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Dec. 9, 2006



Namasté Beloveds,  

Just before Easter of 2006 I had a meeting with the Military General regarding the idea of the inmates in the local prison receiving Diksha. I was a bit surprised by his response as he didn’t like the idea AT ALL as he was imagining the worst of what could happen for me in that ambience amongst all of the criminals and he was really worried for my well being.


He requested that I please forget that idea and focus on other groups. 


I understood his concern and during the course of the following week I prayed that my intuition would guide me and it very diligently led me to the decision that yes, I needed to offer The Grace to the inmates. I also didn’t feel any possibility of danger to my physical well being from the inmates in this particular prison.     

So the next day on April 11th I visited the Municipal Police Headquarters to speak with the Police Commissioner for the  information on who to contact about offering a Diksha course at this Prison which has almost 1000 inmates. He was delayed in a meeting and I was to see him an hour later. During this waiting time I was spontaneously guided to visit a graphic design studio located just across the street from The Police Headquarters. Upon entering, an employee asked if she could help me and I commented that I really wasn’t sure why I was there and to my surprise, about 4 minutes later a uniformed man entered with a police type uniform that was different then all that I had been familiar with up until that moment.  

And what a surprise!


When I looked closer at his uniform, he was in fact working at the Prison!! I had to laugh at thecoincidence as Bhagavan sure doesn’t waste any time in making all a reality! After introducing myself, I learned that this particular man was actually the Prison Director’s Assistant! He informed me that there had just been a major change in the Prison Staff and this new Director had a very nice disposition and was easily accessible. I explained my work to him and shared my interest in offering Diksha to the Prison and he scheduled me into a meeting with The New Director just 2 hours later!


I’m happy to report that it was a successful meeting!!


The following day:   


April 12th at 5pm 

I began giving Diksha Groups in the Prison.

The first one was with the general population of 820 male inmates!   


And the Military General so lovingly provided me with a large muscled body guard to assure my safety as he stayed by my side during ALL of the groups inside of the Prison.  


But to our surprise, the inmates were so grateful for my presence that they behaved even better then the soldiers had, by maintaining complete silence, staying attentive and obediently following all instructions!   


The first group was very open & receptive as I gave a lecture for over 90 minutes then introduced them to the Anandamandala Meditation.

It took a few minutes for them to get thru the resistance of the idea of grasping their fellow inmate’s hands... the idea of grasping their fellow inmate’s hands...


But they managed to overcome that rapidly as I made a joke out of it by accusing them of holding hands like girls as I noticed them just laying their hands on top of one another’s instead of grabbing them in a strong grip like men do when they shake hands!

And that was all it took, as we all laughed out loud and they proceeded to clasp their fellow inmate’s hands as was required!


And just before we began the exercise, I requested that they demonstrate their properly clasped hands and that is precisely when you see in the photos that they are all raising their arms in unison!  

All went so graceful and smooth!!

And they all did the exercise extremely well!!  


They really loved the Diksha and enjoyed sharing their experiences afterwards! They ALL felt the energy entering their bodies and saw colors, visions, and many had floating out of body experiences. They were so grateful!!!


I cannot even begin to explain how high the energy was!

The THUNDERING applause to Bhagavan and love that I felt in return was astounding! felt in return was astounding!


As they so proudly gifted me with a handmade piece of artwork that the inmates had themselves created along with 1200 pesos ($110 U.S.) that came STRAIGHT from their hearts.

If I did this for the money I would spend less time with the Police & hang out with the criminals more, doing more groups with them!!

Just kidding, of course!! 


I hadn't heard thundering applause like that since the group of 3000 people at the Palenque Event!!


And as I bid farewell, they sang to me in unison a song of gratitude that they normally sing (I think) when they are very happy with someone. And they expressed such joy and excitement for the Moola Mantra music that I playedduring the course that I couldn’t resist gifting them a CD.


I want to share that at each event I ALWAYS play the Moola Mantra music.... As I NEVER give Diksha without the  accompanying music...

It was SO MUCH fun!!  

As it ALWAYS is as we laughed a lot since I always manage to find laughter in every situation!!   











 24 April 2006

  2nd Group of Male General Population  Inmates  

- Murals Area- 

In this second visit with the general population of 820 male inmates, we gathered in another area of the prison which is decorated very colorfully by painted murals on all the walls.







In this session I decided to speak extensively about the Ancient Mind.



Did you know that as human beings we actually experience the same thoughts as they pass through all of our minds at different times? Since the beginning of time all thoughts have originated from a base called ‘The Ancient Mind’.


So actually there are no “new” thoughts and these similar thoughts continually pass through all of our minds at one time or another during our lives.


  Depending on our particular antennas, as each of us are ‘tuned in’ to specific channels depending on our beliefs, conditioning etc..


And some of us may attract more negative thoughts then positive ones or vise versa.   


The irony in all of this is that many of us have actually committed many crimes

(exclusively in our minds of course) while others have chosen to also act them out.


  So in essence, the only difference between us and them is that we think that we are more intelligent because we either haven’t yet acted on these criminal thoughts (as they have) whether it is due to our Fear...

 or Awareness...

 of the consequences that may follow….


Or, we secretly have acted them out and we just haven’t been “found out’ yet or caught by the authorities!

So when I give Diksha courses to the Prison Guards, I enjoy watching the expressions on their faces when I explain that the only difference between them & the criminals that they are paid to supervise, is that up until now THEY have actually been better at concealing their criminal thoughts and actions! 


  And so these inmates that are in the prisons are actually the part of humanity that have unconsciously acted or reacted to many of these thoughts and have been caught & punished for it.

So in essence they are paying for all of humanity.


All because they ‘lived out’ their ‘criminal moment’ creating reality in the physical world as they identified completely with the illusion... that the thoughts passing in that moment were actually theirs; and reacting 'violently' to them as if they were their own! 


  That is why in many of these prisons or jails that I visit, the inmates tend to be quite well behaved as their criminal ‘moment’ has passed.


  And now they are just passing the time behind bars as they live out their designated sentence of punishment without freedom. 


An interesting study was conducted using normal people to research the behavior of humans under stress. This study was set in a prison and the participants were given 2 different roles. Half of them received the roles of prisoners looking to escape the prison and the others were given the roles of the prison guards which were to assure that an escape didn’t happen. The results were astounding as the abuse that was inflicted on the prisoners by the guards was reportedly more severe then in ‘real’ situations!


They had planned on reversing the roles before the study was over but the researchers feared for the well being of the participants!

   And this was a simulation! Imagine!! 


I have to admit in my experience of working in jails and prisons I can see that at times the guards & the prisoners can experience a similar feeling as the guards actually live inside of the prison a full 12 hour shift with the inmates and the ambience is quite the same with the bars and fences & barbed wire. I can understand how the negative energy of being imprisoned can easily be felt also by the guards and suffering can begin if they are not conscious of this. 


In Barcelona Spain the State Police are given the role of the prison guards and they are carefully rotated every month so that this very problem doesn’t have time to take hold in the psyche of the officers. 

Unfortunately this level of consciousness has not reached Mexico yet, and I see the product of it in the level of suffering of the Prison Guards.

  So I took the opportunity to speak of the ‘prison of the mind’.


And how many people who are NOT behind bars actually unconsciously live in the real world as if they are.


They are living in the illusion of limitation, (that the mind is so good at creating) out of fear, which is the base of our very being.


I am amazed at the majority of people who choose to identify with this fear and thus create a reality for themselves believing that ‘adventure’ is a very dangerous concept.


I personally have been traveling the world alone starting at a very young age. I have had the pleasure to experience over 65 countries so far, and when people realize this they are shocked and their first question to me is, “Oh my, Alexis but aren’t you afraid?”  My response has always been to laugh and ask them in return, “What exactly is there to be afraid of? Fear itself?


If I had identified with those many thoughts and feelings as they passed, I probably would have never set foot past my doorstep! ”


I have to admit that I have witnessed many of these thoughts over the years as they have passed thru my mind, but I just simply allowed them to entertain me. As if you would pay to see a scary movie and then later on leave the theater knowing that the movie wasn’t ‘yours’ at all and actually had nothing to do with you.



Now don’t misunderstand me, the feelings that arise within you during the film are your reactions and feelings, yes. But again, just try to enjoy the experience, being very careful not to identify with any of it, thus ‘becoming’ the drama that the mind so loves to create with it’s many stories of why you should suffer!


  Oh how the mind so loves to suffer!


It’s sooo much fun to ‘watch’ this aspect of the mind and when you have had enough, just get up and walk out of the theater!


  Yes, it is that easy

If you find yourself getting caught  in the movie/drama of it all then just stop,  and come back to your essence.


Breathe, meditate, focus on awareness, and connect with your heart consciousness.


Take a walk in nature and ask for the Divine Presence to fill you.

Attend a weekly Diksha group in your city.  

  Read a book by Eckhart Tolle.


  Be presence. 


Or log on to website and receive a Diksha thru internet in their meditation room.


And don’t forget to give something back for this great gift from the Divine!


  We always have to give back when we receive.


In some form whether it be giving selfless service or providing donations to the lovely souls who are actually doing such work. Supporting them is enough if you cannot find the space/time to offer the same. And pay attention to the Karma that you are creating in every moment.


  Are you taking/receiving more then you are giving?


If so, this circle is out of balance for you and you are creating more Karma that later on you will have to clear up or you will experience the imbalance in your reality. 

So after this long talk, I introduced the inmates to the Chakra Dhyana Meditation.


They concentrated very well and had no problem with the position of the hands in this technique.





  (Sorry for the tiny photos as my camera ran out of memory space due to too many groups that day)  

  In deep love and gratitude to the Divine for Grace and Miracles! And all my love to you!!!

Love & Light**



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