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December 6, 2006

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Namaste Beloveds,
Just before leaving the Military Base for a special  ‘Cinco de Mayo’ Ceremony, I got a surprise visit in the Generals Office by a dangerous scorpion !
It took me by surprise as it attempted to crawl over
my bare foot only covered by a mere sandal strap!
I was alone in the office at that moment & quickly
thought to open the window to call over a nearby
soldier and share with him my good fortune.
He taught me that by simply removing the
scorpion’s stinger,
he was just another harmless animal to play with!
I soon learned that the soldiers tease each other
 regularly by finding scorpions, removing their
stingers & secretly placing them on each other or in
their plates of food when they are not looking !
When they find them, they place them inside of their
uniform pockets and patiently wait to find an
unaware victim (fellow comrade) to play a joke on!
So I had quite an exciting morning as I waited in
the General's office for our journey
to the ceremony together!
It turned out to be a lovely sunny day
 (as most days are in Cancun)
 and most of the 450 SMN (Military Service)
young men & women were present in formations.
(See them all neatly dressed in red caps, white
shirts & blue jeans in the photos!!) 
I have had 3 Diksha Course sessions with them in
this last year reporting much success.

See those stories at:

Unfortunately since those sessions were all held at the Military Base, all photos taken in that context are classified and I am unable to publish them. But here in this ceremony we are outside with the public in front of the Municipal Palace and photos are not restricted.


These lovely 18 year old young men & women had many healings happen within themselves and also  within their families. Many shared with me in their written experiences that they had felt quite insecure inside and their parents didn’t understand them and what they were going through, at all.
It was quite frustrating for them and they were looking for help to resolve this negativity that was actually affecting all of their relationships. After the Diksha sessions, they shared that the insecurity melted away and they began to feel closer to their parents and found it easier to communicate with them.
As you can see in the photos, I positioned myself above the ceremony (on the Mayor’s balcony) at one point so I could easily give Intention Diksha to all present.
During the ceremony the leader of the Municipal Palace’s Official Band saw me giving Diksha and asked me if I would PLEASE find the time to also give his entire team of musicians Diksha & Healing after the ceremony as there were many ill members that were suffering and he felt that I could help them.
He had experience with Diksha as he had attended my Sunday Diksha Groups on the Beach.
As it turned out, not only all of the band members
participated but also some of their family members.
It was a nice spontaneous group of 20 participants.
I have learned to ALWAYS carry with me at all times
my ‘emergency stereo’ for the Moola Mantra &
Meditation Techniques, and my ‘Heal Your Body’
book and written material for surprise groups that
seem to just manifest themselves all on their own.
I have to be honest and admit that it is quite an
inconvenience for me to carry this load with me
(about 5Kg) at all times.
But I have found that
by being prepared at a moment’s notice brings such
great rewards as loss of suffering and personal
transformation in people’s lives that I’ve decided
that I am willing to sacrifice my comfort level on a
daily basis for my fellow human beings.
As you can see from the photos this Municipal Palace’s Official Band and their families are a lovely sweet group of people and we thoroughly enjoyed taking the seriousness out of life’s suffering and together transformed the disease in their physical bodies.  It was a pleasure for me to take part in their process.
Wishing you ALL true inner peace and overflowing hearts filled with Unconditional Love.
Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you.
Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.
In deep love and gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma for their Grace and Endless Miracles!
Love & Light**


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