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Hello Beloveds all over the planet,

Iím Alexis, here in India sharing the Grace with many lovely open hearts :)

I have been giving individually daily wherever I am in the moment whenever I am requested with the people feeling: "very beautiful,relaxed,going very deep inside themselves & feeling very clear & centered after". Many have said that they still feel my hands on their heads 30 to 45 minutes after I have left the room! Itís very nice sharing this energy with mediators as they are receiving this grace WITH awareness. They are so grateful that they are showering me with many flowers as I'm not asking for anything.  Teerth, a beautiful Japanese man helping me, (seen in the 1st photos posted of the Blind School) has purchased me a digital camera as a gift, so that I may provide the website with photos .
Thank you Teerth.

Iím just sharing from my heart as I do not want to have any misunderstandings. Iím not even speaking about Bhagavan & Amma as people could misunderstand and think Amma & Bhagavan are just "other gurus'" since there are so many here in India.

A & B don't even need their names to be mentioned as they only wish to give the experience of oneness to everyone! They have no teachings. They just wish to help
you realize your own teaching.

And in this case it is Osho.I have been around Osho since 1992 and I'm so grateful to him as he has prepared me for this work & helped me to share this Grace with the planet. I love Osho & he will always be in my heart. I will always share his work with the planet as his work is a very special gift for us. I have been traveling the world since 1997 sharing Osho's work. I feel him clearly supporting me in sharing this grace since I received it, July of this year.
Thank you Osho

I have decided to return to the Childrenís Home & Blind School for Boys last Sunday for the 2nd time in 2 weeks to give healing to them. I also invited a beautiful man, Dr.Sunil,an Indian dentist here living in Pune who is giving Healing to many Indian people in Pune City. It was a very beautiful experience giving the healing to the children together with Sunil as he speaks the Hindi language & was able to explain in detail about Amma & Bhagavan's grace & taught them the Moola Mantra.
Sunil is famous here in Pune for singing beautiful Bhajans & did a wonderful job creating a sacred space with the boys. They were all singing very enthusiastically the entire 2 hours while receiving the healing. I asked Bhagavan for a miracle with the children as it would give me great joy if just one child would receive the gift of sight after receiving their grace. I was told that this miracle will happen I felt the energy coming thru me especially strong, about 880 volts on 1 child in particular & I wonder if that child is the one that Bhagavan has chosen. I will keep close watch on their progress.

The 1st visit only included the younger children as the older children were away at another school during the day. It was a Friday. This 2nd visit also included the older boys between ages 12-16 since it was Sunday. There are more then 140 children that live in this Blind Boy's Home & School. After receiving the healing they were very quiet and all restlessness stopped.

The Indian helpers asked each child individually how they felt afterwards & almost every child responded by saying the same, "My mind is empty, nothing is there, it is so quiet and peaceful. I feel so relaxed & nice!" And they were still singing as we were leaving 2 hours later. They asked when we will return as they wanted to feel this again & again. Such a beautiful sweet, innocent energy that the children have. I feel that the work is done with them as they have received twice already......

Upon leaving them I really felt there hearts asking for more.................

So, I will make them happy again as I have arranged with my friends next Monday to meet in the same hall with the children in the Blind School so that the children can feel the energy as I give healing & sing the Moola Mantra with all. I feel it will add to everyone's experience!

Last Monday, there were almost 50 people! It was VERY crowded & beautiful! We made 2 circles & did the Anandamandala & Chakra Dhyana together in 1 meditation. Everyone felt transformation after the meditation even before receiving the Healing as the energy was VERY strong in the small space with so many open hearts!

Dr.Sunil was there with me also giving Healing & after receiving 2 Healings each & resting in the sitting position for 30 minutes (there wasn't room to lie down) I asked how many were in the 1st state of complete peace & oneness with all ........ & EVERYONE raised their hands!

And there were 3 others that had 'out of body' cosmic experiences & felt one with the Divine. That was how they worded it! I asked that they please write down their experiences so that I may share them with all of you. In a few days they will be posted on the website. Iím VERY pleased with the results in such a short time!

May you all feel the Grace as it showers down over all of us! I'm so happy that tears flow from my eyes in gratitude!

Looking forward to meeting all of you someday personally :)

With Love, And some pictures :)


Dr Sunil explaining in their native Hindi language about Amma & Bhagavan & the healing they are about to receive.And teaching the Moola Mantra

Singing the Moola Mantra. The children enjoyed it so much!

Dr.Sunil giving healing

Dr.Sunil giving healing

Alexis giving healing

Alexis giving healing

Working Side by Side

Working Side by Side

Working Side by Side 

Pravin suffers from Migraine Headaches But after receiving 2 diksha's is experiencing so much peace & tranquility he cannot imagine feeling pain in his head again..... My friend & helper Babalu in foreground

This particular child received the healing VERY STRONG as suddenly I felt 880 volts coming thru me while giving him! I will keep close track of his progress.......

A female teacher who suffers alot of pain in her body & after receiving her 3rd Diksha she was extremely grateful as she is feeling so much peace & hardly any pain!


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