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December 13, 2004

I'm a "busy bee" working in here in Pune, India 

Today was Diksha for a Boy's Blind School with 140 Indian children.

I gave the teachers first then the following day was the headmaster & the kids!

What a beautiful day!

Thank you Amma & Bhagavan

With tears of gratitude

There is ONLY LOVE


 Photos from the Pune, India program  for the Boy's Blind School

My dear friend Babalu who helped to arrange this Diksha program for the blind school children 

Alexis & Teerth  He is a Japanese Reiki Master who assisted me in the program

Teerth giving Reiki to the children preparing them to relax & receive the Diksha

Diksha for the Blind school children


Alexis giving Diksha to the teachers

Alexis giving Diksha to the teachers

The front of the Boy's Blind School

Very Grateful Male Teachers

A Very Grateful Female Teacher who suffered alot with Pain before Diksha


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