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Dec. 19, 2006






May 2nd 2006

   In Mid-April of 2006 a Military General phoned me with a unique request; something other then Diksha.

He requested my assistance in a search for one of his Capitanís that went missing during an intense brush fire in the outlying area of Cancun.

This Capitan went off supervising alone during the fire and unfortunately never returned.

 Many days had passed without any news from the many soldiers hard at work searching the area night and day.

He seemingly disappeared suddenly and without explanation.

More battalions were called in to intensify the search, for if the Capitan was still alive; he needed to be found soon!

I explained to the General on the phone that I am not a psychic but I was very willing to go to the last place that the Capitan was seen and at least intuitively feel into which direction he may have gone and hopefully assist them in their search. 

I immediately intuitively felt that the Capitan headed  ďoff to the right walkingĒ but that he later ended up somewhere completely different which is a place that they would NEVER even think of, let alone believe that it was possible for him to be. 

So I suggested to the Generals that they please consider an area where the Capitan would absolutely NOT go or have easy access to  and please immediately go directly THERE as THAT is where he will be found!  

 And some days later still searching diligently, a Colonel phoned me from a nearby cave where he had just taken many photos.  

He was very excited and enthusiastically describing that Golden Ballís that were appearing everywhere in the photos!!

 (He was familiar with them as he had seen many Golden Ballís in the photos from the Military Diksha Courses) 

  He could hardly wait to hear from me what it meant!! 

  I explained that I felt that the Capitan had been resting in that cave before he disappeared  and it was a sign that they were close. 

  It became an unbelievably long search by hundreds and hundreds of soldiers from 3 different battalions which lasted way too many days. 

   They were getting tired as each day brought disappointment which caused them to lose hope knowing that the Capitan couldnít possibly survive that long without water in those conditions.  

They began feeling the reality..  of the great loss of their comrade. 

  And unfortunately the Capitanís body was finally discovered amongst such thick bush that it was almost humanly impossible to enter that area by foot. 

That is why it took so many days to reach that area, as it just wasnít possible  to walk through there easily. 

  A machete was needed to cut through the bush and the Capitan surely didnít have one.

    It was concluded that the Capitan must of lost his way  in the dark attempting to return to the base camp and in desperation, exhausted and overcome by smoke he collapsed.

  Upon losing consciousness and without sufficient oxygen; the Capitan lost his life in the fire. 

What followed was a funeral procession clearly full of honor and respect for the Capitanís dedicated service and commitment that he so loyally provided for his country.  

Absolutely all of the authorities were present.. 

  Just after the ceremony, we all gathered close to his casket as I gave Oneness Diksha to the late Capitanís widow and son as well as all of the military families present in support of her great loss.

  I could strongly feel the Capitanís presence (he was very much there, just not in physical form anymore) and connecting with him, I asked that he please share his experience of Ďbeing one with Sourceí with all of us so that his family and friends will know that he is without suffering.

And from that experience they will heal themselves through their feelings of loss.

  I felt the energy extremely high during the Diksha and the Capitan communicated that he wished for me to tell his wife that he made a huge mistake by going off alone that day and was truly very sorry  and wanted her to know that he is very much still with her.

Just not physically.

She also felt his presence very strong and was very touched that I came personally  to offer her and her family and friends this gift of peace and tranquility in this very difficult moment. 

  She told me that her late husband had spoken a lot about the Diksha courses he attended at the base and she enjoyed hearing of his many positive experiences from them.

The Capitan was fortunate to attend most all of the programs that I provided for this battalion over the last 9 months. 

  Shortly after the Diksha program finished, the casket was loaded into a vehicle and slowly, very slowly driven across and finally off the Military Base.

   I was truly impressed at the respect and honor given  to Capitan Samuel Mejilla as absolutely everyone applauded  without pause until the vehicle carrying his casket actually left the gates of the military base.   

 It was quite a moving experience for me to be part of and tears fell from my eyes as I felt the sadness present in everyone there.

  Especially in his wife and 3 children that were now left with only memories of this very special man HUSBAND AND FATHER

who died in honor just doing his job for his country;

in the line of duty. 


A great Military Officer was lost...


but not forgotten. ..  



  The Mayor of Cancun is standing to the right of Mrs. Mejilla and the Military General is on her left.










Farewell Capitan Samuel Mejilla as you travel back to the Source  thru other more peaceful dimensions.

  You are loved by ALL of your fellow officers and soldiers that were under your command.

 Know that you will never be forgotten.  

  Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet in this physical dimension!

Forever in Gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan and honored to be a part of their Grand Mission  in the Transformation and Illumination of Humanity.

  Love & Light**



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