Bhagavan worked his magic well giving him a beautiful state!

My humble personality felt embarrassment as everyone in the stadium turned to see who he was so happily waving at!

I then gave his secretary my personal cell number; in case he desires more Dikshas I will be happy to provide him with them! This event was attended mainly by women (approx.3500) as the Governor is supporting women entering the workforce here in Palenque in a huge project. A beautiful helpful gesture to all the women of the world! It was nice to observe the Government Palace here full of women employees! The Mayor`s secretary is also female.(In San Cristobal the Mayor has a male secretary.)

I gave a large group Diksha to all the persons in attendance at this event! It was lovely! Sorry, I forgot to take photos! I was lost in Bhagavan`s Grace! Unfortunetly the Governor cancelled at the last moment & stayed in Tuxtla (the capital city)!  So I feel that I will have to visit Tuxtla to give the Governor Diksha!

I have almost succeeded in giving the entire Government Palace Diksha and daily many are taking me home to also give Diksha to their families.

I also began Deepening Intensive Diksha courses with the Police. One particular Police Chief is a beautiful meditative man (one would NEVER perceive him to hold the position that he does!) Bhagavan gave him a very deep transforming Diksha experience & he now wants the same for all of his men! They are also very warm & open. What a pleasure to work with such beautiful souls!!!

Unfortunetly its not always easy to obtain photos of all the various police agencies. I prefer to respect them and their privacy. So of course I will include photos of them when I can ....

I also gave 80 illegal immigrants Diksha in the holding cell after I gave the same to all of the Immigration Police! I offered them the Grace after explaining that I understood that they had all traveled very far in extreme conditions (cold temperatures at night, burning punishing sun by day, intense rain, and hunger. They were all suffering from physical discomfort before ending up completely disillusioned and detained in the Palenque Immigration jail knowing that soon they will be boarding a bus for a looong busride back to their respective countries from where their dream to reach "the promise land" began!

I explained that their long busride back will be much more peaceful after Diksha!

(Also less stressful for the policeman that accompanies them on the 12 hour busride!)

The majority were from Honduras, then Guatamala & El Salvador. They asked me to please give the same Diksha to the Immigration Police so that the officers will then feel MORE compassion for them and let them all go free!

I explained to them that the police are just doing their job & we need to all be grateful that they were nice enough to allow me to enter the holding cell & offer this energy to them as well... We made an agreement that if they appreciated the "energy healing" when I was finished, they would give a BIG round of applause to the policemen for allowing them this special gift.

Each time that I left the holding cell, the Policemen received a standing ovation from them!

The following day 50 more immigrants also received Diksha, mostly from Honduras & 3 illegal Chinese men (the Chinese pay over $50,000 U.S.Dollars to the "polleros" helping them illegally enter the U.S.) I felt a lot of compassion for them as they tried to talk to me but without success.

They couldn`t communicate AT ALL with ANYONE as they ONLY spoke Chinese!

I asked them to observe as I gave the other`s Diksha & later they made the sign of the cross (as you do when you enter a church) & they also came up to receive The Grace. After an hour they managed to find in their language books how to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and, YOU ARE SO KIND and they showed me these phrases at LEAST 10 different times over the following 30 minutes as they were extremely grateful!

The other immigrants were also touched by their sincerity. They kissed my hands as I left the holding cell.
These illegal immigrants passing thru Palenque jump on the cargo trains that move very slowly thru Mexico (500 at a time). They are all hanging off the sides or sitting on top! It is VERY DANGEROUS as they fall asleep & fall off!!! The Immigration Police have to arrange HUGE operations with the help of other police agencies as well to apprehend just 15% of them as they escape on foot knowing that they will not be shot.

I will do the same as often as I can, give Diksha to the immigrants before the Deepening group as each day they apprehend new Illegal groups! I always give them my e-mail address & the website info so that they may share this with their family upon their return.

I also explained that I will be passing thru Central America soon!

The police told me that in their base in Tapachula, South Chiapas, there are more then 600 illegal immigrants captured & transferred there daily!!!!

I feel to go there soon! Imagine, I can affect almost all of Central America from 1 simple police base in Tapachula Mexico as the illegal immigrants come from all over Central America!

The Military Officers & Soldiers in this area (a small base) also received a transforming Intensive Diksha Course Saturday as I provided them with tools to observe the mind without identifying with the thoughts passing, discovering that only personalities exist on this stage that we call life, professionally acted out by 'the body'.

Including an intense Anandamandala Meditation with my military style coaching which went something like this, "Lets go soldiers! With all your lifeforce breathe right thru your blocks opening up the chakras! Vamos, ya! C`mon gentlemen, the ladies in Barcelona breathe with MORE energy then you poor fellows!! Vamos!

Don`t miss this opportunity to clear your charges!" They all did very well!!!

And we had fun laughing alot too!

Im happy to report that ALL entered the meditation with 100% of their life energy! (and this was AFTER they had to run 1km with full gear in the early morning). And they all had beautiful experiences! Very similar as I reported earlier with other soldiers (see previous military story)

All feeling DEEP tranquility in the end which I hope remains as their permanent state.

I would like to report that I just visited the soldiers after 4 days & they shared that they all still experience tranquility & feel peace deep in their being & some feel as though their physical bodies have actually changed! They shared that they feel as if they have a different body now....They found it difficult to explain in words and they all feel VERY GOOD about it! I feel that they had "out of body" experiences and no longer "identify" with their bodies so much! Beautiful!!

Thank you Bhagavan! I told them to thank the General as it was he who was open to allowing this type of therapy for his soldiers! They were ALL very grateful!

I will see the same General tomorrow to give him another Diksha and then ask his support to meet another General & visit another huge Military Base hours from here and hopefully give an Intensive Diksha Course for those soldiers as well.There are thousands of soldiers there!

The Red Cross, State Judicial Investigators and FBI have also all received Bhagavan`s Grace here in Palenque. I would like to report that the FBI is the least trusting of all the agencies (in my experience)
and I have to work a bit harder with them, but once they surrender, they tend to have high results.They repress a lot and suffer tremendously both physically & emotionally. Im so happy that Bhagavan is able to help them transform all this into peace & tranquility!

It`s interesting that their particular agency (FBI) is the only one that always tends to stress to me how dangerous it is "out there" for a single attractive female traveling alone! And that I should be afraid and take ALL precautions to protect myself. I understand and appreciate their concerns as they are working with the darkest most dangerous of criminals & tend to be the first to see the consequences, and victims, of their actions! I tell them that God always protects me as I live in his light. And I also have no need to attract that type of energy or experience in my life. I also live each moment in conscious awareness!
I joke that if any 'bad evil men' come close to me I will "repel them" with LIGHT!!!!

I also visited the Proteccion Civil, Firemen, Rescue, Ambulance Team (all in one ) and the PEC (Highway Patrol Police).They happen to share the same base.

They all had floor mattresses to lie on & after they all received Diksha the Commandante of the Police began laughing hysterically when one of his men explained to me that he felt the energy as a lovely electric current running thruout his entire body. This caused a chain reaction and ALL began laughing (including me!) What a beautiful laughing Diksha we had!

I had almost forgotten those Diksha events that are FULL of LAUGHTER!! I experienced many LAUGHING DIKSHAS in Barcelona, Spain!!!  But here in Mexico with the Police, Government & Military I hadn`t had that luxury yet... I will ask Bhagavan to please provide us with more of those!

As they are very healing as well! To kill the seriousness disease!!!

I would like to now share a fun laughing story that I had with the PFP Police 5 weeks ago......

When I was with the PFP (Federal Preventiva Police) in San Cristobal I did have a wonderful laughing experience! It happened BEFORE the Diksha! When The Commandante gathered his members in one room to receive Diksha I began to ask each one to explain their physical problems to me in advance so that I may focus specifically on healing them and I also asked permission to place my hand on that place for example, their back (for back problems), stomach for gastritis etc...

When I came upon one particular member who told that he was fine without physical suffering, the Commandante interrupted encouraging him to not be embarrassed and go ahead & explain to me what he was suffering from! The man stayed silent & the Commandante insisted that he explain, sharing with me his details of his suffering!

After much coaching, the Commandante finally revealed that his policeman suffered from hemorroids but was too embarrassed to tell!

Everyone began laughing, including me as I wasn`t sure if it was a joke or not! The Commandante insisted that it was true and encouraged him to be honest with me so that I may in fact "place my hand there" and heal his problem and we ALL LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!!!

I apparently turned RED in the face, and when they told me this, I only laughed harder! Feeling that this was in fact all a big joke, I decided to also join in and during the laughter. I asked the man to please get down on the floor on all fours for better access, so that I may in fact "help heal his problem".... And of course we all continued laughing until we were crying!!! At least I was!!

What a lovely sense of humor that Commandante had!!

When I finally got around to giving them all Diksha & Healing, I made sure that I gave BOTH the Commandante & that particular policeman specific healing intention for hemorroids (only by placing my hands on their head, I may add ) in case one or BOTH had truly suffered from them. And I explained afterwards to the Commandante in front of the group, that I also gave him hemorroid healing as in many cases the one who claims that the other has this ailment is really the one WITH the problem himself! The group REALLY liked that!!!

I have to admit that my stomach muscles were very sore after meeting with that lovely group of policemen!

I`m also pleased to report that a Commandante of the Federal Police went into a trance for more then 45 minutes & I was so sorry to have to disturb him from his "Oneness experience" and ask him to return to full physical consciousness as his policemen and secretary had much work piling up and many phone calls waiting as he was enjoying his new blissful state!

He apologized to them many times after for the long delay and commented that he did NOT wish to work more after receiving Diksha that evening as he was in such a beautiful state that he only wanted to savor it the rest of the evening and forever!! (But he did continue his work).

It was so sweet for me to see him in that state as just before receiving Diksha he explained to me that he had a terrible headache & was suffering from such a high level of stress that he couldn't handle more! He told me that if I could do any small thing to help him to feel better AND change the negative energy of his office; he would be forever indebted to me!

After his lovely experience....he so generously gifted me 200 pesos (that is a lot here in Mexico) out of gratitude. It was the 1st time I received this $ amount from 1 person in a government agency in Mexico!
And he gave an officer his personal car to personally escort me home in. Remember that I commented how the PFP Police are always so generous with me? I know that Bhagavan will give them much more in return also!

The State Highway Patrol also gave me a personal cell number to call whenever I need a ride somewhere as they are at my disposal.

So lovingly helpful they are as well! Here in Palenque everything is spread out so I would otherwise have to pay many taxi$.

If I wish to go to Tapachula next, the Immigration Police offered me a free ride on their bus that transports the illegal immigrants there nightly.

I'm deciding where to go next from here....Tapachula, Villahermosa or Tuxtla....

Waiting for Bhagavan's guidance....
Will keep you all updated.....

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


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* * *

Palenque, Chiapas Municipal Police

The first 3 photos are of the group beginning their 24 hour shift that morning (60)

 There are 3 groups in total making 180 members of this particular force

This a portion of the group that just finished their 24 hour shift & are very tired & want to go home & sleep for their 48 hour break

This photo shows clearly the jail behind with a few incarcerated members hanging out.You can see how they have full view of all happening with the policemen They also received Diksha.

* * *

Photos of a few Military Police

* * *

Photos of the Mayor with his cabinet members inaugurating the Palenque Annual Fair

The Mayor & his wife (Taken from behind) & all his cabinet members as they cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Annual State Fair in Palenque. They have ALL received Diksha.

* * *

Personal invitation from the "President" Mayor of Palenque to attend women`s meeting with the Governor

* * *

Recommendation Letter from the "Presidente" Mayor of Palenque for all to receive this amazing therapy

* * *

Illegal Immigrants (80) receiving Diksha

* * *

Photo of the Director of the Palenque Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center (the man in white in the center) & 6 of his Rehab members

* * *

Few members of the Protection Civil Rescue Firemen team

I just took this photos at the Palenque Fair as they were sitting on the fire truck ready for any accident or problem that may occur.

* * *

Protection Civil Group

* * *

The Federal PFP one of the police agencies

Only 6 members were present this day along with their police dog

* * *

33 Prisoners (Drunks,Drug Addicts, Criminals) in the Municipal Jail Receiving Diksha from Alexis

Saturday August 6th I visited the Municipal Jail with the Director Luis,from the Rehab Center as he preaches God`s words from the bible for 30 minutes then I give them all Diksha. There were 33 prisoners this day as the Annual Palenque State Fair creates a perfect atmosphere for problems to find their way to the town. You can see the suffering souls in the photos that manage to find their way to the jail. After the Diksha, Luis gives them all delicious fresh beef stew & banana smoothies he prepared himself as they wouldn`t otherwise eat for 24 hours.

Luis (a beautiful giving soul) is the man on the far right of the photo handing food to the prisoners thru the opening.

He is not allowed to open the jail door much as the prisoners may try to escape.


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