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The main purpose of this Experiences Section:
Experiences of Grace & Miracles, when shared, increase the Grace in those who share as well as in those who read or listen to them.  This is the main purpose of this section.

We welcome stories, questions, thoughts....... you'd like to share with others.  Please email Alexis with your Oneness Experience has enhanced your life.....and we'd be happy to share them with others.


From that moment I am now connected with the frequency of light. February 14, 2012
I had the good fortune to have a private session with Alexis.

What happened for me was truly something out of this world! There aren't words sufficient enough to describe what I actually experienced. I can only begin by explaining that I felt an immediate connection with her and all the information that she shared with me before beginning the energy session.

When she began to transmit energy with her hands, I began to feel very intense waves of energy flowing throughout my entire body re - aligning every single point of my essence, my being. I also had an immediate and deep understanding of each word of the mantras that I heard in the background of her music even though I don't speak the Sanskrit language; my spirit connected with its sacred vibration.

My attention to my breathing faded out as I began to spin thousands of times at maximum velocity right out of my body and out of this world, I don't really know how to explain it but I went far out into space, into nothingness, into silence, to where ALL actually begins and ALL ends.

Later when I began to return from this trancelike state (because at no time did I fall asleep) I felt an immense divine force inside that slowly slowly incorporated itself into my physical body as well as this state of consciousness that I live in each and every day.

Ever since, I have felt extremely peaceful and very connected to Divine Universal energy and with a new and deeper understanding of my present as well as my mission in this life. It isn't possible to really describe my experience with words but I can tell you that I have never ever in my life felt anything like it! I found answers to questions that I didn't even know I had, and from that day I am NOW connected with the frequency of light.

Tania Tagle

Tinnitus Healing
Hi Alexis,
I was at your Nevada City, Nevada group which I found to be very powerful.

I just wanted to say that I experienced some degree of healing the following day.

I had been experiencing tinnitus in my left ear for over a year. Later that evening I noticed that the degree of ringing in my ear had decreased by half. When I woke on Sunday morning, I remembered your words on how to say "Thank You" to ‘Source’ for my healing. I sat in meditation for about an hour and just repeated the words, "Thank you for healing my ear". I am now so hopeful that I will be able to heal this completely. And I also now feel a new deepened sense of appreciation for my life.

Thank you for your work! Peace, Douglas Orton

Immediate Insurance Company Settlement Manifestation
Hello Alexis,
I had a wonderful drive home after my private session with you in Truckee California. I could hardly believe what was waiting for me when I arrived home!! I received an e-mail from my attorney stating that the insurance company wants to settle!! Thank You and Thank you Divine for manifesting so quickly what I requested in my session with you Alexis!! I feel so connected and at peace with all that is going on now. I can now even feel the pain my father was in and see how unhappy he was and how he chose to deal with his pain. I feel so much compassion for him and I now understand his suffering. I can identify with my father and see how much my life is intertwined with his – and this is a gift beyond words. I always wanted my father to accept and love me - and now I know that he did. My heart is overflowing with love for him.. The information that you gave me regarding the physical body and its various meanings was very powerful and right on. I will see you tonight in your group. Thank you again Alexis - you are a gift in my life. Peace and Love, Nanette

Goodbye Pain-Body!!!
Thanks, Alexis, for all that you did for me and for all you are doing for others and for humanity! You zipped into my life, turned it upside down, and kicked the "pain body" right out! Now it's a whole new life!

I forgot to mention to you. Remember when you stayed here in my home and you removed the heavy shade I had on the bedroom window? I have not yet put it back up. I had placed it there because even the slightest light from the window would keep me awake at night, interfering with my sleep. But it also made the room very dark during the day. After your work on me, the light didn't bother me at night anymore, and it was wonderful to have light in my room during the day! So I never replaced the shade, and having light has improved my quality of life immensely in that room. Thanks so much, Mike

That is great news!! Mike is living MORE in the "LIGHT" NOW!! YES it will also support you in staying out of the shadow of the pain body!! Congratulations!! The pain body likes to live in dark cave like spaces as it supports it in staying ‘miserable’ and then complains about it..

A week later I asked Mike how he was doing and I received this response:
Thanks again Alexis, for all of the work that you did on me. It's a continuing experience of light coming in. I was floating in light for a few days after my session with you. Then the fear of losing it and slipping back into the pain body kept nagging me. I remembered what you said about not looking for the old pain, and each time it came up, I tried to re-focus on being present in the moment and shifting the energy back to light. After awhile, the whole situation seemed to stabilize. I'm not floating so much now, but I'm not overwhelmed by the pain body either. I feel my energy flowing and I focus more on positive thoughts and feel a sense of confidence that my life has made a turn and things will just continually get better from now on. A lot of the physical pain symptoms are now gone. Some remained but they are much more manageable. The difference is that now that I'm not constantly being attacked by the pain body, I can see things moving forward steadily and am experiencing a knowing that all is better. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for ALL that you did. Yours in peace, Mike

I realize that life is nature

March 21, 2011

Love and tenderness grows in all climates, in all kinds of soil, microsystems and environments, and always overcomes adversities to blossom.

In my travels through the various continents of the world, I have found an immense variety of emotional wealth in people from all races. From the smallest village to the most impressive metropolises, the grace of generosity and human sensibility are always present.

Just recently, I visited the famous Mayan ruins of Chitchen Itza for the spring equinox, where thanks to the special effects of light and solar shadows, the majestic Kukulkan descends the pyramid, the feathered serpent, the God identified with the planet Venus. That wonderful day, I shared this magical scene with thousands of others also attending. At that very moment, all rational things break into pieces and the human ego seemingly disintegrates. The heart opens up to the infinite with such a thirst for eternity which shatters the mind’s limits, allowing us to achieve a communion with our ancestors, our Gods and our most beautiful feelings within.

As I so often and naturally do, I offered to transfer Oneness Experience to everyone present at Chitchen Itza that day. Many beautiful people from all over the globe stood in line to receive this transforming energy and many of them had pleasant experiences to share. One of them is Orlando Carrillo Lopez, as he so lovingly e-mailed me the following message:

Dear Alexis,
First of all, I wish to send you a warm greeting full of the graceful light of God which is within you. The reason why I’m sending you this message is to share with you a testimonial of my personal experience prior to, during, and after meeting you on the 21st of March.

I also am attaching a group photo with all of us who went to Chitchen Itza on that day; each one of us with our own personal reason to visit that beautiful place. My reason was a inspirational dream which I had the previous evening. It was an amazing dream which insisted that I go there and guided me directly to meet you. I was in search of a being of light who would offer me love; one who would make me feel that my life made sense and had a purpose and that I should no longer look outside for fulfillment as the reality is: that the great, divine love resides within me.

I was suffering from a deep depression inside and the tension and stress I experienced at work was also driving me crazy. Without much to look forward to, the equinox was approaching, and out of nowhere, my friends Ruth and Dulce appeared to tell me that someone was offering an experience of divine energy at Chitchen Itza. When I heard that, I suggested that we all go together! We spent the afternoon there and as we were leaving, I saw you Alexis. However, my friends were in a hurry and decided to head to the exit and I stayed with another friend. As I waited in line, I looked into your eyes Alexis, and I felt a great PEACE and an enormous desire to hug you, I felt that you had a great radiance of light shining in your heart. When you approached us, you noticed our desperation and told us that the session would take only about 40 seconds. I felt that it would certainly not be enough time to feel Divine Energy but, to my surprise, those very important 40 seconds were sufficient enough to initiate a great change in my life and to believe that EVERYONE around me should ALSO have the same amazing opportunity to experience the one that I had lived… ha, ha, ha, ha. It also occurred to me that I should invite you to present an energy therapy session at my spa in a Riviera Maya hotel. Even though it took me over 20 days to contact you, it was sure worth the wait; as you offered us all the time and space for my co-workers to be with you for over 3½ hours and gave all of us an experience and great opportunity to change many things in our lives.

I can tell you that I continue to ask each and every one of them what changes have taken place in their lives and they tell me that they all feel an immense inner peace. Some had not spoken to their parents and siblings for a long time and within two to three days, their relatives had called and now those co-workers have a much better relationship with their families! I need to tell you that most of the individuals I included in the group are the ones with very strong characters (including myself ha, ha, ha). And, I cannot tell you that we are sheep now but we are actually communicating more now than ever with each other and we also are smiling because we had even forgotten to do that - to smile at each other. AND, TRULY ALEXIS: WE WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN but this time ALL OF US WANT TO BE THERE.

I wanted to live that experience with you again and change many things that have caused me suffering in my life. I had to face many obstacles created by my mind due to a great fear of changing negative patterns which had become bad habits and would not allow me to live peacefully. One week ago, I was able to see you again and I can tell you honestly Alexis that I now live my life in the present 85% of the time. This makes me very happy because all the negative emotions that I used to have lasted not just an hour, or a day; but days or weeks and sometimes even months. Now, as easy as they come, they also go! When something is bothering me now, my heart beats in a very different way and I feel warmth in my chest, which allows me to see things in a positive way, I laugh, I breathe and soon thereafter it’s gone.

You know I have many things that I wish to express but I don’t know where to start. My life was simply a routine, without a destination, moving at full speed, always stuck in thinking about the past and the future. Now, what I see is my present in great detail, I enjoy my surroundings a lot more than I used to and I realize that nature is life. I now see that there are many people who like me and that I used to deny them my love. At work there are many co-workers who would like me to speak with them, who would appreciate a hug, who would love the gift of advice or a smile and who feel pleased with me when I ask them how they are doing. This tells me something very important: I have lived many years of my life without giving or receiving LOVE!!!!!

This makes me feel so good and I hope with all my heart that it will never end, and if it is possible, I want it to double and even triple to the tenth degree! In other words, that this marvelous experience that I am living continues to grow bigger and increase each time and that the love also continues to expand in every moment.

I love my life, that’s really it… I love it in every moment and I wish that every person around me also has the chance to have the same marvelous experience that I had with you so that all will know this is a great world with an awareness that DIVINE LOVE is more than just ONENESS in our hearts and that the present is LIFE IN ITS FULLNESS and we do not have to worry about anything.

Alexis, as I mentioned before, you are an Angel. Thank you for appearing in my life, I love you very much and I am your eternal friend always…

Orlando Carrillo López

Christine Epting's Experience
Alexis :)

Hello! This is Christine :) We met in your Minden, Nevada group and then again in the evening with my private session. Thank you for our time together. Thank you for coming here! Thank you for your work with the military. When you did diksha with us, I could feel all the sharpness of mind creations and senses outward. When diksha continued, grace was so beautiful, so divine, I felt like my true divine self. I understood and was "being" the truth of all you were saying then to us, I didn't want to "come out of it though," out of the love as I couldn't sustain it, but I loved being love. I loved being in the truth, the true truth. I now feel a bit softer. I feel divine and source more. Yeah!!!!!!!

I asked for the surrendering and energies I've created in non-surrender, they're showing themselves so clearly. It's all beautiful, it's all okay. I welcome it. Thank you :)

You were also in two of my dreams leading up to the group. In one dream I knew it was you but you looked different. It was more of my "idea" of you then. You told me what needed to be cleared and that I was hiding my gifts as insignificant. But then I had another dream two nights before the group and I thought it was a new friend that I didn't recognize. When I saw you, I recognized that it was you! The woman in the dream was funny and fun, a truly beautiful, beautiful soul. It shattered my concept about “what an awakened one should be like." Ahhh.... :)

I wish you a beautiful journey on your way, much love, and much gratitude. Looking forward to hearing more military news and more. Maybe have another session sometime. That would be lovely. In gratitude, Christine Epting

* * * * * * * *
"Go out into the world today and love the people you meet.
Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people."
Mother Teresa

Norris's Experience
Hi Alexis, I hope your travels are fun and safe. Thank you for the wonderful healing experiences you provided for me in your Reno, Nevada group and especially the private session. To reconnect with a part of me, the healer, after being dormant for so long was like a new awakening to my inner self. Your work on my body was deeply healing and peaceful. It brought back a memory of when I was young and had this unique experience during a body massage by a woman who melted my chi energy beforehand. I could feel it happening again when you worked on me as I felt a deep relaxation in my inner core of being. I have been trying to accomplish this again for some time but had been unable to relax so profoundly. I feel that it is the beginning of the complete recovery that I am expecting from my physical problems. Releasing the old and welcoming the new. I love you and appreciate your devoted work on me. Continue your wonderful sharing and connecting experiences around the world, knowing that my love goes with you in oneness. Norris

Rob Parenzan's Experience
Dear Alexis, I wanted to say thank you for the quality time I spent with you in your groups in San Francisco, San Mateo and Corte Madeira California in December of 2010. They were truly beautiful experiences for me. I noticed a major amount of resistance in my body especially during the amazing meditation technique that we did in San Mateo. After doing the technique you spoke of feeling the nothingness. I had a very profound experience just last Friday where I was truly feeling the nothingness that I believe you were describing during the session. It was like I could clearly see all of my thought patterns in front of me but I felt DETACHED from them like they were just running right through me. It was quite an amazing feeling.

Also, the Moola Mantra music & chanting has really been opening me up to a different reality. I noticed that when I am on public transit or just doing my daily activities and I begin to repeat the Mantra to myself I begin to really open up. Sometimes I can't even remember the correct phrasing and I have to look at my little card I carry with me but it doesn’t seem to matter. I just wanted to share this with you and I hope your tour in California is going really, really well! Much love to you and the divine for doing the work it is doing through you.

Rob Parenzan
PS: I am Carla's husband just in case you forgot I know you interact with a lot of people!

Flight to Freedom

for the lovely powerful phone session that I experienced with you today....I definitely went out of this physical world for some time, and when I heard the last part of the music say.."Om Shanthi Shanthi " it seemed to pull me back a bit into this dimension, I think.

I felt so much tingling and electrifying feelings all over my body for some time before I drifted off into was really a great experience! One thing I noticed is that I now feel more fearless and accepting rather than keeping silent or shutting myself down like not wanting to face arguments that go nowhere.. [With my husband.....facing male dominance, in my view...]

I now feel more at ease with standing up for myself and stating my point of view..I was given that opportunity the very next day regarding a family issue....! I read an important detail in Byron Katie's book about “doing the work”: "I don't like to participate in the argument -Vs - I am willing to participate and state my point.."

Alexis replied to Sunethra, "I also feel that it is very important that we always choose presence and integrity for our being especially when it means 'being heard' in the moment (despite our fears ) as it is necessary to remain integral with ourselves and not repress our feelings which would eventually be self-destructive."...

EXACTLY Alexis...I think that I have been conditioned for so long to be the Peace Maker at any cost...and it's Self-destructive.. I learned that lesson the hard way..Now I am more at ease with the arguments and tend to stay calm and say what I really want and need to say..! ..I would say that I am becoming more and more FEARLESS and EMPOWERED!!

I also had some interesting dreams after the session and can remember something like.. "Entering into a place where some kind of slaughtering going on..Birds becoming victims to cats and dogs..And then me finding out that birds didn’t die but seemed to instead respond by saving themselves - although lots of feathers were pulled out of their bodies in the struggle..They were alright after the fight..! It felt weird and I felt so much empathy for the birds..

I LOVE BIRDS as they are my symbol of FREEDOM....And I really enjoy watching birds every chance I get to feel that Energy of FREEDOM.!

Anyway today morning I had a long dream too, but now mostly it's gone....But what I do remember clearly are these very profound words..."You are divine and all things are possible.."

Hmmm..That's interesting as this idea is not new..But I actually heard it in the dream..!

Sometimes I feel that what Mother Earth is going through the same kind of thing that we FEMININE beings are going through at this time too..? Tolerating.. Tolerating macho madness for so long and then finally choosing to stand up and be heard and be willing to go through the change without worrying about the outcome..?? As I heard in my Dream.".We are Divine..And all things are possible". I will stay with this as I TRUST the DIVINE to be the POWER!!

Thank you so much Alexis for your time, energy and lovely HEART & SOUL bringing LIGHT to all dark corners and supporting all Earthly creatures.. You are a Bright Shining SUN giving Light and Warmth unconditionally..! THANK YOU my Dear Soul Sister..!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Heart, Mind & Soul and Loving Energy to do this work..! Your room..Your living place feels wonderful with many magical ocean sounds.. Thanks again for being such a wonderful Earth Angel!! Infinite blessings I love you!!! Sunethra (New Zealand)

Yen's Experience
Hello Alexis, I enjoyed the phone session very much. As you were working on my chakras I saw images of my father, mother and grandfather who have passed on. My dream that night was intense and didn't make any sense to me because it wasn’t something that I could relate to, however, I'm following your guidance and writing down my dreams. I’m feeling subtle changes within me: I noticed that I’m now more patient with my daughter and in general all feels lighter. I feel happier and peaceful over all. I also have a little more energy then I normally do and I also feel more connected to the Divine. The following evening after the session, I read to my daughter and we were sharing things that we were grateful for and I noticed that I was feeling it more from my heart and not just doing it to demonstrate a good practice for my daughter.

Yes, definitely gratefulness really stands out for me. I feel truly blessed for all that I have.It's funny because I was feeling such gratefulness for my ten year old car. I’ve had the old car forever and it has over 200 thousand miles on it. I was just thinking that I wouldn't want to trade it in for a new car just because it looks old, especially when it has been so good to me. It drives fine and I haven’t had any major problems with it. Last year was the first time that I had to make only $400 dollars worth of repairs during the entire time that I’ve had it. Imagine that! I’m rambling a bit much about the car but I thought it was interesting that I felt so much gratitude for an object. Alexis, my deepest gratitude goes out to you for the work that you do. Thank you for your compassion and the sincerity that you put into your work. Best wishes, Yen

Fabiola's Experience
Eight years ago I received the best gift life could have offered me; the birth of my second child (a daughter) eight years after the birth of my first son. It was one of the happiest moments of my life but at the same time a very painful one. Two months after my daughter was born, I started feeling a very intense pain in my arms. The pain then spread to my knees, elbows, neck and finally my entire body.

My doctor told me that it could be post partum depression. In my mind, I asked myself: How is this possible? I am immensely happy with my daughter! I visited several doctors and they could not figure out what was wrong. Each day I was feeling worse. Eventually, I was unable to get out of bed and I could only move my eyes. My family had to help me do everything: dress me, feed me, bathe me and even brush my teeth. The reality was that I could no longer take care of my daughter because my body was unresponsive as a result of the pain and inflammation.

I could only look at my daughter as I was unable to hold her and of course I wasn’t able to take care of my son either. A year went by visiting doctors and undergoing tests in an attempt to obtain a diagnosis. During this time, I took a lot of pain medication, I had to walk with a cane and I remember that I just cried and cried because I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Finally, the last test results diagnosed RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS; an incurable disease which caused a disability in most of my joints. It is a very tough illness and especially painful. The illness took a viral form and it incubated during the pregnancy. However, in my case, it advanced very drastically and quickly as the medication was not having any effect. So, for eight years, I took pain medication to live through the pain.

The illness mostly affected my hands, feet and knees as I was unable to bend my wrists or knees, which is something that all of us do normally. Because of this, my life took a very sharp and painful turn. I had to adapt to a new way of life which was to walk, move and live with limitations. This is the way in which eight long years of my life went by.

Almost three years ago, I was extremely lucky to meet Alexis who opened up a big door for me to face and deal with my pain in a very different way. I had met with her over 5 times. However, it was not until May of 2010 that my life CHANGED forever. I remember that when I saw her, I could not hold back the tears and I asked her to heal my knees and hands. That day, I arrived with a terrible pain all over my body and I did not know whether I would be able to endure the session.

I cried during the entire session because of the pain, the feeling of helplessness and especially the exhaustion from living in pain for so many years. But, the moment she placed her hands on my hands, my knees and my head, I felt as if a ray of light entered my body. My eyes were closed but I saw a very powerful light and I felt like crying the entire time. I only asked the Divine to have my illness go away and never return.

At the end of the session, I was supposed to lie down but I could only say that I was unable to do so as I was unable to bend down. I was shocked when I tried to bend my knees and didn’t feel any pain at all. My legs felt the same way that they did before the illness. There was no pain which felt so very different after having lived in pain for so many years!

The same thing happened with my hands. There was no pain and I was able to move them about 80% percent. I was in shock and believed it was surely just temporary. Today, it has been almost a full year and I can report that I feel brand new. I only take one pain reliever on occasion when I feel some pain. My life has changed 100% and today I know that I am reborn. Today I understood that we have a lot to do in order to heal ourselves and join Alexis in her efforts. A positive change of attitude is very important and at the time, I didn’t understand this.

In my last session with Alexis, I knew that I needed to be more humble, stronger, more decisive, more conscious and especially, more human. My only goal was not to suffer any longer. I know that the faith and hope that I had in Alexis played a very important role in my healing. Today, I know that it is never too late to be healed. It is just a matter of having faith and especially trusting enough to put everything in the hands of this remarkable lady, Alexis. If a more powerful word than THANK YOU exists, that is the word that I dedicate to this lady who transformed my life.

Alexis, I will be eternally grateful to you for coming into my life. With all my love Fabiola.

Stephanie's Experience (Patrick Wise's sister)
Here is my experience from the Houston Oneness Intensive on Jan 21 and Jan 22nd........

I apologize ahead of time for the length, but I experienced so much beauty and grace that I did not want to leave anything out.

I left for Houston on a Thursday morning at 11am. Unfortunately, being an ER nurse, I had to work the night prior to my departure, so I went straight from a crazy night in the ER to the airport for a powerful weekend. Needless to say, I did not want to go. I had my fears and doubts about the Oneness movement and about Sri AmmaBhagavan. My brother has been extremely involved in this movement for a number of years, and for the most part, I did not get it.

Starting in about 2006, I had been to several Oneness events, including the awakening course and diksha nights.
After the Oneness Awakening course, I initially felt at ease and that life was kum ba ya like and then about 1 month later, I felt more anxiety and uncertainty about myself and life in general. I felt trapped between two worlds. I did not fully fit into my previous life of going out drinking with my friends talking about relationships, the latest gossip, and work. That energy no longer felt "right" for me, yet I was not at a point that I felt Oneness with any and everything around me.
I felt as though my connection with the divine had been dissolved, and that I did not deserve love.
My mind was at full force against this Oneness movement.
How could anything that promises pure love and enlightenment cut off my connection to my friends and make life appear empty? I felt the connection with my brother dissolve before my eyes.
At that moment, I saw that he always appeared so distracted and never present in the moment.
He was always on the phone planning for another event (in the future) or always on the internet chatting with another oneness trainer about another event (in the future).
I felt as though he was starting to see this Oneness Movement and the people involved as more of a family than anything that my mother or I could provide for him. So not only is this Oneness movement taking away my friends, but my family is leaving too?? Hell no!! This is horrible and I have already committed to a weekend in Houston with a booked airline ticket and a hotel room and no sleep the night before my departure. we go (and I am not happy about it)!!

So I arrive in Houston around 3pm and my brother had arranged for a blessing giver from the community that is hosting this event to pick myself and another Oneness Trainer up from the airport.
I have not slept in over 24 hrs and I am supposed to get on with two people that I have never met before in my life. (Sarcastically) Beautiful weekend, Stephanie Wise has arrived. Maureen picks me up and she has a cold bottle of water waiting for me, and a big hug. Wait...maybe this is not so bad. I sit and chat with her about yoga, diksha, and Maui as we wait for Michael to arrive. Michael arrives and we are off to the Unity Church to meet up with my big brother and at this point, my whole reason for being here. In the car, Michael and Maureen chat about several Indian gurus, meditation practices, and different religions. For the most part of their conversation, I was clueless. I do not know anything about different religions or meditation practices......I am so stupid! My mind keeps reiterating how unintelligent I am over and over and over again. We arrive to the church and I spot Patrick. I get a big hug and a hello and I am thrown to someone else to take me to the hotel. Patrick (my brother) simply does not have the time to help me get settled. Really? Yes. I get to the hotel, and I make a decision to keep an open mind. I have 2 hrs until the night even starts, so I decide to start fresh. While awaiting the other 3 people that I am sharing one hotel room with, I take a long, hot shower, dry my hair, and get ready for that night's events. After I am fresh, I decide to lie down for a bit and just simply rest my eyes for about 30 minutes before Scott, Gail, and Lauren arrived. Ten minutes later, I hear outrageous laughing down the hall and a knock at my door. I scramble to answer the door and the second I open the door, Lauren jumps into my arms telling me how beautiful I look. Right.....I had been asleep 30 seconds ago and now I am beautiful? Please. She has so much energy it makes me nauseated. I turn around and Lauren and Scott are making out right there in front of Gail and me. Almost vomited..... I am in hell, I thought. I cannot handle Lauren's energy or sexual acts in front of my eyes. How can I accept that these two people truly love each other, when I cannot find any love for myself? So this is how the weekend is going to go, love is going to be thrown in front of my face, when all I can do is tell myself horrible, mean, ugly "truths" about myself. What a transformational weekend!! We all leave the hotel for the Thursday night event with Doug Bently, Oneness monk. I hardly had any control of my eyes throughout that evening and Lauren and Scott had that same problem with their hands, in regards to each other. As irritated as I was at that moment, everything that Doug said resonated with my soul. It felt "right". I felt as though there was so much truth behind what he said. Alina and Stuart Mooney then proceeded to talk about their experiences with the oneness movement and it felt right although I had no connection to what they were saying. By the end of the night, I had not eaten food in about 24 hrs and had not slept for over 38 hrs. Clearly, I was not in the right spot. How could I feel so much discomfort with Scott and Lauren, and the accommodations that we had arranged and still be in the spot where the Divine wants me to be. At that moment, I sent my brother a text message that said, "Going through some stuff and not feeling a sense that I am supposed to be here" with high hopes to get the response of "just stay in the hotel tomorrow and catch up on some sleep. Don't worry about coming to the event." Ha ha....far from what I got. By the time he responded, we were already back in the hotel and asleep, so I got his wise response in the morning of the event. It stated, "Yes that’s why you are here." Damn...really?? Why does he always have to be so intuitive and wise? no excuse from my brother to stay at the hotel and relax. Off to the 12 hr event with expectations of experiencing the cult-like oneness movement that my brother is leading. Ha ha....!! Looking back, my mind was playing such a brilliant role! It was being threatened and it was telling me everything that it could to deter me from experiencing the unconditional love that I was about to be offered. The event opens and I am less than thrilled to be involved, but I am here and I am going to be "open". We start the weekend with a meditation (that I actually already knew). From that point forward the event kept opening and flowering my heart and easing my mind. The weekend was simply amazing and exceeded every one of my very, very high expectations. I was able to recognize the reason behind my brother's somewhat obvious disconnect. He is helping humanity in a way that I never thought possible. His intentions are so pure and full of grace and I was able to recognize the fear, created in my mind that our relationship had dissolved. He was so present in so many ways that I did not know even existed. My relationship with my brother in reality was so much stronger than I could have imagined. His love is so present and palpable. The worries of being tangled in a cult like existence immediately evaporated. I felt love......

I am not going to indulge details of the weekend's event, but I am going to share my physical and emotional experiences with you. All experiences are so different of the same situation, but these are mine. During a meditation practice, I felt joy and love and cried tears and danced an emotional dance. I felt love and peace. I felt fully engaged in the activities of day 2. I felt present without the distraction of my mind. I felt as though I could relate with everything being said in a way that was not just conceptual. It felt like it was my way of experiencing life. At one point, during a diksha, I felt and saw a vision, that my cranium was being cut away (not painful) and inside my skull, my mind was being placed in a sac- like object and all previous connections were being severed. At that same time, a few other connections were being made, so that my mind would be under the control of my soul and could be utilized when it was needed. It was no longer an ordinary mind, it was a divine mind. During the powerful new process, my body went into convulsions (and yes....I said that I would NEVER be one of those strange people flopping around on the ground because they are making that up....there is no way that the body has to experience that) and I could not move for a period of time (no idea how long). It was not scary or painful. At that time, I experienced everything around me. I wanted to move my leg so badly because my feet were cold, but when I tried to move, I felt as though my leg was the leg of many and it was just simply too heavy for me to move. When I woke up and started experiencing the people and situations around me, I realized that when I was attempting to move my leg, I was attempting to move the legs of the multiple people near me kneeling on the ground receiving the Oneness blessing. I could not separate my leg from theirs. It was amazing!! After a couple more hours of relaxing and enjoying the energy, the event ended. We were taken back to our hotel room, and sleep immediately engaged my body. My dreams were so vivid and real and full of grace and beauty.I was in India at a sacred ritual and I was dancing with Indians. We were laughing and crying and giving thanks to the divine. It felt so free. This dream lasted all night long and I woke up in the morning refreshed and renewed. I took a shower and then enjoyed a breakfast with Gail. My head felt so clear. It felt as though there was something missing.....a big huge piece missing. It felt right. I had clarity and peace. The constant chatter that had always been present, telling me to do this or that I was not beautiful was gone. Simpy gone. That morning, I was experiencing life as if I had never experienced a moment on this planet. I ate food, and for the first time in my life, I tasted food. Blueberries were so rich and magical; oatmeal was magnificently full of flavor. It was simply like nothing I had ever experienced before this event.

On the plane ride home, during takeoff, I heard a little girl screaming. She sounded so scared and uncertain. We gave her diksha (AmmaBhagavan and I). I was the vessel through which they shared grace and comfort to this little scared girl. She immediately stopped crying and remained silent in her mother's arms for the remainder of the flight. I put my headphones on and starting listening to the Moola Mantra. Instantly, tears flowed down my face and my abdomen started quivering, similar to the experience I had after the new process. It was not an obvious thing so no one on the plane knew I was flopping around on the inside like a fish. It was spectacular. The plane ride was approx 2 hrs long and it flashed by in what seemed like 3 minutes. I experienced the plane as though we were all one. I was the ultimate observer. When I looked out the windows, I felt so much beauty and excitement to return to the earth due to its sheer magnitude. There is more, but I have to run for now...but hopefully overall you gathered what a pivotal weekend this was for me. I have so much love and gratitude for everyone involved in this movement and especially for AmmaBhagavan. The grace and joy they are bringing to this planet in a time of so much hurt, and pain is incredible and I want to do everything in my power to spread the grace. I want to be the vessel through which they work, no matter the time and/or place. This is real! Love you so much, Stephanie

Edith and Brian
Greetings Alexis!

My name is Edith Ruberth and first of all I want to thank you for your courtesy to invite me to Friday’s event; which was really incredible, magical and inexplicable! I want to share with you my experience: when you gave us a welcome hug I felt like a very warm energy ran into my heart and later when you asked us to close our eyes and to connect ourselves with the Divine I felt like hot needles penetrated my heart, I was feeling them one by one until three entered along with an intense sensation of peace and tranquility. My son saw all of the chakras and their respective colors. Please invite me if you have another event. Receive a big hug. Edith Ruberth

Hello precious Edith
Thank you very much for sending me your beautiful letter explaining your experiences, I am very grateful to you for it.
What a wonderful experience you had, congratulations! You felt a vast amount of pure love which penetrates and activates your heart, all thanks to the Divine. It is fabulous that your son also saw all of the chakras. What a fantastic experience for him also! How old is he?
I send a big hug for you too beloved

Hello, Alexis!
Thank you for responding:
I can’t find the right words to describe the miracles that you (the divine) have done for my life! God’s timing is perfect and God sure arranged for our paths to cross at precisely the correct moment.
I am infinitely- eternally grateful for the light that you brought into our lives.
God bless you today and always.
My son is 17 years old and his name is Brian Herrera. He is a great boy and a true blessing in my life. We love you very much. Receive a hug from us both.

After 12 hours in your group of “Awakening into Oneness" I had this experience:
My Beloved Alexis, on one occasion Che Guevara was asked about his motivation for being a Revolutionary and he answered, “It is love”. During the 2nd World War, a squad of German soldiers was ready to execute a specific number of people and a priest offered to sacrifice himself and change places with one of the men and saved his life; it was without a doubt an act of Pure Love. In a scene from the film Titanic, the young man barely knew the young woman when the ship began to sink, but he stayed in the freezing cold water taking care that the girl stayed safe by holding onto a log which eventually saved her life. Such was his level of commitment towards her, which clearly was another act of Pure Love.
In these modern times, when we have everything available to us to communicate effortlessly, that very same technology tends to isolate us, causing many to only interact with others in a very shallow and superficial way, making it necessary for one to experience a powerful act of consciousness and strong willpower to understand that we are actually all One. I’m not saying that we are living in luxury without complications; I just realize that we need to act responsibly with our brothers and sisters, our fellow humans, and in making that decision, with determination and discipline we can choose to make this planet a better place to live. Beginning first in our own home which is the sacred temple of our body, assuming that if we love and respect ourselves, we will then be able to truly love others and acquire that level of consciousness that all we are all One and that we are all here to fulfill a specific purpose and all along the way, know that we will transcend various levels and if we are not conscious of each step as it occurs we may not progress to the following stage of learning. Without more to share in this moment, know that we appreciate you Alexis and won’t ever forget you.

Luis Manuel

This email is from a Oneness Facilitator in the USA, whose town in Colorado was on fire, and she was told at first that her house was completely burnt down. There are massive fires currently taking place in her area. We all prayed for her, and it was then revealed that her house was one of the only 3 that survived the fire, and miraculously not even one tree on her property was burned... this is her letter below... Dear Beloveds:

Please extend my heartfelt thanks and gratefulness to all, for the prayers, oneness blessings and good thoughts. My house is still standing, one of only 3, confirmed last night. I was told that my house looks like an oasis among the burnt areas. Not one tree has been scorched, or burned around my house. I am not yet allowed to go in to get "my personal things". It will probably be several weeks before I can return, as all power lines are down, and there is no water, etc. I am presently staying at a friend’s house that is on vacation, and have another 10 days before I will move somewhere else. I am physically weary and emotionally crying a lot. Thank you , thank you , thank you Divine Grace.

Love to all of you, Colleen Crawford


Hi Alexis, it is indeed a great pleasure to write, especially to thank for your generosity in sharing the wonderful gift that the Divine placed in you.

Yesterday, I felt fortunate to attend one of your Cancun courses to really experience firsthand for myself the wonder of what some of your newspaper articles have produced in me, more so for curiosity than as a practitioner of spiritual "techniques". I decided for myself to know more about your articles that I have read and really loved so I visited your website and reading its contents made me ecstatic. Yesterday upon finishing your course, I can only tell you that my father once told me that I had to learn lessons either thru love or pain, and according to me, I had to learn through pain, but the good thing is that I finally understood it. For me, yesterday was a kind of initiation into the path of learning thru love, which I now know is the new path I have chosen to continue my growth, and everything that I wanted to express about yesterday, is summarized in one only word: THANK YOU!

And that is all that I can tell you, I just felt complete stillness and peace, and since a very long time (perhaps as a baby), I had not experienced that. It's probably the closest thing to tranquility that I have ever experienced and for me this is a great gift. I now know that my search has to do with that peace, with that stillness that I experienced, that is why I write this e-mail full of gratitude to you. I'm doing it with the help from the Divine, but you were the link that helped me realize that the Divine really is here, and that it exists. I think that's faith and I know now that I have it.

Alexis, if you continue sharing more of your gift in another course or workshop, please include me. Thanks again and I hope that our paths will soon cross again. God bless you.

Yusef Levi

THANKS AGAIN from Josef Levi

Hello Alexis, I am writing to thank you again for this wonderful experience I had the chance to live again in your course / workshop for the transmission of energy, which I really think it is transmission of LOVE, at least I felt so yesterday September 18, 2010 by the evening or night (I lost notion of time) with the wonderful experience of feeling the presence of my mother. Since you talked about the theme of the family, the magic started, I think it was a trigger to hear you talk about the burden we all carry, perhaps that happened to me with my mother, although she died 12 years ago I believe I have some hidden feelings of guilt that would not let me go forward, but with what I felt yesterday, now I'm sure that the only thing was needed was to forgive me myself, I realized that she only expresses love and for now, I will put into practice what you recommended to me, allow her to talk to me.

I think I've also expanded more my perception, I thought that as I had already attended a similar workshop, it had no case to go back, how wrong I was and I thank that little voice that said, "you have to go, since the experience was not only different but stronger, it was more real. Perhaps I don´t resist myself so much anymore. Finally, I just want to thank you that for being that link, that channel to feel and experience all that I experienced yesterday, I really I took advantage of it the most, I think I became a giant vacuum of energy. Thanks Alexis, God bless you

With the party, a new family has begun.

Hello Alexis, I just write to thank you (again) for the wonderful experience I had the chance to live yesterday in your course / workshop of magic. It is really magical to experience life ‘just as it is’! In the course of my life I have tried to experience that peace that almost everybody seeks by different means, I should tell you that in the process, I became a kind of computer hard disk, I gathered large amounts of information that I assumed would make me change to a state of happiness, of freedom, but the truth is that it only became a collection of assumptions about what happiness should be. My encounter with that manifestation of life was almost incidental, but now I know that there are no coincidences, as everything was set up perfectly to find the perfect excuse for not attending your course, however, I clearly heard that little voice inside of me that pushed me into finally attending and to stop having fear of the results. I decided to experience what was put in my path. Today I can say that I really appreciate a particular phrase that I’ve read: “Stop quoting Buddha and become a Buddha”! That was the beginning; when I heard you and understood the simplicity in which you transmit this wonderful knowledge. And then the party began, with incredible subtlety, I began to experience the joy of being present and I realized that what I called suffering, was always in what could have been or what might be in the future, when realizing that everything I need is here and now, and that if I don’t have it, I am given the opportunity to create it and thus, become a co-creator of reality. I began to finally understand that the state that I had sought was simply a matter of choice, and to stop analyzing, judging and questioning everything that happens around me and simply start living the experience. I understand that in our lifetime, we are born many times, not just in the moment of our birth. And today I feel this new opportunity like something I have chosen and I’m sure that every day will give me more surprises, as I have regained a new sense of wonder. A quality that only children have, which leads them to discover in each moment, a world full of wonders that emerge from the depths of their heart, that have not been imposed on them by anyone. It is in that simple way that they live in oneness with all, with no separation or divisions that I can find the connection that I have always searched for; an exact formula with precise instructions that only now, very humbly, I am just beginning to discover. I know that this is just the beginning of my freedom, but I also know anything is possible if we allow ourselves to fully experience, to live and enjoy this oneness experience. I send you blessings and love from my heart. P.S. With the party, a new family has begun!! Yusef Levi

Mysterious Leg Pain
Dear Alexis,

I wanted to thank you for helping me with the problem with my legs. Prior to meeting you I had been experiencing a burning and a tingling sensation from my knees to my hips. Similar to the feeling one gets when your leg falls asleep. It caused me constant discomfort and I was rarely able to sleep through the night as a result.

My medical doctor had no advice; other than offering prescriptions for pain, which I was not interested in taking. My chiropractor said it was a spine misalignment and was able to help only intermittently by doing adjustments. Relief would last only a week or so. I had suffered from this pain for over two years.

Since I met with you six months ago and you did the energy work with the focus on my legs I have been symptom free. I am just amazed and very grateful for your help.

Ray Schwiecker Cancun, Mexico / March 18, 2010

It all began with reading a book called Awakening into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh which gave me a new hope for humanity’s transformation and at the same time created a profound state of inner peace inside of me. It also gave me clarity that I had to seize the opportunity and attend the Level 1 Process in India explained in the book.

Arriving in India was a massive culture shock for me and within 24 hours I became ill with a fever and stomach pain. The Oneness University doctor gave me 6 different tablets to take and I lay on the bed, suffering, scared and wanting to go home. Soon my Oneness Guide arrived with a big smile and gave me a Diksha- Oneness Blessing Energy Transmission.

The next morning I was up bright and early and feeling like a new man, but by lunch I began to feel very fuzzy again and suddenly collapsed. The amazing thing about being in that level of physical crisis is that you have to eventually give in and I did surrender completely.

As I lay there, I thought of my father in his nursing home with bedsores and a catheter bag and I felt an overwhelming depth of compassion for him. I lay there and felt the Divine whisper, “I love you” and thought, “Oh yeah, I know” and again the voice came “I love you more than you will ever know”.

We were taught that the process is not about enlightenment experiences as they will always come and go. It was about healing relationships and living a more loving existence when we get home with those all around us.

During a guided visualization meditation we were invited to enter into a truly personal, intimate relationship with the Divine as a constant presence in our life. I have personally enjoyed a deep relationship with the Divine for over 20 years, in the figure of Jesus. I suddenly realized that my experience of the Divine’s absence in my life was reflected in the real absence of my biological father throughout my life. I wept as the implication of this sunk in and felt a disloyalty to Jesus, as if I was abandoning him for someone bigger or better. As I wrestled with these thoughts, Jesus took me by the hand and led me to his father, to my father – it was an amazingly blissful experience.

The following day we learned about “suffering”. This gap between who we actually are and who we want or think that we should be creates a huge problem. We become what we think the world wants us to be in order to be loved.

The Oneness Guides explained that enormous energy is lost when we are struggling with the difference of who we really are compared with who we think that we should. Then we learned: “The truth of ‘who we really are’ doesn’t matter.” The only thing, which matters, is that we can see and accept the truth about ourselves, whatever that is.

Eventually a discharge of pain and suffering came in the evening session by way of a guided visualization. It is always healing to go into the center of the pain and experience catharsis. However, what really made an impact on me from this day was the intense level of control, judgment and critical analysis going on within me all the time. Then there was the constant degree of comparison - being superior to others or inferior to others, but rarely equal.

It was explained to us that Oneness Guides were in the highest possible state of consciousness for human beings. They are effectively merged with everything else – there is no “I”. The teaching was dominated by stories. My favorite story about suffering is as follows: Suffering is like constantly running away from a tiger, which is pursuing us. It is always there; ready to pounce and we cannot afford to stop running. Eventually we fall into a deep pit and feel an immediate sense of relief that the tiger can no longer reach us. However, this is short lived as we suddenly realize that living in the pit is a hungry crocodile. We see some tree roots up the side of the pit and leap and climb to safety just out of reach of the crocodile. As we hang there from the roots, we look up to see a large rat gnawing through the root from which we cling.

The moral of the story is I guess that the only way out is through. We need to stop running, face and experience the suffering and guess what – we survive.

On the third day, we were informed that we would be receiving the Oneness experience. The Oneness Being standing in front of me was clearly somewhere else. As his hands firmly held my head, he started to shake and moan and cry out in pain. I started to cry but felt uncomfortable and kind of “guilty” that this person in front of me was experiencing my pain. Suddenly, I surrendered into it and was swept up in a roller coaster of emotion, which left me feeling completely drained, but peaceful.

The teaching continued with the Guides explaining that there were basically only 2 categories of people: Those who complain and those who move beyond this, live life and grow. It was explained that we need to stop complaining; stop blaming others (for the way our life is) and learn how to live happy lives.

It was explained that every living being has a survival instinct. In the same way the mind (ego) is designed with this survival instinct – that’s just the way it is. The mind itself is not bad – in fact it is a very useful, essential tool. It is like a donkey. The problem is that we are carrying the donkey on our shoulders, which is exhausting.

The Oneness approach is based upon 4 stages of human development, as follows:

1) Conception - Stillness 2) In Utero - Struggle/Desperation 3) Birth - Hope v No Hope 4) 7 Hours after Birth - This is the blueprint for life These stages are described as 4 baskets and we need to discover where we are stuck.

We continue to move through these developmental stages all of our lives but frequently one of them dominates. Each day we received Oneness experience from the Guides.

We seemed to move effortlessly from this model of human development to “love” which was defined as “self-acceptance” – to love ourselves exactly as we are. This creates an end to all comparison/judgment/being right.

This “acceptance” is not “resigning to life”. We are talking about the inside world not the outside world. The inner world requires non-action (passivity) whereas the outside world requires activity.

On day 4, we were to receive an embrace from our newfound friends, the Oneness Beings. As I stood in front of this man, I was aware of this sense of great “absence” and then as he reached out to hug me this sense of complete absence turned to an overwhelming (almost frightening) sense of intense presence. As he held me, he started to shake and cry uncontrollably. I melted into his arms and felt truly, unconditionally held in love. It was bliss.

According to the Oneness approach, we are all on a secret mission to change who we are. Can we change? Yes and No. We cannot change the basic structure According to the Guides, there is in fact only “one mind” but not only this; it is a very ancient mind. Wanting to change the mind is itself part of the mind. Any effort to change the mind is fruitless.

It is important to realize that “stopping to try to change my mind” can become the new goal… To seek to witness our mind is another goal. We cannot function without the mind. When we realize the impossibility of changing the mind, we are free.

Towards the end of the course, I was waiting for some personal time with my Guide. As the day went on, others kept telling me how they had experienced a good personal session with our Guide. I felt mildly irritated but was pleased with my ability to “let go” of this discontent. One other member of our group was yet to be seen and she was clearly greatly troubled by this. I felt nicely superior. In the afternoon, we traveled to another campus to see the Temple. It is a magnificent building, very beautiful and with an apparent aura of calm. When we moved on to the other campus, there was a closing ceremony in process for another group. We then settled down to a session with Ananda Giri, which was enchanting.

He told the story of the man who went to see Sri Amma Bhagavan and confessed that he was a liar and a cheat and lived a dreadful life. He pleaded, “Please Bhagavan, give me some words of wisdom or comfort to help me become a better man.” Bhagavan, calmly stated, “I can help you. You need to be bad. For so long as you try to change who you are, you will never be happy. If you can accept how bad you are, the lying, the cheating etc you will be happy and enjoy life.”

The essence of all the teaching really does seem to come down to “self-acceptance” and “self-love”. If we can truly accept ourselves as we are (including all the grotty bits) then we will be happy and live joyful lives. The greatest problem is that we all spend so much time trying to be “good” or “better people” i.e. someone different to who we are.

Returning from the Temple and other campus late at night I felt peaceful and satiated. As my head hit the pillow, I felt “attacked” by intense thoughts about my Guide. “Why had he not seen me” and “Why had he spent so much time with everyone else”. It continued, “It’s disgraceful given all the money I have paid not to be able to have even a brief session with the Guide allocated to me.” Within what seemed like minutes, I had built a very robust case for the.

It is interesting how at brief moments a more sane voice appeared and reminded me that I did not actually need to see my Guide for anything in particular. There was no pressing issue and no questions to ask. Maybe others, those who had been seen, had a more pressing need. But it is truly amazing how, at such times, my mind (ego) overrules all this sanity and insists that I am right and someone is going to pay for this! I caused myself an enormous amount of suffering that night.

My greatest fear was that I felt I was deliberately sabotaging my last day of the course. There was such a strong irresistible force within me, which was determined to ruin the last day and prove that the whole experience was worthless, the Guides completely dishonest and the teachings bogus. It was such a familiar pattern in my life. I genuinely could not believe the intensity and strength of this invasion (not external but from within).

My Guide announced that he would not see me until after lunch. I felt a strange kind of relief at this because it reinforced the “rightness” of my position. But the strange thing is that as I talked about each aspect of this tyranny, the words lost all their charge and I was simply left smiling. It is so weird when something with so much charge simply evaporates into thin air. I ended up smiling and laughing with this simple, beautiful man. We hugged and held each other and I felt fully accepted and accepting of myself.

During the afternoon, we entered into the final session. There was a beautiful guided visualization, which led to our initiation as “Blessing Givers”. We were handed a very simple necklace of beads, which the Guides explained symbolized that we had become part of a family of oneness facilitators.

I experienced this wonderfully warm and liberating feeling contemplating being part of a family which included Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Theists, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanitarians etc. - being part of a family, which was totally inclusive, and totally accepting. I reflected that during the entire course, I had not heard any Guide say anything critical about any other person, belief system, religion or ideology. It was a completely non-shaming process.

The final stage of the process was to give Oneness Blessings to each other. It was strange to begin with but quite quickly felt entirely natural and a great blessing to be standing within the Divine flow of energy. As part of this process, we all gave a remote blessing to our parents, wherever they may be. I also found this very moving; pouring out blessing and love for my Mum and Dad. They both felt precious to me and I also experienced this vague sense that my parents could not have been other than whom they were. The process had lasted for 7 days – it seemed like a month! It had begun with crisis and ended with calm and joy in my heart. I regularly reminded myself that it is not about “experiences” (positive or negative) although I had witnessed some amazing experiences along the way. As I write this I am mindful of two passages from T S Eliot’s “Four Quartets”, both from Little Gidding:

“What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.”


“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

As someone once said, “When we become disconnected from who we are, however it has happened, it is a long journey home.” Andrew Wallas, April 2008

México’s Military Soldiers:

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and for letting us live this experience. Personally it served me well to realize that I’m repressing many things inside and now I’m aware that this is doing me a lot of damage. I’m now in the process of liberating myself of them.

  • My actual experience was one of intense feeling but really intense as I cried a lot and without being able to control the tears because of the amount of energy I received from Alexis. I hope to take full advantage of this beautiful experience and most importantly learn to not keep inside the things that cause me damage, thanks a million.

  • It is something that really serves us as in my own personal experience I now am able to stop thinking negative thoughts. I think that it would be a great idea if they brought Alexis every now and then, to remove the bad vibes and to help us overcome them.

  • Well, her course really serves us to relax the body, to deeply rest and bring out positive things so that we can clear our mind for a while and stop obsessing about the base and say, enjoy a camp-fire. It is a very beautiful experience since it is something new that you learn about yourself, other people and your own beliefs.

  • My opinion about Miss Alexis is that her theory is really good if it is actually put into practice. However it is up to the personnel to put in the effort; about 80% say that they are benefiting greatly. For me it is wonderful, since I put it into practice at home. Thank you.

  • My opinion about Miss Alexis is a very good one. She seems to me to be a good person, and I believe that she performs her work very well in all of the sessions that I have attended. In each one of them I have learned something new and interestingly enough exactly what I needed each time. I believe her sessions helped the personnel to relax deeply and de-stress themselves. I think she knows people very well as she is so talented in getting the personnel to a state of tranquility.

  • My particular opinion on Alexis’s meditation course is the following:
    First of all I think it is wonderful as you experience many things, since she works in many different parts of the body. It is also very helpful to feel deep relaxation and leave behind all of your stress and problems. I wish her well and with only good luck in all of the places that she goes.

  • Alexis, I only am looking for an explanation. I have been in several sessions receiving this divine energy, and ultimately I’m no longer having the visions of colors and forms. On one occasion I even had an intense desire of just laughing with my children as I was trying to teach them about life and its problems. During the last session with you I did not even feel any of this, only an emptiness in which I am, but it is a complete emptiness in which I have no thoughts; neither good or bad thoughts. It is almost as if I was expecting a reaction to be able to show myself that nothing can cause me harm, or that nothing or everything belongs to me. It is actually something very difficult to explain with words. It is to say that you actually feel present and available to respond very quickly to any situation. Thank you Alexis. Lieutenant Pacheco

When you jump into the tiger’s mouth (suffering) and allow your-self to be completely eaten, the experience of suffering ceases.

Dear Alexis,
Attending the 21-day process in Golden City India was absolutely incredible creating an extraordinarily healing for me as it enabled a deeper cleansing than ever before experienced in my life.

While I had already done four fearless and searching moral inventories in recovery from alcoholism, this went far deeper.
I began by preparing a list of all the persons I had harmed and was willing to make amends to every one of them. I then asked the Divine for a super strong bulldozer Diksha= Oneness Blessing, to help me in this process.
 I sure got what I asked for as the very next day began with severe nausea, sweats and vomiting. I was totally knocked down physically! Throughout my life, I’ve taken excellent care of my physical health by exercising, but this day I was totally powerless and had to surrender completely to being ill. I pondered for a moment if this reaction was really a divine response to my prayers for a bulldozer Diksha or was it merely a coincidental food-borne bacterium that affected me.?

It really didn't matter for I was immobilized and totally alone with my personal inventory of negative, selfish characteristics.

There was absolutely no escape this time; not even to get out of the bed and go to the bathroom.
 I don't remember any other time in my life when I went through such deep self-seeking in such a manner! There were momentary visits by friends which drove home the fact that I was unable to escape myself and the need for a 100% acceptance of who I was and what I've done in my relationships all my life. I saw patterns of behaviour and negatively charged personality characteristics that kept repeating throughout my life.
Images of people and events came into my consciousness and each memory focused on what I had done wrong to each person and things that I had left undone that I should have completed.

It was not in a chronological order as anyone would generally assume a life review to be, but it was nevertheless complete.
The most surprising one of all was the second oldest memory of my youth, where I hurt another little boy when he was physically hurting me fighting over some toy. I was hurt and angry with him and pushed him away, which led to his tripping and falling down a long flight of stairs!
Other individuals also came up in my mind with the same result.
I clearly saw my part in causing them harm, directly or indirectly.

I became aware that being physically imobile forced me to view my life’s experiences as if I was watching a movie. And truly, I could do nothing but keep watching all my life as it lucidly passed before my eyes! This was not Hollywood, just real life with real consequences in people's lives.
 I prayed that each person’s pain be lifted from them. For those whom I still affect, I prayed for the courage & strength to make amends to each one in a way that really will set things right for them; than merely relieving my guilt and shame. Praying with true concern for the well being of others instead of merely relieving my personal suffering and guilt brought immense peace within me. I felt grateful to stay with my pain and experience suffering fully! I came to believe that suffering indeed is sacred!
Two days passed and I was completely exhausted physically. Every sip of water, every bit of food that went in, came out. I was vomiting as though every fibre of my being was being tasked to help in trying to expel something that was no longer physically there!

It became clear that this was no longer about sickness of the body, but about cleansing my heart and soul as I had always yearned.
Seeing my responsibility in damaging my relationships brought me to the point of accepting my past behaviour and ALL its consequences.

 I clearly saw my own ugliness.
At the same time, I realized the truth in what Sri Bhagavan says; when you jump into the tiger’s mouth (suffering) and allow your-self to be completely eaten, the experience of suffering ceases.

I embraced all the pain from my past that was not fully experienced like completely grieving for my son who died February 2005.

 I felt such deep empathy for the suffering he had experienced in life.
I truly experienced others' pain; not as my guilt, but as their pain.

It truly was a blessing. Now there is only joy, where once only numbness and pain prevailed. There is forgiveness and real peace.
It feels as though this process gives people a second chance to start anew without the burden of past wreckage, which we’ve been dragging so long like a ball & chain. While these experiences and the consequent increased awareness are the keys to peace and joy, I am clear that they cannot be imposed or forced upon others- for each person's moment of truth must arrive in their own time.
Having experienced so much in only 21 days seems impossible to the mind. But, its true – I came to understand how all suffering and misery is a direct construct of the mind (ego) and that the ego must have something to resist to have the illusion of control; that the ego must create the turmoil or chaos to either be less than or better than others – the ego will create a problem or perceive a situation from a victim role then allowing the mind to justify all the ugliness of envy, anger, pride, lust, greed, jealousy, or laziness. It’s all an illusion in which the mind creates to exist.
By seeing the many personalities of the ego, it became clear that while this is just a seemingly endless stream of negative thoughts, it can all be easily transformed through Divine Grace. It’s clear that turning my will and my life over to the love of God, the mind loses its false sense of power.
 A simple request of help from Divine Consciousness, causes the mind to lose its power to create problems and exist in pain and misery.
 It’s clear that the mind is only an illusory construct.
As now, there is no suffering!
In this Divine Process, the sense of self was melted away and replaced with the awareness that we are all a part of God and God is in all of us in the form of our Antaryamin. Divine Beings intend to guide us, for the greater good – to manifest Divine Consciousness through us to others – to join with all humans and all creatures, nature and all of existence – to be part of God that is in all of us and in all things.
My experiences since leaving India have been a mixture of trial, surrender, and joy - feeling such deep connection with everyone and everything.
My senses are keener: sight being more vivid. The world looks bigger now and colors are brighter and richer; sounds are crisper and clearer - even faint sounds like the wind blowing through distant trees and bushes is now apparent. I can feel the animals in nature; birds, bunnies, and even spiders seem to stay closer now.
In Love and Peace,
Timothy Hutson:  California, U.S.A.


Paola’s Experience: Behind each drama, there is a miracle, God is watching us

This lovely woman, Paola contacted me by e-mail desperately asking for relief from her suffering.

She was experiencing a destructive abusive relationship with her husband and had received Diksha on the past. Hearing about Alexis’s work in Mexico she reached out in many letters.

The last e-mail from Alexis to Paola:


I suggest that you feel gratefulness to the Divine for all that has happened.
I know your mind may think, "That is CRAZY to feel grateful for this experience (drama) that I'm having with my ex!!"

But believe me; the Universe knows what it’s doing even when we do not.
Send him LOVE from your heart & forgive him (find your way to forgiveness) to heal that relationship. Ask the Divine to help you. And trust.

And watch the miracles unfold.   He is suffering so much more then you..Miserable people can only spread the same.   Send me a photo of him also please.

With Love & Light Alexis

Paola’s letter to Alexis 2 days later…

Behind each drama, there is a miracle, God is watching us.

I tell you this story Alexis, something I didn't tell you before because I was sad.

Yesterday morning I was repeating the Moola mantra, asking Bhagavan to help me to be the owner of the house I live in (this is not my house, I rent it)

I asked him and Amma with my entire heart to be the owner of this house and stop paying the rent, because it is very expensive. Then I realized that I'm not divorced, so I said "Amma If I'm not divorced, you know that I can’t buy the house because it would belong to my ex husband too". Then I said: "Amma, I leave this problem in your hands; I cannot do anything about that".

According to the law we cannot have a divorce sentence till three years of separation UNLESS one of the partners initiates a Contradictory divorce.

So in my "plans" and what we have agreed with my ex husband, we would be completely divorced by 2009, but...

Two hours later, two hours after the prayer, the postman brought me the document reporting me that my ex husband initiated the contradictory divorce.

Do you understand?

If not, we have to wait till 2009 to buy a car, or a house or whatever!!! Because for the law we are still husband and wife.

But now is different, everything is going faster. God is behind each fact of our lives. When I see with the mind, I see karma. When I see with my heart

I see GOD behind EVERYTHING!! Yesterday, tears and sadness didn't allow me to see that

Thank YOU Alexis.
Love Paola

Congratulations Paola!! Yes dear girl, it is just THAT easy!
Thank you Amma!! Thank you Bhagavan Thank you Divine!!
With Love & Hugs,

My living room began to smell like something was rotting..

My dear friend Alexis, thanks so much for your weekly articles that I so loyally read in Cancun’s QueQui Newspaper each Friday. I wish to share with you that even when I re-read them, I always learn something new! They are like a Divine Light arriving straight to my soul. I’m living and finding myself always under the intense Cancun sun as I am a street vendor. I surprised myself one time listening to my “Dog of a mind” as Alexis so lovingly calls it, that incessantly barks and at times I plead for it to stop as most things that it says are not true. I want to share that we have experienced many coincidences since the last time that we’ve received your blessings in your Cancún sessions. For example, just one day before reading your article that was published in the newspaper QueQui on February 9th “The Mind is like a Sewer” . The living room of the house began to emit a disgusting and rotting odor and so of course I began to search for it’s source. And without success I thoroughly cleaned everything in the area and the rotten smell still persisted! I was exhausted at the end of the day and placed the blame on my beloved pet dog and cat.

With my husband Luis and daughter Alejandra we planned that on the following day we would surely find the cause of this unbearable odor! And as it happened the next day we didn’t have the necessary time so when I returned from work the first thing that I did it was to search for the source of this rotten smell. Much later; very tired and disappointed I sat in my reclining chair in the living room and read your weekly newspaper article, this one being titled “The Mind is like a Sewer” and I realized that the golden lid was my meticulous living room apparently all clean and bright with all of the pine sol scent and furniture shine but actually didn’t serve for much.. Upon reading your article I went directly to the internal part of the living room fan which was the only place that I hadn’t reviewed and found the smelly evidence. And just like the rats in the sewer, there was a dead and decomposing mouse completely incrusted inside of the fan! The cat must have injured it badly and when trying to flee it found its way there to die. After living this quite profound experience I will now be more aware of cleaning more my interior rather then focusing so much on bathing my exterior. I’m hoping that soon the Divine will replace my mental dog that barks even more than my pet dog Shasha. Sending you a warm hug and much love.
Your dear friend Addy Morayta



Greetings from the Federal Justice Offices

Good Afternoon Alexis, I had the good fortune to find myself among the group of people enjoying ourselves to the fullest as we experienced your fabulous lecture that you presented at our federal justice building in our regional center zone just 2 weeks ago. I wish to personally thank you for healing various different health problems that I’ve suffered from for many, not months but YEARS!! Thanks a Million!

Beloved Lucila,
Thanks for your beautiful letter!
Congratulations on your healing from your physical suffering!
Don’t forget to give GREAT thanks to the Divine for this gift..
Sending you a big hug from my heart to yours, Alexis


I was sleeping and suddenly I felt a kind of electric current that went from my head to my toes, and I also felt very warm.
People like Alexis, which appear enlightened; living in a constant state of peace, tranquility and joy, help the rest of us by healing and recuperating our lost and diminished energy.  Through physical touch or other methods that she uses to transmit energy she helps people recuperate a state of peace and tranquility, also recuperating creativity, as well as joy and the value of life which every human being possesses, since it’s our natural state.
I’ve received the energy of Diksha/Oneness Blessing through physical touch only once.  During the session you feel intense peace and tranquility; in my case, I had a vision during the session.  I saw a Native American standing on top of a hill, and he had a white scarf in his hand, as a sign of peace.  In my soul I felt that he was giving me all the peace I needed at that moment.  I could feel the heat of the desert and the silence that you only find in a place like that.  I felt transported to a place in which I’ve never been.  It was an experience that transformed the very way that I think. 
It’s almost indescribable what one goes through when you receive this type of healing, and it’s different for everyone.  I’m certain that what we feel and receive also depends on the period of life that we are in and the circumstances that we’re experiencing at that moment.
About a month ago I felt a desire to help in the world more than I had been, as I felt that there was an energy within me that wished to escape and wanted to be shared with others.
By some superior force, I felt the desire to become more involved with my native tongue which is Spanish.  Living in the US, I’d become accustomed to speaking English all the time and lost contact with my native language.
Alexis came into my life by a beautiful coincidence; I received a webpage address to investigate what it was that she was doing in the world.  The first thing that I noticed on her webpage was an article that she needed people to help translate her experiences from English to Spanish.  I felt that THIS was my moment, the opportunity was presenting itself!!! 
And for many months I’ve been helping Alexis translate her experiences of sharing Diksha/Oneness Blessing in Mexico and the rest of the World and it’s been a marvelous experience! Translating the stories, I feel as if I myself am receiving the energy that she gives these people.
And her stories are so full of love, joy, and constant peace, which you can feel in each word.  I felt like I was sharing my own energy and at the same time receiving a much more powerful and healing energy just by translating these beautiful experiences!
A week ago I was sick with laryngitis and my energy levels were pretty low, and I was also having some stressful experiences throughout that week and I became bed ridden with a sore throat and a low fever.  I’d been having problems sleeping, and I didn’t have a desire to do absolutely anything! I didn’t even want to translate, which is one of the things I most enjoy doing!  I had commented to Alexis about the situation and she offered to give me Diksha= Oneness Blessing long distance. I finally found my moment and sent her an email asking to receive Diksha; it was very late and maybe not the best moment for her.
I fell asleep around 11:30pm.
About an hour later, during my sleep I suddenly felt a strong electric current that went from my head to my toes, also feeling an intense heat wave pass thru my body, my stomach felt a bit strange; and I immediately woke up.  I didn’t know what was happening.  For a moment I didn’t know if I’d dreamt it or lived it, but it was way too real to have been a dream.  That night I ended up sleeping like a baby! I didn’t even feel the pain in my throat.  The next day I woke up and gave thanks for having had that experience.  My energy levels were completely changed; totally different and very much improved, and I felt much more spiritual and with the desire and energy to do things again.  When I turned my computer on, I saw an e-mail from Alexis from the night before.  In her e-mail she said it was 12:35 AM and that she was sending me Diksha/Oneness Blessing in that moment.
Then and there I knew that what I had felt was the marvelous healing energy that Alexis had sent me!!!  Imagine if I could feel the energy that Alexis had sent me during my sleep, being in an entirely different country, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be touched by her very own hands!!!
I’m soo grateful to Alexis for being such a wonderful part of my life.  THANK YOU!!!  Lucia
(Translated from Spanish with much love  by Michelle)

This lovely woman, Michelle (an American from Seattle, Washington living in Oaxaca, Mexico) sent me a rather desperate e-mail explaining that she was experiencing ALOT of emotional pain in the moment and pleaded for relief after reading a beautifully written article in the local newspaper "Imparcial" about who is Alexis & what she is doing in Mexico sharing profound states of peace & tranquility with ALL of the local Police, FBI, Military, Marines, Air Force & all Govt. Institutions. Peace was something Michelle could only "dream' of as she was quickly losing faith... Unfortunately Alexis was just about ready to fly out to another city to work with the Military there and was in a dilemma about how to "fit her in" on her way to the airport!! She decided to meet Michelle in front of a shopping center which was on the same highway going to the airport and she blessed her & her 3 beautiful children with Oneness Diksha right there in the parking lot which lasted only about 8 minutes in totality before Alexis had to run and catch her flight! Here is Michelle's written experience of that moment with a great description of her NEW STATE that Bhagavan so lovingly blessed her with
Wishing you ALL the same beloveds!! Alexi

(The lovely flight attendant Luis Sasso on that very flight from Oaxaca to Culiacan so lovingly translated Michelle’s experience for me into Spanish as I also gave him Oneness Diksha during the flight! And he wished to give me his support in return.)

Hello Alexis,

I just want to thank you for going to such efforts to squeeze me in on your way to the airport. My life has taken on new meaning since then. Not that I've got some magical power now that repels problems and keeps everything flawless and perfect. But what used to seem like a tragedy now is an opportunity to grow, and I find myself with the hope once again to seek the positive in every situation and to remember that there is divine purpose in every experience we have. From this perspective, tragedy is more like walking straight through a field of thorn bushes without getting poked or scratched. Life doesn't hurt so much anymore.

When you laid your hands on me, at first all I could think about was my pain, which you'd actually told me to feel anyway... and then the fact that I was in a parking lot and people were probably staring... and then the fact that my 3 young children were sitting next to me and I have to open my eyes and watch them to be sure they aren't kidnapped or that they don't run in front of a car. You sensed this and told me not to worry about my children because they are ok. Then, I felt as if a warm current of water was washing over me. It was cleansing and rejuvenating and calming. In the past during meditation or prayer, whenever I'd reach a higher sense of awareness, it always involved water... the trickling sound of a stream, the vision of a crystal clear current of water, etc... so I was happy to experience this again. Then, I wanted to smile. There was this undeniable joy that sprang up from someplace deep within, or maybe even beyond the barriers of within myself if that makes any sense. I didn't tell you that my head was pounding that day. My emotional pains seemed so much more important than a head ache. But even my head ache disappeared! It was as if it was sucked away along with all my other discomforts. Afterwards, I felt that kind of relaxation you experience after a full body massage. And the kind of peace that I'd almost lost faith in.

On the way home, this feeling continued, but was joined with a heightened sense of awareness. Colors were really colorful. Sounds were crystal clear. The contrast between light and dark was much more intense, and there was a visible energy that saturated everything and connected us all... not just people... but the buildings, the plants, the animals, the street, the ground, everything. I felt as if I was in that moment exactly where I was meant to be, where I belonged, as if everywhere I go, the path has already been prepared, and there is nothing to fear about tomorrow and nothing to regret about yesterday. There is no such thing as alone. I don't know how to describe it besides the word that you use: Oneness. It's beautiful. It's been about 10 days since I met you and you blessed me with this experience. And in that time, I've had all these thoughts about my childhood come to mind. Seemingly meaningless things that I'd completely forgotten, like the way the carpet in my room felt so soft after my mother vacuumed it or the Star Wars flying saucer Styrofoam container my happy meal came in and the way my brother and I would fly them across the front lawn. I remembered holding back the urge to gag the first time I kissed a boy. And the scent of wild berries and dark brown earth that I used to love inhaling in the forest just behind my house. It's been about 5 thoughts like that per day. And now, I just found out that I was sponsored through a Community Foundation in the states to attend a philanthropy conference in my home town of Seattle to represent the Community Foundation where I volunteer. Wow! I get to go home for a week all expenses paid! I can't help but to think that all those thoughts were either a preparation for a trip home, or that they provoked the trip home.

When I met you it was the same kind of thing. For weeks I had a desire to reconnect somehow to the divine in meditation, prayer, etc... And wasn't sure exactly how to approach it or if I had the energy to even begin. I have NEVER bought the newspaper from the paper guy who passes by my home. But for some reason, this time, I did. There was your article. And I'm so happy you answered my email and that you were so flexible about meeting with me. Thank you so much. Oh, by the way... My kids slept like little angels that night... first time in a long time, and even though they couldn't find the words to describe it, when you asked them, I noticed a calmness about them, too.

I would love to attend an enlightenment process at Golden City some day. I'm beginning to think anything is possible. If you come back to Oaxaca sometime, please send me an email. I'd love to see you again and I'd love to thank you somehow.


Dear wonderful Alexis,

I'm so glad to have helped you with your translations. You know, just reading your words, fills me with a euphoric feeling of complete bliss.
I love this energy. It's amazing!

The oddest thing is happening to me lately. I have a deep desire to be truthful about EVERYTHING!! Not that I am a pathological liar or anything, but you know those "little" lies we all tell. Like "yes no problem I can do that" even though we know it will be difficult, inconvenient, etc... or "I'll be there at 3pm even though we know we won't make it till 4. Not being honest about my limits and not communicating them suddenly feels somehow very unnatural and unsettling. I've known for a long time that I have boundary issues and have wanted to change that about myself, not really sure how, and all of a sudden it's changed from the inside out. How wonderful!

It's my pleasure to help you with translations from Spanish to English and in any other way that I can, as it's a small return for all that I've received and really brings me added joy.


Angel Michelle,

How Divine!! Yes that honesty about ALL THINGS is also part of who we are!!

Every 'little bit' matters because in the end it is all part of our integrity.

So, congratulations Michelle!!!

You are experiencing more CLARITY!! It only gets better!! If you can imagine that!!

Enjoy the process Michelle!! It's an adventure; a journey, not a destination.

Living in Oneness has many levels..

Please read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle when you have a chance as it also will help you to reach higher levels faster !!

Enjoy the energy, the inspiration and most of all; be conscious of your experience in every moment: being the witness to your own awakening and explore the infinite universe that resides within you. I wish to send you off with a warm embrace to help open your wings; trusting life to guide you exactly where you need to be in each moment as you begin the rest of your blessed journey and don’t forget to laugh along the way as life is NOT serious....It’s a Divine Carnival
All my love,


Hello Oscar!!

I'm Alexis in Chihuahua who touched your head & heart with my hands at the lunch table in the cafeteria at the State Police Security Headquarters along with the other Policemen and staff from the U.S.A. and Ciudad de Juarez.

I remember passing especially for YOU 2 times!

And after the 2nd oneness energy transfer... shared with me immediately after that you found yourself smiling  incessantly and that you NEVER do that!!

You told me that you actually couldn't stop smiling!!

How wonderful!!

So I'm curious Oscar, are you STILL suffering from this terrible ailment that may cause your jaw muscles to ache??

Please share as your experience is very important to me.


Hello Alexis,

Unfortunately due to the job that I do and the personal problems that I have, those palpitations came back. I do however swear that day when I felt your touch I was in peace and I went to sleep that night...woke up late because it was the best sleep that I had in many years.

It was not just your touch, I was kind of embarrassed to say but I could hear and feel your heart beat. In fact, I was breathing with you and with every breath you took. For a crazy moment I was seeing you touching my head from a distance. It's hard to explain and kind of crazy, that is why I kept it to my self.

Alexis, I can’t stop thinking about you, and yesterday I was talking about you and the mission and to my surprise I found your e-mail.

I will be in Chihuahua the 29 of Jan to the 17 of February
Please send me a number to contact you.

Oscar M. LT USN
Medical Liaison Officer
Special Operations Division

(So lovingly translated from spanish by Faris)

My dear friend Alexis, you have given so much harmony to my family!.
Now, I even surprise myself, how always I’m thinking of God, as for some time now, I’ve lived quite far away from him, and just now I find myself giving thanks to Him for absolutely everything! For the parents that he has given me, for the water that I drink, for the air that I breathe; and I give thanks for all the years that I didn’t give thanks to him and for the life that he has given me. Each day before leaving home, Luis (my husband) and I pray, wishing for a good day; as before we were very stressed out. And now my daughter Alejandra is much more secure in herself and emotionally independent of us, as we always smothered her by overprotecting her.

This new harmony, I don’t know if it will always be like this, but we are sure enjoying it while it lasts. And all this is from the Divine energy that you have so generously given us.

You can always count on my friendship, and I send you a HUGE hug and LOTS of love,
your dear friend
Addy Morayta

Thanks Addy,

Enjoy Addy, as you are reaching enlightenment very quickly!

This is the experience of Oneness with All that is!
Isn’t it wonderful?
All is love
All the rest is simply illusion!!!
Big hug

(So lovingly translated from spanish by Lyseth)

A General of the Mexican Airforce's Thank you Letter to Alexis

General of the Airforce Pilots. Diplomat of Presidential Staff in Airforce Division, and Commander of the Northwestern Aerial Region


Chihuahua, Chihuahua, 19th January 2007

Miss Alexis Shaffer,
By means of this letter I wish to thank you for offering the Healing and Mental Relaxation Session which you so kindly provided to the personnel of this Headquarters, as well as the Military Air Force Base number 13 and it’s attached organizations.

You managed to awaken and inspire the interest of the aforementioned staff, which I personally witnessed through their enthusiastic participation during the course of the session.

It is important to emphasize that after the Healing and Mental Relaxation exercise, improvements were observed in the work efficiency of the participating staff, as well as better integration within their particular teams. Some participants have experienced enhanced traits
reflecting greater inner equilibrium allowing them to now reason better, and analyze with greater efficiency the problems inherent in their daily activities, as well as in their family lives.

Without more to add at this time, I use this occasion to send you warm greetings, wishing you well-being, and hoping that you continue successfully in your praiseworthy work of helping people become happier.

Sincerely Yours,


Hi Alexis,
Larry here from California. It is Wednesday morning the 13th of September. I just woke from a dream where everyone was in a giant building as big as an airport but bigger. I knew I was supposed to be there but did not know exactly why. Somehow I was dressed in heavy clothes that did not suit me.
Suddenly there were lost children crying and looking for someone. I knew it must be me and I went to them. They all smiled and clung to me.
We started jumping together in a giant trampoline and then somewhere over the loudspeakers the Moola Mantra began playing and my clothes became loose and I was able to jump higher than all of the others and the next thing I knew was that I was flying through the air. I had no idea where or why I was doing this but then I saw others that I knew and suddenly we all realized that all of us knew each other because of Diksha and we all started singing with the loudspeakers. Suddenly all of us were flying, each off to do their own tasks.
Mine was to untangle those caught in funny webs or fishing lines. As I released those patiently waiting to be freed, they all flew away effortlessly. I needed to whisper to those struggling with the web or net, that all is well and they relaxed so that I could untangle them.
There were hundreds and thousands of people being set free. Suddenly all my clothes came off and I was a spirit being in the shape of a lion and I was called to the source of the loudspeaker system playing the Moola Mantra. (I have music on all night while I sleep and the MM is one of them that plays)
As the singing got louder, and as I got closer, my hands lit up with kinesthetic energy flowing through them and now I did not have to untangle people anymore, I would just wave my hands at them and they rested. I felt like a JEDI Knight but without a body now.
I was joined by hundreds in front and this little lamb like creature we were all lifting up for the crowd to see (like a Jesus image) I remembered from the Scriptures that when Jesus comes again, every eye shall see him and every knee will bow even in my dream. I never truly got that until my dream.
I know now that God/Jesus/Bhagavan/Amma and all of us will be unveiling this 2 dimensional low vibrating “skin” to allow people to see into higher realms where all can see clearly without skin or encumbrances. The music swelled and my alarm clock went off. So, I came straight away to the computer to record all of this.
I wonder: Is this what it is like to be in Golden City in India? I really don’t have to go to India to get “it”, do I?
I got it last night in my dream. I have been setting higher and higher vibrational intentions every day in my waking state since my MOM passed on August 30th. I feel like she has released me to do my deep work. I find myself driving down the street and waiting in line for coffee blessing people with my hands consciously during the day.
I can’t wait to go back to sleep tonight to get another attunement. Did something happen last night that you are aware of? Thanks you for blessing me last January with Diksha for the first time. I get it now.
Love you,

Beloved Larry,
What a blessing you received!! I feel your transformation and deep connection from that vision that you were shown. All that one can do now is feel DEEP DEEP GRATITUDE to the DIVINE for that gift. And best to just relax into this knowing without expectation for "more"

When it is time, then & only then "more' will come.
Thank you for sharing Larry.
All is LOVE,

A healer in a Police Officer Costume...A normal day in Alexis's e-mail life....
Alexis, this is the tall, skinny, grey haired cop from Morro Bay.  I pray this message finds you well.
I have a dear friend that needs your thoughts. I am doing what I can, but as you know, we can’t get too much Positive Energy and Blessed White Light. Vicki is one of those Angels we run in to from time to time. She gives and gives with no thought of ‘return’. She recently had a medical exam that found something suspicious on her breast. She is going in tomorrow (Thursday 7-20-2006) for a biopsy. She is a tough old gal, but is naturally scared. Would you let some of the blessed magic pass through you in her direction?
Vicki is an Albino woman with vision problems and Type I diabetes. So, she has had her share of medical challenges most of her life. Perhaps our combined energy flow and the flow of anyone else you can think of can turn this situation into a very positive one for Vicki and those who love her. I guess you could say you and I are a ‘team’ on this one.

Thank you Great Mystery for the wisdom in allowing the Blessing to pass through us.

In loving Grace,
Richard Hannibal

Beloved Richard,


Of course I will send her energy , and it helps if you can send me a photo of her.

Also have her buy the book, "Heal your Body" by Louise Hay so she understands WHY exactly SHE is creating this dis-ease in her physical body.  Only then can she 'let it go'

Also please tell your friend that she can receive Diksha over the internet easily by going to and choosing a password etc.  It's ALL FREE!!!  Then she can chat & enter the "Meditation Room" (YOU TOO)  She can ask for Diksha daily if she wants!! For healing..
That is the VERY best that I can suggest for her.  As there are ALWAYS people ON-LINE to give Diksha!!!

You BOTH will enjoy it, I know as everyone does

Please let me know how YOU are dear Richard!!!

All my LOVE,

Dear Alexis,
As you requested, here are two photos of my dear friend, Vicki. Please send her Diksha and I am doing what I can on this end. I’m aware of the concepts of “Heal your Body” and have been working with her on that and clearing as much past ‘ca ca’ as she can handle. I think she has taken care of most, if not all of it. She’s a pretty ‘together’ gal. I’m also going to suggest the website

I am doing well and I can’t believe the places my police job takes me and the people I can help heal or direct. For right now, that is my ministry. Oh yah, I like putting bad guys in jail also.

So, think of my dear friend Vicki and let the healing power flow through you and I am doing the same. Take care of yourself, don’t forget yourself, and continue to share the blessing.








Hello Alexis,
My name is Vicki and I am blessed to share a dear friendship with Richard Hannibal. As he has shared with me his wonderful spirit, his beautiful encounter meeting you on the beach in Morro Bay and his peaceful loving energy, so has he shared your wonderful spirit and healing. I received the results from the medical procedure yesterday afternoon (Friday, July 21) and they were completely normal. I am still so very overwhelmed with gratitude and blessings that I simply have no words to explain. I think you understand though, as does Richard.

I have been through many procedures and biopsies throughout my life and try always to keep my thoughts positive and clear. This time, I felt a strong need to reach out but felt only Richard had the peace and positive energy that I was looking for. It was still hard to ask for his help, as I didn't want to offer potential sadness to anyone. He understood and was not burdened by my request for a friend...a shoulder. Our connection is very strong and I know that what we offer each other is simply passing through us. I understand that this energy is what exists in life and is not owned by anyone. I feel blessed to be witness to it and feel that energy flowing through me and, at times, to others. It is like the vibrations of sound in unison and I am completely humbled by the lack of a respectful description.

Richard sent me your words asking me to contact you directly and I am honored to do so. I felt your thoughts reach me as I felt your touch on Richard through him when you met. Again, I can not describe with words... I can only offer my deepest gratitude as a witness to life and healing.

Thank you and I hope that this message reaches you with love. I would be further honored if you were able to reply.

Peace, love, and happiness...


See the original story with THIS Police Officer by clicking here.

Dear Dear Alexisji,
I have to tell you, full of delight, how much Love I feel spreading out from the screen in the very moment that I read your message. My mouth sets itself in the smiling position in half a second, my heart and my lungs feel hit by a gentle clear breeze.
In a short sentence: I really feel so very much the presence of your Love.
All my Love, thankfulness and devotion to the very special being that "You" are, and for the Divine fantastic special sympathetic way that You have let Love be sowed all around You.
With Love & Devotion ..(curious....devotion seems to take its etymology from the sanskrit word DEVA)
Namastè Christian

Beloved Sweet Christian,
you feel is really YOU as WE are ONE!!
Isn't it just simply Divine!!
It REALLY becomes FUN when "ALL THAT IS " creates this same feeling of LOVE for YOU .....and is present all the time!! Then we call it "BLISS"



I'm Christian and I was staff at the Ananda Giriji Diksha Conference in Milano, Italy
June 30, 2006

Hi Alexis
My name is Christian and I was staff at the Ananda Giriji Diksha Conference in Milano...what a gift, it was changing is so beautiful after 40 years with a troubled heart to feel love now when I look into the eyes of the other, thanks to Amma &Bhagavan that are channeling this Divine Grace.

Alexis, You were .....I have no words....You just shocked me.
To explain more I tell you a story that is also an experience that I recently I will tell You 2 things with just 1 story :-)During a Diksha I felt my body fulfilled with light as if I was an Angel or an Angel was inside of me and I was really in such peace and happiness until I thought that the experience was vanishing.  I felt desperate because I thought: Why do I have to leave this state here and I can not bring anything of it with me in my "normal" life??  In the meanwhile I was thinking that, and crying like a fountain ,an awareness was growing in me, an awareness that this time I will bring a little piece of that light also into my daily life....and that happened...Thank you God. 
So, to explain what I feel you are...I say that you are something like that light that visited me...directly translated into a human being... I am so happy that beings like you are walking on this planet, really so very happy :-).....really really happy.
In August I will go to Golden City for the 21 days course,
Please Alexis say a nice little prayer for my best in the process.
with devotion


We're here, we're watching over you and we love you....
Dear friends,This is too amazing not to share. I took this photo from the porch of our cabin into a north east direction in March after returning from India and Europe and I didn't see anything unusual in it, just the rainbow, but just recently when I finally looked through my photos on the camera card I saw this one picture. All the other's were "normal".. 2 comments of people are most prevalent: Oh my God and Mickey Mouse. When you zoom in on the lights on the original photo you can clearly see 3 globes of lights in the formation of a heart (Mickey Mouse) and the ones on the ground are just like the ones in the sky. Nick and I are joking that they only needed 3 to make a heart, so they parked the other 2 on the ground. Very interesting. I guess I needed proof, cause I had a secret desire to see them. And I didn't realize they give sweet personal messages of love in the sky. You see, I have many friends who have seen space ships and extra terrestrials, but I have never seen them. I always wanted to. If anyone else had taken the picture I may have had doubts, but because I took it myself and it came straight from my camera unaltered, there is no argument. It is also curious that rainbows and hearts have very special significance for me. I always sign all my notes and letters with a little heart. So the message is definitely personal, loving, humorous. It says: We're here, we're watching over you and we love you. Nick and I have a huge wild meadow on our land and for a long time we have been wondering about it's purpose (besides enjoying the wildflowers in spring), since we do not have grazing animals, so we jokingly decided it was an ET landing pad. After seeing this photo however this may not be to far from the truth and not too far into the future.
With love and big hugs.


Amazing Recovery!!!!!!!!!!!

My Beloved Alexis-
My Dad- Woody - underwent brain surgery yesterday in Scottsdale -Osborn & Scottsdale Rd hospital @ 81 years old due to bleeding in his head. Please send your Grace, he is a wonderful soul.

As always and with great love and respect-
Yours eternally-



My Angel-Thank you so very much for the Diksha. My Father was in horrible shape this morning, breathing tube down his throat, hands tied to the bed to stop him from pulling anything out or off from all the machines, much pain, looking simply awful. The Doctors were on an hour by hour basis with  him and were not sure when the breathing tube could be removed, days they thought, it was looking grim.
At 11:20 he opened his eyes, freeded his right hand, pulled the breathing tube out!! (freaking out all of the nurses and Doctors as bells and sirens rang in the ICU neuro unit) and began what has been an AMAZING day of recovery. Tonight when I left he was talking, eyes open, and he even laughed at a joke I made.

Sweet Alexis, thank you and AMMA & Bhagavan for your Grace and energy. Its hard to thank you on his behalf but please understand the love that is sent your way tonight. 
As always, yours eternally

Scott and his father, Woody
Beloved Scott 
How is your Father doing?? Happy 4th of July!!
All my love to you BOTH!!!

P.S. Remember each Sunday at 11am CA time I will be sending you Diksha.
And whenever else you ask me for your Dad of course

Happy 4th to you and for your kind concern for Dad.

 He is making amazing recovery, he has gained all speech, use of everything, and is as feisty as ever. The hardest part is getting him to stay in bed the nurses say. He has a couple more weeks to make sure everything is perfectly working; then he looks like he will back to himself completely. Thanks for the energy and kind thoughts my Angel.

As always with love and devotion, 
Beloved Alexis-
Tomorrow my father comes home from the hospital! The rehab unit nurses said he has recovered so quickly that there is nothing more he needs. When I saw him yesterday he was out of bed walking to brush his teeth before bed. He is looking forward to better food and a nice swim in his backyard pool...

Sweetest, this is an 81-year old man who just underwent emergency brain surgery, its miraculous to say the least. He is 99% and no one believes the recovery was this successful.
Just after the surgery, a few weeks ago, the Neurosurgeon came out to speak to us and said that he did all that he could, "it is up to your father and God now". Clearly both were working for positive results.
 Thank you Amma & Bhagavan and our Angel Alexis for your Grace.
As always with great devotion and love,


May 09, 2006



I also had anxiety attacks which have now also disappeared. Now I feel much calmer within myself and less nervous.
Navy Master
Eugenio Cobian Peregrina
My experience after attending the Doctor’s conference:
A couple of times I had nightmares and I’d wake up with a bad headache, but then it faded.
I also had anxiety attacks which have now also disappeared. Now I feel much calmer within myself and less nervous. That is all that I’ve experienced up to this moment.


 Mexican Navy personnel......Relaxed Impressions 

Corvette Lieutenant Sia Elco
Víctor Hugo Guerrero Torralba.
Base Naval Island of Mujeres Q. Roo May 9, 2006 
Impressions during the Therapy :
I felt relaxed.

..more understanding of my superiors, my subordinates and my family.

May 9, 2006 
2nd mtre Sia Seld (Navy)
Marceliyo Velasquez Revueltos

My reflections:
There is more harmony now at work, more understanding of my superiors, my subordinates and my family. I’m now 100% over my problems.


...the relaxation techniques were excellent for me as I learned a lot from them

I hope these lines will be of help to her since the relaxation techniques I received from Alexis were excellent for me as I learned a lot from them.  Hopefully, if Alexis reads this message, she will take it as a means of support and congratulations.
Thank you.   

It was a new experience for me, especially during the breathing technique I could feel how the energy was flowing up through my chest and down to my hands. There was a moment when I lost complete control of them, and had a tingling sensation through my entire body and my hands were heavy as lead. I also saw a violet color, yellow and at last a white light over all.

Vice-Navy Admiral C.G. D.E.M. THANK YOU LETTER
Secretary of the Navy                                                        Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, 6 May 2006
Armed Forces of Mexico
Vice-admiral C.G. D.E.M.
Jaime Mejia Michel

Dear Friend Alexis,
             I would like to send you an affectionate greeting through this letter and at the same time wish for you to receive my eternal gratitude for the enormous amount of work you have done, not only among the navy personnel but also with our families, contributing in both cases to bringing harmony and improved health to many homes. There is no doubt that your work is very interesting as it is full of love for life and also love towards others as you surrender yourself with all of your energy to all people without expecting anything in return except the satisfaction of bringing forth peace and health. I consider you an admirable being; worthy of being a role model and that is why I think the world would be a better place if there were more Alexis’s.
            Knowing that you are leaving makes me feel many complex emotions, on the one hand feelings of joy because I know you are going to other parts of the world where your work is needed and on the other hand I feel sadness because you will no longer be near to us.
            This is why it important for me to tell you that your memory is everlasting and we will always remember you as you will continue to live on in our minds.  And on a personal note I would like to share with you that the enlightenment energy that you transmitted to me made my ailments disappear and I hope that they never return.
            Alexis, have a wonderful trip and please remember that in Mexico you have many friends that you can count on, friends who hold you in very high regards and who appreciate your efforts in favor of humanity.
Jaime Mejia Michel

       Vice-Navy Admiral CG. D.E.M.

Cancun, Quintana Roo, 10 May 2006

Dr. Alexis Shaffer

Distinguished Alexis,

I would like to take this opportunity to send you heartfelt greetings in my own name and in the name of all the staff that makes up this State Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico.  Without a doubt, the work that you have done with this institution’s staff, consisting of meditation and existential sessions and exercises, has proven itself highly beneficial in the improved work atmosphere which had been lacking in these facilities in the last days.  Not to mention the innumerable experiences felt by my team, which is a fine example of the great job you did, accomplishing without a doubt an elevation of the human spirit in each and every one of us.
Hoping for the opportunity of your return to count on your valuable support again in the near future.
Sending you warm greetings on your journey as your most obliging and trustworthy servant.


                                              Lic. Pedro Ramírez Violante
                                               State Delegate Quintana Roo

In our naval environment, stress is the primary cause of many physical and psychological problems..
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, 6 May 2006

Dear Alexis,

Through this letter I would like to send you a warm greeting hoping that you are very well and continuing always onward with your life’s work.  I had the opportunity to attend the therapies you performed on two different occasions in the Dining Hall of the 7th Zone Naval.  I am happy to report to you that it was a very different and interesting experience for me, giving me a very special feeling of peace and serenity which I had never felt before until then.
In our naval environment, stress is the primary cause of many physical and psychological problems and due to this, on the day of the session I had a very intense headache (onset of a migraine), however when you placed your hands on my head I felt a sort of electricity and initially a slight dizziness and after a few minutes I was quite surprised that the headache had completely disappeared and not returned again since then!
I hope that many people receive the opportunity to experience this gift that you possess and wishing the best for you in your continued work to give spiritual nourishment to all, which so many of us lack in these moments.
 Sending you my greetings reiterating once again my admiration and respect to you.
1er. Mtre. SAHN. Pas. Int.
L. Dessié Vázquez Rosales

.. in the facilities of the State Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico...thank you for offering and allowing the staff of this institution to gain access to these kind of exercises!
My experience of the Meditation Exercise performed on the 4th of May 2006, in the facilities of the State Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico, in Cancun, Quintana Roo. Mexico
I found the exercise that we performed to be absolutely excellent!!  In the beginning I didn’t think it would be that great, but after experiencing it, the only thing I can do is recommend it!  The feeling of tranquility and relaxation that one feels during the session and after is remarkable! During the course of the exercise you experience a mixture of feelings which vary from the unexplainable, all the way to complete relief, comfort and deep serenity!!!
Finally I would just like to thank you for offering and allowing the staff of this institution to gain access to these kind of exercises and I sure hope they will be repeated, as frequently as possible.
Thank you very much…
Sincerely Forensic Services

Welcome to my new world of serenity thanks to the energy that you provided to me.
Hi Alexis welcome to my new world of serenity thanks to the energy that you provided to me.  Upon closing my eyes the most significant experience that I felt was that of a deep inner peace in which I would like to stay in this state of tranquility forever.  This feeling of such deep relaxation I have only experienced on very few occasions.  Hoping that you will return again soon giving us this opportunity in another moment.
I also take this opportunity to wish you all the best.

 I don’t get angry as easily now and my desire to do things has returned. I now feel good within myself.  I wish many more people could also experience what it is like to live more in oneness.
It’s a very pleasant experience which is a bit difficult to describe in words. I received the energy on 5 different occasions and have experienced big changes in my life. Especially with respect to the way I see/perceive life, as I am now learning to enjoy life without worrying about the insignificant details/circumstances which are not important but create suffering.  I am now being/experiencing my life more positively and almost without even noticing it, so naturally, for example my eating habits have changed and I have quit smoking again.
My form of socializing, especially with my personal, family and work relationships have become much more warm and friendly, I also don’t get angry as easily now and I feel that even my inherent character has changed.  I now concentrate much better, and my desire to do things has returned, especially with respect to my love for art and creativity. I now feel good within myself.  I would like it if many more people could also experience what it is like to live more in oneness.
 During the exercise/meditation Anandamandala before receiving the Diksha energy ,I  felt many sensations noticing each time that  I performed the practices, the more powerful they became. Suddenly I felt energy flowing through my hands, up my arms, sometimes  feeling a pressure between my solar plexus and my chest, and at times my limbs seemed motionless all of a sudden, but it’s not that I couldn’t move them, it’s just that I felt so much unity/oneness that I didn’t wish to move them. And I felt myself filling up with an immense peace and light, that each time I received the energy I felt more cleansed of negative and harmful thoughts. I now feel like I am more able to enjoy life feeling more love for my fellow human beings.
 Thank you so much for this experience Alexis, for coming to Mexico, to Cancun, and for sharing all that you are with us, as I know that nothing is accidental.

I returned to my daily work routine, and everything suddenly became so much easier. I had much more energy, not feeling at all tired ...

The experience was tremendous for me since I felt a bit distrusting and much curiosity to know what exactly would happen when I closed my eyes, to begin the exercise.  Nevertheless continuing as Alexis indicated, little by little I was transported to a deep state of peace, also seeing many different colors in my mind, which varied from red or Mexican rose to yellow and violet, and as my concentration deepened I saw more copper colors.  As the session finished and I returned to my daily work routine, everything suddenly became so much easier. I had much more energy, not feeling at all tired however that evening upon falling asleep without a doubt, I did rest very intensely/deeply.  Later, on another occasion attending Alexis’s group at the beach, while doing the exercise concentrating on cleansing the chakras, I was able to easily visualize all the colors.

Navy Captain, I felt that you actually pulled out the pain and I felt the same sensation in my ankle.  The next day the pain in my ankle had completely disappeared...
I, Navy Captain Juan Jaime am writing this and I would like to share my personal experience during the sessions that I was fortunate to participate in offered to the members of the 7th Navy Zone located on the Island of Mujeres Quintana Roo, Mexico on the 28th of April 2006
 This was a new experience for me as I was not previously aware of the activities that you offer.  During the session, I mentally observed colors which corresponded to the heart, throat and brain chakras, and at the end of this session you said that if we had any specific illness or aches that you could attend to us personally and mitigate or heal them with the transmission of energy.  And you listened to my request when I indicated the areas where I felt pains in my spine and left ankle. I felt a significant lessening of the pain when you removed your hand from my back, as I felt that you actually pulled out the pain and I felt the same sensation in my ankle.  The next day the pain in my ankle had completely disappeared, which enabled me to walk normally.  I experienced you healing my illnesses through the energy you provided, for which I thank you so much especially for the kindness that you showed me.
 Juan Jaime

..the air entering my lungs helped me to separate myself from the problems of daily life allowing me to let myself flow more with what I feel in the present moment.
I found the first course very interesting because it helped me to disconnect from my daily routine, as well as enabling my body to feel deeply rested and tranquil.  With regard to what I saw during the exercise when I had my eyes closed, it was a series of images without forms, mainly blue and purple; and these images gave me a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, and at the same time the air entering my lungs helped me to separate myself from the problems of daily life allowing me to let myself flow more with what I feel in the present moment.
Carlos Alberto Palacios

I feel like I am a blank slate.  I can rebuild anyway I want.
Sunday, 14 May 2006

My Dear Alexis,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible visit which has taken us to the next level of evolution here, which I call the next “Plateau of Peace”. We could not have done it without you as you brought forth this energetic shift which we felt in your presence. Your great generosity of being here and your love has given us the experience for which I have prayed. Below is a tremendous testimonial from the lady who arrived very late-and what she says is so real for me, too.
With great love, Susan

I am guided to choose surrender, instead of struggle.
Sunday, 28 May 2006
Hi Alexisji,
First of all, I want to tell you what sheer joy it was to meet you Friday evening at the Unity Church.  The diksha was very potent.
In recent weeks I have been going through a quiet but intense transformation inside.  Usually I travel a lot for my work. I noticed that I haven’t even made plans for long travels for the next few months, which is unusual for me. Almost like my Higher Self decided to orchestrate another phase, something that is unexpected and unimaginable.   I have been spacey and this morning, depression-like symptoms came on. I am usually quite upbeat and calm. I know there’s deep processing here.
Funny that my request is to dissolve all limitations and fears around Love so my Sacred Partner can manifest.
So, I am choosing to spend a lot of time by myself.  I just cancelled a dinner engagement with friends.
I am guided to choose surrender, instead of struggle.  Just to let you know I am so grateful for the connection with you, and Bhagavan Amma. Your life touches and inspires so many people. We are all working with you in bringing light to the planet.
Love and warm blessings
Thank you for your beautiful sharing Joy
Enjoy the process... especially if there is still suffering as that too will be transforming itself soon into something else...
Ego cannot survive in surrender
All is Love,


Chakra Dhyana strong reaction
Sunday, 21 May 2006

Hello Alexis - Thank you for your sharing of graciousness and love at the Center for Creative Living AZ Deeksha event 5-18. Your energy is contagious.
I had set the intent the Deeksha energy help my left leg become flexible again as it has been locked from knee down for several years even after much alternative healing attempts. I am open to seeing any lessons in this situation for me...checked Louise Hays book and found that letting go of fear to move forward and fear of the future was key to healing the lower leg and foot. I am exploring where I may be stuck in that area. Last night during the Deeksha treatments I heard cracking in the back of my head and neck.
I felt strong desire to listen to the Chakra Dhyana CD this morning and began to. While focusing on the 2nd chakra, tears began flowing down my thoughts just tears, not sure where this was coming from after this the CD began hesitating and not playing the 4th chakra it stopped. My leg has felt some pain in places that have been without muscle or movement for a long time...but still it is not bending. My head has throbbed all day and I have felt very tired. I am accepting this is part of the healing process - correct ?
Your description of The Power of Now CD resonated with me and intend to find that as soon as possible... I would like to do more ego observing than living out of it.
Thank you for your words of wisdom and love. You are such a gift to the world. in light -
Joanne West

Alexis responds....
Yes Joanne ALL is your process...
You are in a deep intense healing process & your body needs to rest...
Do make that special time for yourself...
and rest.
Even the CD stopping at the Heart Chakra...
That was no accident.
Try another CD player & do listen again soon.
And stay with whatever comes up without resistance...
Sending you Love & Grace to support you in your process..