Living in Oneness

Merry X-Mas Beloveds,

May you receive showers of Amma & Bhagavan's grace during the holidays

Im still in India and on such a special day as Christmas, I wanted to share the greatest gift that I could think of : Amma & Bhagavan's Grace with the Pune Girls Home & School for the Blindlocated in Pune City itself. About 45 minutes from where I am living in Koregaon Park.

There are 90 children & 40 female adults living there.

After interviewing many of my meditative friends here in India; asking them how they would feel if they were without sight........ It was interesting to find that they all had the same answer! They wouldn't be interested in living if they couldn't see any longer!

I realized just how much value we humans put on being visual! Without functioning eyes we would rather NOT live!

Is that true for you? I invite you in this moment to 'look at' just how much it means for you........

With great pleasure I invited Dr. Sunil to work with me again as I love his energy & professionalism! He is a joy to work with! He is actually the 1st person in Pune to give Diksha attending the Maja Diksha Process in June & now there are about 30 others as well holding programs in Pune.

On X-Mas day he also brought along his lovely wife Anadha & friend Mr.Pohankar to help. My friend Babalu accompanied me as photographer again. Thank you Babalu!

We began the program at 4pm & the girls really enjoyed singing the Moola Mantra as Sunil's wife also sang beautifully & really inspired them. The girls were very present & not restless like the Boys were in the Boys Blind School. Interesting to see the difference in energy between the boys & the girls. The girls were much more settled in themselves.

When asked how they were feeling after receiving the healing, they all responded:

"I am feeling very peaceful, with no thoughts, only an empty mind & very happy inside"

Some gals actually felt lots of laughter & playfulness coming & we encouraged them to laugh without limits! And they were so happy to sing & sing & sing!

Dr.Sunil led them in singing Bhajans until I finished giving healings as I tend to give slower then him sometimes staying longer with some children then others just feeling each one individually. I thank him for his patience as there is only love flowing from him :)

The girls were very interested to know about Amma & Bhagavan & spent alot of

time in front of the Sri Murti Photo feeling them. Even though they were unable to see them they could feel the energy. It was very touching to watch them connecting with A & B in their own special way......

Dr Sunil also explained much more to the girls then he did to the boys as they had more questions about Amma & Bhagavan since there were many adult women living there

A few of them also spoke english & wanted to know more about me personally & where I was from.Such sweet women,so innocent. The lovely teacher seen in the photo was also very happy for our visit. I could feel her heart overflowing with gratefulness!

Dr.Sunil also noticed that many girls were in desperate need of Dental work so he offered his services to them free of charge. What a beautiful gesture, I feel he will be very busy.......

Many children accompanied us to the front door upon leaving & one sweet little girl asked loudly,"Does anyone want to play?"

What a beautiful day!

One of my BEST CHRISTMAS's EVER!!!!!!

Thank you Amma & Bhagavan

With tears of gratitude

There is ONLY LOVE


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Beginning the Diksha Healing Session

Dr.Sunil & Alexis Healing Side by Side

Dr.Sunil's wife Anadha singing the Moola Mantra w' the group

Dr.Sunil singing Bhajans holding the sacred space

Alexis giving Diksha to a Female Teacher

Dr. Sunil giving healing

Alexis giving healing

Dr.Sunil & friend Mr. Pohankar teaching Moola Mantra to children

Alexis giving healing