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Feb 14, 2007

Re: Thank you so much!!
Hello there. I’m writing these lines to tell you how much I appreciate your intervention & concern for me on that day that you came to our office for your meeting with my boss. 
You filled me with energy focusing on a pain that I had in my head and the right side of my throat. I no longer suffer from either of them!
Thank you so much for everything Alexis.
Alejandra Hinojos


Greetings from Creel, Chihuahua
Hello Alexis, how are you? I hope fine. I’m not sure that you remember me, I am the guy who waited on you on the restaurant when you visited Creel on your vacation.
I am writing you to request your help in transmitting me peace to be well within myself and with others. I’m about to begin the next step in my career and trusting in God all will go well. I visited your web page many times and was very surprised at the amazing things that you’ve accomplished with this gift and I especially enjoy the music that emanates from your website. It inspires much peace and trust in me.
I don’t know how to say this but since I met you my spirit has been more tranquil and it’s really impressive how much peace I feel now and that is without receiving your hands on my head or having a proper session with you! Like I explained before I am about to begin school again and I have chosen to write the Moola Mantra on my entire collection of book covers so that all goes well and also to maintain this tranquility. I also plan on seeing a nutritionist to help me create a proper food regimen so I can be healthy and maintain my optimum weight. (Please pray for me for that also)
I hope that from wherever you are in this moment that you are able to send me peace & tranquility so that all I do and others that are close to me can also be in balance and harmony; like you say  “ALL IS LOVE”.
Please pray for me and know that I am so grateful and appreciate you very much!!
Pablo A.

I read your article and I loved it!!

Hello dear Alexis:
My name is Carolina Hernαndez & I live in Cancϊn Quintana Roo. I heard about Diksha thru a girlfriend of mine, because the truth is I knew nothing about it before seeing your website. Reading about people’s experiences, the meaning of Diksha and the Moola Mantra and most of all how beautifully you have written everything ; with all of the fine details!!
I’m not lying when I tell you that just entering into your website creates an immense feeling of peace inside of me, and then reading so many things that you share with us gives me a new love for life as you bring to consciousness that all is readily available to all of us at all times but I feel out of ignorance we just don’t notice as we pass them by.
I’m very sentimental and I’ve always liked natural things, and talking with people like you that has found this peace inside inspires me as it is something that we all wish to feel.
 I would like to continue to know more about Diksha as I’ve always known that negative energy exists, but I didn’t realize just how much! How unbelievable really!!
How beautiful life is when you can breathe it in and live it with love. I have a partner that doesn’t believe in these things and I have always prayed for him as he is a lovely man; so loving, always taking care of others needs but I feel that he carries negative energy as he is always tired and without energy now as before when we met he wasn’t at all suffering from this problem.
When I read your webpage I only thought of him and I would like it if you could send him some energy with blessings full of love and also for me as this is the very first time in my life that I am writing someone and I find it difficult to properly express myself but one thing I can say is the story by Richard Hannνbal really got my attention and I it inspired me to send him our very best sunsets that we experience here in Cancun. I know that you have spent time working in Cancun and I would like to know when you will return again to Mexico as it would truly be my honor to meet you. I wait for your reply and I bid farewell with love,
Carolina Hernαndez
I now feel a clear difference amongst my co-workers in the entire department especially in the ambience of our principal group of Directors in the _____Institution_____     for the State of Chihuahua.




I’m writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for blessing us with your presence in the city of Chihuahua Mexico, as I was really impressed with your ability to transmit your positive energy and also your way of sharing your nourishing words of wisdom expressing to us so simply just how we can change our attitude towards life. In the moment that we entered into the exercise it was really impressive to feel your energy when you touched our heads and our hearts as we felt an immediate change especially when we finished the session, at least speaking for myself I felt a distinct transformation! I am so very grateful and I would like to share with you that I now feel a clear difference amongst my co-workers in the entire department especially in the ambience of our principal group of Directors in the _____Institution_____ for the State of Chihuahua.
I would also like to take this opportunity to also request your presence in the City of Juarez, Chihuahua so that you may also help me with my personnel that I have working under me there so that they also may experience this marvelous new state of tranquility allowing them to improve their attitude towards life thus creating a better climate in their work allowing them to provide better service for that city as well. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and gifts with us and like I told you that day when we finished the session, that I will always feel you in my heart as the true image that you are: an angel.
In deep Gratitude, Lily

It was truly a pleasure for me to take part in their process


Wishing you ALL true inner peace and overflowing hearts filled with Unconditional Love.

Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you
Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

 In deep love and gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma for their Grace and Endless Miracles!

There is only Love & Light**



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