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Dec. 13, 2006


Any event that brings a majority of the people together in a quest for ‘the good’ is a step up in the level of consciousness and a step forward in connecting all of humanity in oneness with each other and the planet.



The U.S. President George Bush and Mexico’s President Vicente Fox decided to have their 2 days of meetings in Cancun inSpring on March 30th & 31st of 2006.


Their event stirred up quite a scandal and many of my Military Police friends returned from Mexico City to support the city of Cancun in handling this intense energy that was created by BOTH  President  Bush and President Vicente Fox’s presence.

This Manifestation was quite a BIG event for the Press as they  expected a HUGE turnout!

And so I also wished to attend to offer a peaceful presence in an attempt to balance the energy.

As it was quite a demonstration of anger with the majority of the crowd being rebellious youth that wanted to demonstrate their position against what they perceived to be the EVIL behavior in President George Bush! 


They accused him of killing thousands of innocent women & children with his “Intelligent” Bombs. They accused the U.S. President of being an incarnate of Hitler and claimed that he rationalized his unacceptable behavior under the disguise of WAR! 


This manifestation was organized so that President Bush would come to know that there were also MANY Mexican people that didn’t agree with his position against the Iraqi’s and thus were clearly NOT in support of the war in Iraq!


These youth wanted to send a message that it was time for peace and healing in the world as at their young ages they had already seen enough destruction.  


I would like to also share that since the war officially began with Iraq, during my travels thru MANY different countries I’ve observed people coming together in well organized events clearly emphasizing that their choice is Peace.


Their greatest desire is for a peaceful planet and they wished to send a message to the U.S. President that his choice of War was NOT being supported around the globe by all.  


I was very touched by one such nightly event that took place at 10pm daily by the people of Spain.


They would hang out of their windows banging pots and pans for 15 minutes pleading for the war to cease and peace to prevail.


No matter which Spanish city I traveled, at 10pm every night the symphony of pots and pans could be heard for miles.


  Many nights it brought me to tears just feeling the oneness of humanity in their desperation for peace and well being for all.


Any event that brings a majority of the people together in a quest for ‘the good’ is a step up in the level of consciousness and a step forward in connecting all of humanity in oneness with each other and the planet.   


I strongly feel that the connection must first happen between each other as fellow human beings and then oneness with ‘all that is’ will happen naturally on it’s own.  


That is why Bhagavan is stressing that we heal our relationships first!

As without that first step, we will remain stuck in ‘ego’ which only keeps us in separation; from each other.      


And living in that illusion alone, will keep us in suffering.


As we are one living being; One entity; all of humanity. 


That is the reality.


When you have that experience, when existence gives you that glimpse of ‘all that is’ directly,


That is the greatest gift of all!

And Oneness Diksha gives you that glimpse, that experience !   

If you cannot yet feel that, deep in your being… 


I invite you to go back to an experience when one of your co-workers, neighbors or friends suffered greatly.


Whether it was an assault or accident with serious injury or a great loss of any kind…


 Do you remember also feeling something in that moment deep inside of your self  when you learned of their misfortune?


 Did you feel pain of some sort?


Whose pain was it?


Was it your pain?


Or was it their pain?

Or was it just the pain of the world expressing itself through you?  


Remember when the World Trade Center Towers came down?


How did you feel when you learned of that tragedy?


Did it ‘touch you’ deep inside?

Or the devastating Tsunami in Asia and the East.


  How did that affect you?   


As awful as those tragic incidents were, they brought much of humanity closer together in that moment.


 Because we ALL felt it!!   


  It didn’t matter the color of our skin, our culture or our religion, or even where we were physically living on the planet, every human being felt something.. deep inside!



Because we are all connected.


We are all  'One'.


Disaster cannot happen to another human being without all of us feeling the vibration of it simply because we are also human beings living in this physical dimension together!

Sometimes you feel it more intensely if you have some type of a relationship with that particular person.

But it is not always necessary. 


 It also matters how much you are connected with your own heart.


 If you are very disconnected and living more in your mind; focusing all of your energy on business, money or the material world you may be distracted and “think” that you don’t feel so much. 


But deep in your being on a level that you are not always fully aware of (in that moment that you are distracted) you actually do feel it.


And eventually the body will attempt to tell you that you are not paying enough attention and this energy will manifest itself in disease in the physical body.


How fortunate we are to be born with such a valuable built in alarm system, designed to go off when our energy is out of balance!!   


Of course this ‘designer’ is from a much higher level then this physical dimension.     


And what beautiful names we each have chosen for this very profound designer/creator/source energy.

Another perfect design!

That we each are able to choose our own preferred name / path.   


And since we are all so deeply connected to that designer/creator/source because we are in essence part of the whole, it must be possible that we can then ask for energy tune-ups from that source whenever we feel necessary, right?   


All we have to do is connect with our heart, and ask for the ‘Divine Presence’ to fill us with it's energy.

And when you have an opportunity to receive a Oneness Diksha either by internet, or by phone, or physically with a Oneness Diksha Giver, THAT will of course intensify the experience for you.

As I’m always wishing the best for you in your experience of “All That is” as we are ALL the same.


Please feel free to share your experiences with me and also any questions that you may have.


Enjoying each moment with The Presence and Sharing Amma & Bhagavan's Grace with The World!






 Hoping that you too are able to also experience this ...  

If not NOW... SOON!!!!

In eternal gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma for their endless Grace and Miracles!





Calling the President "Adolph Bush"

"A Murderous Idiot

Your Intelligent Bombs only murder innocent women children & the elderly!!"



"Fear, Panic, Judgment & Discrimination are a disease and Bush, Calderon and the church all have this same disease! Bush is an assassin! Enough already!!"




Alexis giving Oneness Diksha




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