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In Such Admiration & Awe, I want to Assist

from Amy Ford
December 30, 2005 @ 13:07

 Thank you!! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

I would like to share that after my Private Diksha Session with you; I was so blissed out driving home!  I felt like I was floating. I have to tell you I was smiling so big at everyone when I was driving home!  I feel like I can see the emotions in other’s hearts more clearly and profoundly as if it is in full color!  I have always been intuitive and full of senses but now it is in living color!!

I can feel the shifting happening in my body as a result of all the energy transference I have received from you this week. I am so grateful!!  I am so grateful for our paths crossing and for the amazing healing energy you have brought to me.

I rested for a while more and now I feel hungry and energized to pack for my trip to México.

I told you a little about my history with Reiki. I have been involved in oriental healing forms for a long time as I was trained in Japanese Acupuncture as well. I was responsible for writing a lot of the oriental medical questions on the National Bodywork exam.

I am in such admiration and awe of what you are doing. I just want you to know I want to assist.  As I shared today, I am from nomadic blood. It has never been my style to follow just one way or root.

I loved that in your initial sharing of this beautiful energy you encouraged us to, “Stay on our chosen paths”. I think this is so important as so many seem to be overwhelmed by change. I think it is a western hold up. I know this coming year is going to be a very magical one.

I am grateful for the healing my body is going through and so grateful for this latest opportunity with you. On the little stack of money I left for you I gave you my Lucky 5 Peso coin that I have been carrying around since the last time I was in México this past summer before the big hurricane. It has many wishes for abundance and prosperity. I chose to give it to you so it will be a magnet for the support of your pilgrimage and work in México.

I am grateful for you coming into my life Alexis.  You are truly special. I look forward to our connection and to assisting you with the translations.  You dear angel sister, share love in such a beautiful way as you say I do!  It is such a blessing when I have the opportunity to meet another person so happy to be alive.

I send you love and appreciation Alexis.

Your new friend-

Love, Amy


Amy Ford

Amy Ford is a Musician, Astrologer, Writer, Reiki Master, Dancer & Invincible Music Recording Artist in Scottsdale, AZ., who performs with her band & offers Illumination through Astrological Consultation, Music, Meditation, Dance, EnCHANTment, Drumming, Tarot Readings & Honoring the Elements through Ceremony, Healing & Blessings.


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