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December  15, 2006



I visited the largest distributed newspaper in Cancun; Novedades and after personally speaking to the Human Relations Director, he decided that he wanted the entire newspaper headquarters staff to receive a Diksha Course session..
 Of course I said, I would be happy to provide them with just that!!
And so we did!
See photos at:
They appointed a special reporter to interview me and she wrote some very beautiful articles about Diksha...
Not only did she write 3 loving supportive articles explaining what exactly is the Energy of Diksha, she also explained who I was & how ALL I cared about was helping people to receive inner peace, tranquility
and healing of their bodies and souls.
 see those articles at:
I noticed that the people working in this environment live a very high level of stress as they are always under deadlines to not only discover interesting new material DAILY but also then write the best stories to then publish in their newspaper!
Many suffer from headaches,gastritis, ulcers and colitis.
17 March Friday 2006
7am Private Diksha Course with 40 employees of Novedades, Cancun’s #1 Newspaper! It was a BIG Success with the entire group falling into deep states lasting more then 40 minutes. They needed to begin their workday at 9am but since they appeared to be in such BLISSFUL STATES I felt compassion for them and didn’t disturb them from their experiences and we ended up finishing instead after 10 am. Since the General Director was in such a deep state himself, not opening his eyes until 10am it wasn’t much of a problem!
I was told by a gal who attended the course that morning that 1 particular client arrived & was very upset with having to wait for the staff to finish their “special relaxation energy course” and commented, “What a waste of time! They should be doing their work instead of losing time in that!” And the gal told him that they were taking the course especially to help them learn how to cope / deal with people EXACTLY like him! She actually didn’t verbalize it ‘exactly in that way’
After all the Officials and staff of the Newspaper received Diksha they were very anxious to support me in giving as many people as possible this energy in Cancun. Which they did very lovingly and extensively! And still to this day, in December of 2006 they continue to do so.
Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.
In deep love and gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma for their Grace and Miracles!
Love & Light**


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