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Dec. 16, 2006




Namasté Beloveds,

 This was a very interesting VIP group to work with as these men are separated from the general criminal population; for obvious reasons.  In case you question why that could be... We could say that the men in the VIP group could have had something to do with putting some of the general population men behind bars, thus putting their lives in danger if exposed to the other part of the prison. 

Former Police Officers and the Ex- Mayor of the city happen to be members of this group.

The Ex- Mayor is accused of stealing the money withheld by the local government from ALL of the  paychecks going to health insurance benefits of unsuspecting personnel working directly for him and for the city. BIG drama that is still working itself out!

This group was very attentive and committed to their process during the Intensive Diksha afternoon.




April  24th 2006  7am

 I began with the 1st group of Prison Guards today 

This was the group that I had committed to early on so I unfortunately had to cancel an F. B. I. group that requested a session in the neighboring city on the same day.

So I could say that they were very grateful indeed!!  




 25 April Tuesday 

7am Jail Custodians 2nd group

The following day was Diksha with the other shift change of the prison guards.

I was so happy to finally get my hands on The Chief today as he was very busy (and also a bit unsure of all this energy..) And today he finally received Diksha !!

And no-one could believe that he went into a state of oneness/healing for over an hour!!

His workload was backing up and he had visitors for meetings, but I didn't allow anyone to disturb him until he returned to this dimension and opened his eyes all on his own accord.

(sorry, more photos still coming of this group below)



5:30 pm Women’s Group  

When I entered this area, I noticed quite a difference in the energy of the female inmates in this prison.

There was a measurable amount of resentment and repressed anger amongst these women. 

And they were really suffering because of it. 


Explaining Anandamandala Meditation 

I was also surprised at the number of pregnant women!

They actually had their babies behind bars and were allowed to raise them inside the prison. 


You can see in this photo that I am holding one such little girl as she was very anxious and running around bothering everyone and as soon as I picked her up & took her in my arms, she turned into a 'mush ball' of tranquility.



The prison director asked me if I could give special attention to one particular inmate. 


I gave a special healing for a female inmate Violet suffering from breast cancer as she traveled weekly to another city for chemotherapy treatments.




April 26th 2006

  The Offices where there are 4 Judges located are on the same compound as the Prison to make the judicial process run more smoothly.

Today I had a private session with one judge as he was suffering quite extensively due to threats on his life by criminals that was finally taking a toll on his physical body.

He felt much relief from the energy and he asked if I was able to please also offer his office staff a private group as they suffered from very high stress levels.

May 3rd 2006

Judges Personnel (Held on the Jail Terrace)



Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet personally! 

 In gratitude to The Divine for their Grace and Miracles!

  Love & Light,




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