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December 18, 2004

Ciao Dear Friends,

I felt this woman's pain VERY strong in the desperation in her voice when she called my mobile in a cry for help so I invited her in that moment to come to receive Amma & Bhagavan's GRACE. My guide Purnimaji had explained to me that when a person is in touch with their pain they are able to receive the grace quite deeply in that moment....

This all happened in the middle of the business district of Pune,India. The marketplace...... Bhagavan can surely give wherever & whenever necessary! Because it surely was not a sacred space in the middle of the marketplace....

She then shared her experience with me that evening, in deep gratefulness So I asked her to write it in an e-mail for all to read.......



* * *

Dear Alexis,
Here finally the promised mail:
I am right now in the process of freeing myself from the relationship with a manic-depressiv (bipolar disorder) man.
Three days ago, after receiving another mail from him which he had written to me in one of his manic cycles, abusive, hurting on working on me in a destructive way, I felt completely overwhelmed by pain, I was the pain, I was the ocean of pain.
I had called Alexis to find out when the next transmission of energy would be happening - in 6 days, she said. 6 days???? How would I be able to wait for so long?
Suddenly she said: "Come now".
I was in tears when I met Alexis and she asked me to go more and more into my pain. The moment she put her hands on my head I felt very strong waves in me - up-down, up-down, up-down, pain-peace, pain-peace, pain-peace.
Towards the end of the session (I do not know how long the session lasted, 10 seconds or 10 minutes) I experienced this tremendous power in my legs and fet, warmth all over, the waves subsided. Resting, stretched out, I had the feeling, I was no more, the I had just disappeared, my body was a part of the universe, I felt one and united with all and everything.
Lots and lots of love to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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