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Dec. 11, 2006


Diksha at the 1st Government Annual Report by Cancunís Mayor Francisco Alor during his first term in office



6 APRIL 2006  6pm- 9pm   

After this lovely Cancun Mayor received private Diksha Sessions 3  times and saw fantastic results...



 I was invited to this very special and Well Prepared Government Event organized by the Governor of the State of Quintana Roo and Cancunís Mayor. And I provided Intention Diksha to all present.



 It was well attended by ALL Politicians & Top Government Officials including the Armyís Military General, Navy Admiral, all Police Chiefs and Directors from All Levels of Federal, State, Municipal and F.B.I., Government. Personnel, Many Directors of the Tourism Industry and Transportation Industry also with many Taxi Drivers present.


 The Mayor gave a beautiful presentation of what exactly he had accomplished over his first year in office.


And it was quite impressive, I must say!


Especially with such disasters as 3 Hurricanes, with Grade IV ďWilmaĒ being the most devastating to Cancunís economy and most importantly their whole Tourism Industry!


There was an impressive film shown with complete details of the devastation unfortunately leaving the city in ruins, in it's wake.


It claimed an entire 13 Kilometers of the Hotel Zone Beaches leaving many Hotel structures damaged beyond repair!


What a disaster for the insurance companies as well!


Imagine Billions of dollars of claims from the Hotels alone!! Many would go bankrupt in the end.   


So the Mayor had quite a job putting the city in order during his first year in office! And he really couldn't have done a better job!!


He provided soooo much for the city (that I won't bore you now with the hundreds of details) But just in terms of brand new vehicles.... He provided hundreds of SUV's and new uniforms for the entire Police Force of 2500 members, giving them a 'whole new look'.


As he began his term assuming a most unfortunate challenge following the previous Mayor who is presently in jail from embezzling all of the cities money so one can only IMAGINE the state of office that this Mayor had to work / recuperate from!   


This ex-mayor Chacho also received Diksha when I visited Cancunís Municipal Prison and Graced all the inmates there.


 Soon you will see that story with photos here ...Ö











  Feel free to write me and share your experiences as Iíd love to hear from you!

Thank you Amma and Bhagavan as Iím honored to be in service to your mission.

There is only Gratefulness and Love.


* * *


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