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I`m STILL just "doing it"!!!!

I went up to the organizer of the Annual Palenque State Fair Friday August 5th during the festivities & asked him for a 15 minute space on the Main Stage in the jam-packed schedule for the following day's famous closing ceremony of the Fair!

As Bhagavan handles all with such grace..... I received a space!!

It was the last evening of the Fair so everyone was there!

It was the BEST night of the entire week!

Many Special Dance Groups from all over Mexico traveled to Palenque to perform this nite!

Special Fireworks display followed after!!

I found myself giving Diksha to the entire Marimba group of children & teenagers & adult supervisors before they went on stage (before me) as they were all nervous!!

After Diksha there was no longer a thread of tension in their bodies!!!!

What amazing energy came thru as I entered the stage next to give Diksha to the 2000-3000 (difficult to calculate the exact # of) people present!

I was introduced by the presenters in a most beautiful, loving way as they had both just finished receiving a private Diksha backstage (only 2 minutes before) so that they would have an idea of what to say to the audience!

I then requested the entire crowd to do their best to maintain silence & enter their heartspace connecting with God & his Love located in their heart and enjoy whatever came from that experience!

I then felt an IMMENSE surge of GRACE begin traveling thru my ENTIRE BODY and I began vibrating on ALL LEVELS!!!

An intense level of joy and bliss came over me that cannot be expressed in words!

Before I finished.......10 minutes later.....The crowd began to applaud intensely!!!!

Minutes later I asked how they all felt and the applause almost brought down the house!!!!

I asked how many felt peace & tranquility with a show of hands & ALL I COULD SEE WERE HANDS FROM ALL SIDES!!!


I then announced that I was willing to offer all a personal Diksha by placing my hands on their heads to deepen their experience in the Main Plaza located in the center of Palenque tomorrow Sunday.

They all applauded again!

We will see just how many I can handle in one day!!!

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


 They also played the Moola Mantra CD over the HUGE STADIUM Loudspeakers as I was giving the 3000 people Group Diksha and the lovely music was heard in the ENTIRE FAIRGROUNDS!!!! Even as far as the front gate 500 meters from where we were in the stadium!!

Which means that 1000's more at the minimum could of been touched by Bhagavan's Grace thru his music! I felt it was very important that I also provide music for all of the lovely open hearts!

Bhagavan's sacred transforming Moola Mantra!

Alexis has written many experiences in her journey,  find the collection at this link.

* * *

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Below some photos from the evening.


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