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18 yr old Young Mexican Men & Women's Experiences Serving in Military Service
Sharing written experiences from some of the 350, 18-year old SMN members which do 1 year Military Service in Mexico.

At the Military Base I continued sharing Bhagavan`s Grace also with over 350 members of the

Military Service teenagers here in Mexico.

They are all 18 years of age. When a male teenager reaches the age of 18 here in Mexico he is obligated to serve weekly (54 days in a year) in a manner as needed (designated by the Ministry of Defense).
Young females choose whether or not to participate.
For example, they can be sent to teach uneducated children or adults how to read or write.
They can be sent to clean up, paint, assist in large events etc...

Perfect example of their work in this first photo blocking the crowd from having access to the Special VIP Podium where the Mayor, Military Generals etc... are seated watching the Parade .

On their designated Saturday, we all gathered inside The Dining Hall. It rained heavily the entire day so the temperature was quite comfortable inside. Not a sauna as it was with the 1st battallion of 640 that received Diksha there!

The General gave me a stunning introduction again and asked if there were any questions before handing the microphone over to me and the group anxiously responded with, " Let`s begin now! We are ready! What do we have to do?"

There were so eager & open (like pure hearted children) I noticed that at this age they are very open & eager to try new things! We enjoyed a 4 hour Mini Diksha Course with Anandamandala together in the dining hall.

It was the first time I witnessed such neon blue colored golden balls in the photos taken (with this particular group) at this military base!! And all had wonderful transforming experiences! I would like to now share some of their written experiences.......

Young 18 yr old Women

Evelyn Mtz. Chan First, I began to cry and I did not intend to or want to cry. The truth is, later on I felt peaceful & tranquil.

Mariana Rivera Temix To Begin: At first , nothing during the session felt very good and then later, I felt sad and had many feelings of wanting to cry. Senorita Alexis touched me & calmed me down and I sensed that just with her presence, I began to feel better. Feeling and seeing Alexis & receiving the energy has now given me more confidence in myself. If I hear something that would have in the past depressed me, I am now stronger. Little by little I go beyond it. So I feel stronger and better as a result of this energy session. I can only say , Thankyou.

Young 18 yr old Men

Eduardo Cetina This experience that I was witness to last Saturday has served me a great deal. Since then, I feel more tranquil and relaxed. I also feel to I am able to totally control my anger now. It was very interesting experience.

Geider Hoil R. This experience gave me tranquility. The good vibrations let all that was bad pass away. All that is positive that I experienced from that session remains with me from that moment.

Omar Guerrero The experience that we had this last weekend was very pleasing. I felt the energy go through my body and with it I experienced a change of attitude. Personally, I would like to have that experience again.

Tun Chable Juan de La Cruz I now have a lot of tranquility, ease of communication, a better understanding and a new drive to move forward in life.

Christian Sánchez Campuzano This experience was completely new for me. I had the sensation that energy was swarming all over inside my body. All this week, I have felt much better than past weeks. Thankyo u Alexis

Daniel Leyva Pérez Ms. Alexis, all was very well with the energy transference, and I feel we should do another session more in depth because we are people that have very complicated lives with serious problems. Since that day I have more peace in my life. I hope you will be in contact with me. Thankyou


Cabo de cab. Valentin Pérez Damián My opinion with respect to the session is that it gave a lot of good things to us soldiers. It relaxed all of our minds and personally motivated me a lot! Now I concentrate more in the moment on whatever I am doing. The experience also caused me to remember & connect more with my family. I am now more motivated to be true to how I really am & do my work better. It gave me the drive to do what I must do as I am a true soldier. Honestly and with strength, I feel more reliable in myself. It's now important to me / my priority to keep my work in order to be able to maintain my family well as to have a good future and to live in peace.

Cabo Cab. Flemón Hernández Pérez I felt a force that permeated my pores in the form of energy. I feel more relaxed with a new energy and enthusiasm to continue working. I felt exhaustion before the session and the fatigue that was stored in my body disappeared. I became the energy that I received. It helped me to get rid of the stress and boredom that was weighing me down and putting me in a bad mood. Now I am much more peaceful & tranquil.

Cabo David Hidalgo Hernández Pérez I began to feel a change that I had never felt before, like a new encouragement to do new things like work harder and closer with my fellow comrades. I also had headaches and hip pain, which have now been removed .

Sgto. 2 Cab. Eleutrio Santiago Ramírez I had visions of the past and what I had seen during that day. I imagined that I saw a river of crystalline water running from the mountains. It poured from me as tears, crying. After the session, I felt more tranquil and relaxed. I now have a new motivation to live better and to change my way of being. In reality it was a beautiful experience that never before I had ever had. I will continue to practice it.

Soldier Cabo. Alberto Domínguez Morales I felt relaxed during the session as if I was in a church of peace; even more with the beautiful sounds of music playing and there was even a sense of smell of peace! I now have a new desire for my work . Thankyou

Sold. de cab. José Alfredo Solano Chable I felt an ambience of tranquility from the session which created a space of meditation for me to think in detail about the things that I am planning in the future. At the same time, I feel a new encouragement and energy to continue with my work serving my country in the army. It helped reinforce my feeling stronger in my state of being and has given me more confidence and self-esteem.

Sold. Cab. Prov. Jose Miguel Ruiz Montejo I slept more peacefully and I woke up FULL of life, more content in myself . I NOW feel as I've found a new sense of life! I'm feeling an abundance of tranquility with more energy and desire to live life to the fullest! Thankyou

Sgto. 26 cond. Victor M. Vera R I feel relaxed, free from thoughts and desires. I now feel a new desire to live better. I feel more peaceful & a clarity in my mind and I now have much more energy to do my work.

Sold. De cab. Juan Raul Dzib Huicab Since I received the chakra energy session, I have noticed significant changes in my life such as a new desire to work and many pains in my body have disappeared.

Sold. Cabo Abraham Feliciano Gómez Before receiving the session I was very stressed and in a bad mood. I did not have the desire to do anything. I was really a very sad young man. Now after receiving just two sessions from Alexis I have noticed a huge change in myself! Pain has disappeared from my back and I now feel more peaceful & tranquil. I also have a new eager desire to work and I am relaxed and very content within myself.

Soldier Cabo Filmar Morales López In the second session we felt much more tranquility and harmony. More then anything, there is now even more discipline amongst all of us. I personally feel much better within myself and I am peaceful & tranquil inside now.

Raúl de la Cruz Reyes I felt really alot of emotion. I closed my eyes and saw images of many people that I do not know. And the following day I woke up with a new eager desire to work! And I feel really different in all aspects!

Cabo Mauricio Cruz Cruz When we let go of our hands I felt a swarming / current of energy in my body. When I closed my eyes I felt / saw a celestial light.

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

Love & Light**


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