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Febuary 5, 2007

Experiences of Soldiers in Oaxaca


I'm presently working in the southern region of México and what joy it is! The people that live here are really open and quite spiritual. There are many written experiences from these soldiers that touched my heart deeply!!

Soldier Alejandro José Ramírez
During the session with Alexis, I experienced different reactions that until then,
I had never before felt in my life and little by little I was slowly able to understand them. And now they have become a normal part of my daily life. They consist of many emotions that for more than 11 years I have not allowed myself to feel and I now feel like a boy with a new bag of marbles and I could happily occupy myself all day, just with them!

Today I am happy, because I finally managed to manifest a person from my dreams, one that I have truly missed and I find that I’m now also able to honestly give this friend a true hug from my heart. And today I have decided to focus on the positive and take the best out of whatever crosses my path as I‘ve always said that a future is always based on a forgotten past. Each morning upon awakening I now choose: to be in a good mood or bad, and I find myself choosing the first option and every day I hope to improve more and more since for me it is not easy. But I’m now also trusting more in God to help me be better each day; as today I dream what I want to dream, I go where I want to go and I now also know exactly how I want to be.

Soldier Clemente Morales Velasco
My comments are extremely favorable regarding the relaxation session that we experienced with Ms. Alexis who by the way is very pretty. Personally it was very interesting the way that she conducts her session. During her talk she focuses on and brings consciousness to the feelings of joy and traumas of each individual person. I witnessed this especially reflecting itself at the end of the session in many of my comrades.

Personally I felt an immense inner peace and I now also find myself with a new power/ ability to effortlessly solve my problems that manifest themselves in the course of my daily life. This is something quite amazing as previously I found it very difficult to find solutions to my problems...

Soldier Military Police Ricardo de Jesús Uscanga Padilla
During the breathing exercise, my body slowly & deeply began to relax itself and my mind began to clear itself. I also felt an intense energy running throughout my body and when we laid down, my mind became completely clear. When she touched my heart, I became totally relaxed feeling that I actually left my body.

Soldier Rodolfo llescas Hernández
Upon entering the conference I had a headache, backache, knee pain, and an overall great tension. When we began the therapy I began to feel my body relaxing and my mind resting, and then by the end of the meditation I felt the change; completely renewed and rejuvenated with a new energy to do many things! And all of my pain disappeared!! And that is my experience.

Soldier. 1/a. Inf. Kevin Aguilar R.
With respect to the conference and with Ms. Alexis in the following days I noticed that it had removed all of the stress and tension from my body that was the most unique thing that I felt.

Sergeant 2/o.esc. Aniano Morales Garcia
In Ms. Alexis’s conference, the truth is that I did not feel or see the things that I heard shared by my comrades.
Suggestion: It would be better if this therapy was offered more often like every eight days and then it would help better my comrades who display serious stress problems.

Lieutenant Ofta. Martín Ortega Salas
My experience with Ms. Alexis gave me personally very good benefits, as I experienced a deep tranquility and the intense back pain I suffered from is now healed. I hope that we may repeat the session or even enjoy several more sessions.

Infantry Lieutenant. Alberto Cambray Montutar
I felt a deep relaxation, a satisfied mental state and in a unique way I felt completely liberated of all of my problems.

Soldier Military Police Cristian Isaac Rodríguez Lucio
My experience was fantastic as I now feel a very positive energy as it removed all of my stress and problems. Also all my resentments are now forgotten and it makes you think of fresh things for your life with a new clarity, good things.

Lieutenant. Samuel Uribe Vibina
After the session I felt very relaxed and many of my pains completely disappeared like those I had in my wrists, knees and feet.

Sargeant.1/o. Esc. Justino Gómez Luís
I felt that I traveled in space.

Sargeant.2/o. Military Police. Ursino Solis Jheinto
The experience I lived with Srita. Alexis, was very beautiful and I recommend her sessions to all of my companions and comrades; I want to thank her hoping that she continues with her work and I wish her much good luck.

Soldier Military Police Crisanto Villalobos Alonso
I experienced deep tranquility with my inner self and now feel completely free of all stress. I highly recommend it to all my comrades.

Soldier. Auxiliary Esc. Humberto J. Rios Ramirez
The changes that I experienced were those of deep tranquility.

Soldier. Military Police Raymundo Orozco López
During the exercise that we practiced together I felt a deep relaxation, as it really de-stresses the body and I feel that it is an excellent technique.

Vladimir Mendoza Dominguez
At first I felt fatigue when breathing but in each occasion when there was a pause in the exercise I saw colored lights of green, blue, purple and orange.

At the end of the exercise, for a moment I was completely lost as I didn’t have any idea where I was. I felt that I had traveled to places that I had never seen before. Thanks so much for that experience that I lived.

I felt that I traveled in an antique vehicle and I was lying in the backseat feeling that I was traveling down a street completely covered with leaves that had fallen from the trees, and during that trip there was an intense bright light as if the Sun was directly in front of my eyes and later the image slowly disappeared and all that was left was the sun. Today I feel a little sore but I feel very well, thank you.

Lieutenant Oscar
I feel deep tranquility now, but during the exercise I felt much desperation.

I felt very relaxed as the breathing technique gave me tranquility and a feeling of deep rest within myself. I enjoyed learning another form of breathing, one that intensely ventilated me and a feeling as if the body fell asleep due to it being contracted. And feeling the intense heat running throughout the body was a new experience for me and I now feel a deep peace inside of myself.

First you feel an intense tingling in the whole body and after I saw purple and green lights and later I felt a very calm peace and tranquility.

I feel a complete liberation from negative energy and now all that is left is a complete peace as if all the unimportant things have now been removed from my body and soul.

During the course of the exercise I felt a deep relaxation and when we finished there was a large empty space in my mind or better said that my mind itself was left completely blank.

When we finished the exercise and we opened our eyes I felt my body totally relaxed without any discomfort also feeling completely well rested as if I had slept a long time. And I no longer suffered from a backache or leg pain and I now also have new hope of having fewer worries from now on.

Sgto.2/o. Antonio Cruz López
It really cleared my mind and left me with a deep feeling of peace and tranquility inside and intensely relaxed.

Lieutenant de la Cruz
At the time of the breathing exercise I felt a sensation of intense energy moving and tingling in my arms, legs and face and at the time of the 6th Chakra
opening I saw an intense green light that moved up and down and in the end I saw an image of a beautiful landscape with Jesus Christ walking there.

The truth is that this is something really special; an experience that only can be lived. And I really believe that these are exercises that a human being can practice in any place he wishes and I can say that I saw something that is not to be easily believed as I clearly saw a hand indicating a particular object to me.

I saw the colors green, purple, orange and black, and I also heard sounds like little bells without knowing if these sounds were actually real. It is difficult to describe as it was more a feeling then I can put into words.

Thanks for what I learned today as today I now feel a relief; a new lightness in my heart.

What I really felt was a lot of warmth and I saw lights in all different colors and then I saw a beautiful landscape with the most gorgeous sun!

Your talk was the most comforting of all as it was a totally new experience. I could say with confidence that you provide a good rehabilitation for the whole body. It was sensational. And in addition to this fabulous gift that God gave you, you are really a beautiful, humble woman with an immensely large heart.

I wish to thank you for this time that you spent with us sharing your wisdom and knowledge. During the session, I felt completely relaxed and with a deep harmony within myself and at the moment that you touched my head I saw a shining red light and right now upon finishing the exercise I feel VERY well in all aspects. Thank you


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