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  Dec 4, 2006

The force of living that unexpected hurricane disaster and the ramifications that followed was a perfect test to measure the ‘inner state of being’ of all of the people fortunate enough to receive The Grace in Cancun. 

 Namasté Beloveds,

 In October of 2005 I had a 5 day Diksha Program (finishing just 2 days before Hurricane Wilma devastated the city!) especially for the 15,000 Members of Cancun’s Taxi Syndicate Union. I also extended an open invitation for the entire public to attend as well. It was a great success as the people who had received The Grace during those 5 days (and before of course) reported that their direct experience of that Hurricane Disaster was quite different then that of their friends & neighbors who hadn’t had the opportunity to receive Diksha. They reported a deep state of inner peace/tranquility and a new capacity to witness whatever was happening outside of themselves without any need to worry about the outcome. An uncanny ability to observe reality ‘as it is’  without adding their own fears  to the situation, thus creating unnecessary problems to their direct experience. The force of living that unexpected hurricane disaster and the ramifications that followed was a perfect test to measure the ‘inner state of being’ of all of the people fortunate enough to receive The Grace in Cancun. They were given the opportunity to actually ‘put to use’ the benefits that Diksha offers. It was such a joy  for me to receive all of their letters and phone calls sharing their gratitude for their ‘new capacity’ to “witness” reality without the interference of the mind

Shortly after the Hurricane, it soon came time for the Taxi Union’s election, which voted new Officials into office.

It is mandatory to change the Union Director every few years.

I was sure sad to see him go, as were the Syndicate members as this Director had made many positive changes and was respected and admired by all. Fortunately for me & Bhagavan, this Secretary General highly recommended Diksha to the newly appointed Director.

We arranged my first meeting with the new Director in March of 2006, and upon receiving Diksha, he noted such an incredible transformation of tranquility in that very moment that he requested a private Diksha course for him and his entire staff at the Union Headquarters immediately. I was honored to provide this special course for him & his personnel as he truly is a beautiful caring soul who is committed to caring for the highest good of not only his immediate staff but also for ALL of the 10,000 taxi drivers & 5000 taxi owners under his supervision.

So on March 7th, which fortunately for them also happened to be Bhagavan's  Birthday, we enjoyed a Late Evening Diksha Course from 9 p.m. until Midnight with the Syndicate’s Secretary General, Union Directors and all heads of the various departments along with all of their personnel.  They were a lovely group of over 50 very attentive, open hearted sweet beings. As most of my days are full and begin as early as 6am, all were very grateful that I would accommodate their late evening request for a private course. I explained to them that the energy was very special on that particular day and I was more then happy to work with them until midnight to provide them with that special opportunity for deep healing and transformation. And Bhagavan did not disappoint me. The energy was extremely high and all went into very deep states just listening to the lecture, even before I gave intention or hands-on Diksha.

 Afterwards, we scheduled 2 full days from 10am until 10pm on March 22 and March 23 for another opportunity for all 15,000 members of the Union and their respective families to again receive Diksha courses and healing.

I began by focusing intensely on the many varied forms of media to announce this Diksha opportunity to all of the people of Cancun. I did a live radio interview with Mara Lezama on her morning radio news program (see the story at March 20, 2006.) attempting to reach as many Taxi Syndicate Members as possible. We decided that this was the best manner to contact them as they are a very independent bunch reporting in to the syndicate only once a month.

Mara also invited me to appear on her afternoon television program to inform the public. During that television program I also gave Diksha to Mara & her lovely husband.

See those photos at: March 19, 2006

When Mara’s husband received Diksha he was fortunately shown the most beautiful images pass before his eyes and he described them as the ‘most joyful moments of his life’ which repeated themselves over & over again like the joyful smile of his baby girl… He was so very grateful for that experience.

The TV cameraman filming the live television program explained that after receiving Diksha he felt as if the Ocean’s waves were moving through him and it was such a profound experience for him that he had no words to describe the depth of it....

Just a BIG HUG with tears in his eyes was how he expressed his gratefulness. 

They were ALL very grateful and in return gave me lots of special attention and prime Radio and Television time slots to help inform the people of Cancun.

Que Qui Newspaper also fully supported me me in giving as many people as possible this energy in Cancun.  They printed an article just days before I began working with the taxi drivers.

See those Newspaper articles at: March 18,2006


  (Chitchen Itza Article)

  She will be at the Taxi Drivers' Union

Upon returning from Chichen Itza, on Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March, she will be giving sessions to thousands of taxi drivers and associates of the Andrés Taxi Drivers' Union of Quintana Roo, starting at 10 am, in the Union’s Auditorium. She specified that these sessions are open to the entire public, which means that all those wishing to receive a session or healing therapy may attend at this venue, and receive a dose of energy in order to heal whatever illness ails you, relieve your tensions and stress completely , replacing it with an inner peace, which helps all to better accomplish their daily tasks. 

And so with full support and blessings of the new Secretary General of the Taxi Syndicate we created a beautiful sacred space inside the Syndicate Auditorium with a table holding a statue of The Virgin Mary, a photo of Jesus & Bhagavan & Amma with 2 large beautiful flower bouquets surrounding them. We created a lovely atmosphere with the Moola Mantra playing over the surround sound music system for 12 full hours which could also be heard outside into the parking lot attracting many curious uninformed people to also come inside.

So for those two days on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2006 I honored my commitment from 10am until 10pm and offered Diksha and Healing in Private Sessions and Diksha Courses to all of the Taxi Drivers, Taxi Owners & their families with many children and most elderly members of the family also came!  

I was very pleased with the open, willing, trusting and surrending attitudes that people came with to receive Healing and Diksha during those 2 days.  As they arrive I continue to refer everyone to a book called You Can Heal Your Body (that I always have with me) written by a very talented channel, Louise Hay, giving each person the gift and opportunity to find clarity on what negative energy (in detail) is blocking the flow in their lives ; causing them to suffer on many levels, especially physically. 

I do so enjoy watching the “Ahh Ha!” in their faces as they discover the truth of their dis-ease in their bodies and with that new wisdom can then take back their power in assuming the responsibility needed for being well again in mind, body and spirit. And then they receive a Divine Energy Transfer.

 I also was very fortunate to be provided with a loving helper (Military Soldier) who was by my side to attend to any immediate needs that arose like an abundance of visitors that mostly entailed consulting with each person as they arrived to the venue, giving his attention to listening to their ailments and sharing the wisdom in the book with them before they received Diksha.

The most common theme of physical ailments for the Taxi Drivers are: Back Pain, Kidney Problems, and Migraine Headaches I discovered that these taxi drivers live with quite a high stress level of responsibility in their daily work as their car is their desk and the streets are their office and it can be a risky, dangerous place as the level of consciousness of the average Mexican driver on the road is relatively low.

After all, those of us who are actually sitting at a real office desk inside of a safe building can’t even begin to imagine the concept of that desk moving at rapid speeds and needing to be 100% alert at all times or another human being’s life could be in danger! And it doesn’t matter if you didn’t sleep much the night before, your FULL attention is always demanded.

What an adventure, you say!!

Until you have to do it day after day after day without even a day off! Many times working extra shifts because the tourism industry in Cancun is suffering drastically due to the Hurricane “Wilma” that destroyed most of the hotels and the occupation of the hotels that are actually open is a mere 35%...

So your mind is also distracted; worrying about how you will support your family this week.

But no matter as you still have to remain alert as you never know what you will encounter from one moment to the next. 

It could be a drunk, sleepy driver, a drugged teenager or just an angry person looking for a fight; using his vehicle as a weapon.

Or they could just encounter a inattentive tourist that is driving too slow, blocking traffic since they have no idea where they are in relation to where they need or want to be.

Most of them just enjoy their vacation driving their rental vehicles around and around and around.. Nothing at all wrong in that, just an awareness of what the taxi drivers have to deal with as they always drive with a purpose as they are NOT on vacation but serving most those of us who are. 

In my observation, many taxi drivers spend most of their work shift defending their lives & those of the passengers that they carry from unaware or intoxicated (in some form) be it alcohol, ignorance or just plain vacation intoxicated drivers.

I was able to observe this part of their work again during these 2 days that I was working with them as I was designated various chauffeurs who personally cared for me and my needs. I was quite amazed at how many times in the span of traveling by taxi just 30 minutes each way that accidents were avoided! 

I personally wouldn’t even consider willfully choosing to live that constant high level of stress; and considering it normal! And imagine these men & women do it constantly, working a full 12 hour (not 8) daily shift!

So after only 1 hour into the first day, my friends at Que Qui Newspaper sent a Reporter to the Taxi Auditorium to interview & photograph the very first Group of people receiving Diksha. 

 And she wrote this article for the newspaper: Fuera las Malas Vibras (Away With The Bad Energy!) /Alexis Shaffer gave healing sessions to the Taxi Drivers’ Union Away With The Bad Energy!

By Eloísa González QUEQUI, Quintana Roo, Mexico

To help humanity have a better quality of life, leaving behind all negative attitudes and giving way to be replaced with an open attitude to receiving positive energy, Alexis Shaffer gave healing sessions in the Auditorium of the “Andrés Quintana Roo” Taxi Drivers’ Union.

“The objective is to help people reach an inner state of peace and serenity, as this is the natural state of human beings,” said the lady healer while indicating to the participants to form a circle in order to create even greater integration. “Please interlock all of your hands so you can feel the transmission of positive energy from each other,” she said as the participants, over 30 in number, held each other’s hands, thereby initiating the process of relaxation and absorption of the positive energy. She stated that it was essential to live in harmony, as well as to feel joy during the course of our lives, in order to detach ourselves from suffering and from the attitudes that create negativity and contribute to the poor health of humanity. Alexis Shaffer lives in Barcelona, Spain, and has traveled the world channeling positive energy, and freeing all those who seek her services from suffering and negativity.

She explained that through the transmission of Divine energy it has been possible to cure depression, illnesses, as well as physical body pains. She also stated that her healing modality is based on a direct conversation with the person in question in order to learn of their afflictions, and in this way channel the energy in an adequate manner.

“First I touch their hearts, so they can connect to the Divine through it”, she explains.

Similarly, she stated that the human body has seven “chakras”, or energy centers which need to be stimulated in order to awaken the energy of them in the brain.

“The human being only uses 15 percent of it’s brain, and the need to awaken the chakras stems from this fact,” she stressed.

The first chakra is found in the perineo, between the anus and the genitals (the area of creation),
the second is located at the coccyx or the genital area,

the third is located at the navel < symbolizing power >,
the fourth is located at the heart,

the fifth is located at the throat,

the sixth is located at the “third eye”, that is, in the central point between the eyebrows,
and the seventh is located at the crown of the head which is where the energy enters the human body.

(below a photo is written
For a better quality of life. Participants form a circle to create even greater integration and thus receive positive energy.

 I appreciate this newspaper Que Qui so much as they have fully supported me in sharing Bhagavan`s Grace 100% with love.

And the NEW wonderful news is that they just NOW have invited me (Nov 2006) to write a FULL PAGE COLOR weekly Positive Mind column  for their Cancun newspaper!! (Click here to read the articles I have written.)

Which I am of course doing with great pleasure !! I’ve heard rumors about “the press” and how they are NOT always so positive in their reports…  

I am happy to report that I‘ve received ONLY loving caring attention with glowing feedback & loving support from all the television studios and newspaper reporters that I have been blessed to meet & work with so far in Mexico. Of course they have all received Diksha as well and Bhagavan is creating that loving atmosphere for all.  

More then any mundane pleasure could possibly offer me in these times, these transformative moments that I share with fellow human beings (just doing the best we can to survive thru all of the suffering that this physical dimension seems to offer at times) …. Is truly my reward!

What could be better then assisting a depressive, ill, suffering person transform their energy into Oneness? Observing from one moment to the next the deep tranquility and Grace entering into their being and enabling them to reconnect with the Divine.

And then personally receiving deep gratitude from their heart to yours with their eyes shining brightly and full of love for helping them to feel whole again.

Maybe I'm a bit too easy to please, but each person that wakes out of their suffering thru this Grace is one more happy person on the planet!

And THAT means the world to me!!  That is true joy! Sharing the joy and bliss of this beautiful moment of reality when we are able to truly SEE IT for what it is!!

And not what we PERCEIVE it to be; seeing thru our illusions of our own personal movie, our own suffering that WE OURSELVES CREATE for our life experience!

Thank you Bhagavan & Amma for your miracles!

I would also like to take this moment to thank all of you as I am so touched by the many people’s donations to help support me to continue this work in Mexico.

 In loving service to Amma & Bhagavan's mission to enlighten the planet by 2012.
There is only gratitude to be a part of this gracious, loving effortless work.
Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!



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