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Dec. 14, 2006




May 8th 2006 

IFE Group (Instituto Federal Electoral)


Federal Institute Election Board 

I was referred to this lovely group of about 75 people by the F. B. I. organization.


They are responsible for all aspects of Mexico’s elections.


Ballot boxes, voter’s rights and information, safety, security etc…


This year was a particularly stressful year for this group as it was the President of  Mexico Vicente Fox’s last year in office.


And a new President of the Republic Of Mexico was being elected into office.

This only occurs every 6 years!  

So you can imagine the stress that they were  experiencing!! 

First, I met the Director of the Cancun Region and gave him & his Sub-Directors Oneness Diksha and after 30 minutes of being in blissful states they were overjoyed with the idea to have their entire staff receive a full course.

They were a lovely open group of people really willing to invest all of their energy in an afternoon of transformation!!


So we spent over 4 hours together; speaking, sharing, laughing and of course doing the infamous Anandamandala technique.  

I'm enjoying so much sharing Amma & Bhagavan`s Grace with ALL!

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

As it's ALWAYS an adventure!!!!


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