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February 15, 2006

Turtle Gracefully Laying her Eggs on Cancun's Beach


I was walking down the pristine beach late one evening around midnite in meditation enjoying the beauty of existence.......
Suddenly; I noticed sand flying radically up in the air from nowhere, on the beach just 10 meters away from the waters edge where I was walking peacefully.

It quite surprised me and the thoughts, What could possibly be creating that?????

Should I be fearful?????? Were passing through my mind...

Also flashes of horror movies I had watched in the past presented themselves.

Choosing to not allow fear to be present, I moved closer in wonderment...

And I discovered the most beautiful HUGE TURTLE digging a nest to lay her eggs!!!

She was working furiously and breathing so hard in between her laps of flapping her large wing like arms creating waves of sand flying in all directions!

In that moment I thanked Existence for this very special opportunity to witness such an integral part of nature! All alone, just the 2 of us, her working so hard preparing for her offspring and & I in meditation! I decided to place myself just in front of her seated in the sand; she was below me about half a meter busy in her labor of preparing her nest.

I watched her stop periodically, taking very deep breaths gathering her strength before beginning again! It was very intense work for such an innocent creature and you could feel her dedication and commitment to see it through! Instinct clearly was manifesting itself in form.

Feeling compassion for her I decided to give her Diksha to support her.

After about 40 wondrous minutes of witnessing this process I realized that someone needed to come & care for her eggs as surely they were not safe there in the middle of the beach!

So I began to write a text message on my cell phone to the Firemen and just as I was about to send it; 2 young boys walked up to where we were located, with a bucket!

The first thought came, Oh no! They want to steal the turtle eggs!!?

They greeted me with Hello, very surprised to find me sitting there & I told them that I just sent a text message to the firemen asking that they look after the turtle eggs & they commented, “Well I really don`t think that they will come! Maybe.....”

I then asked them what they were doing there with a bucket and they explained to me that they worked with The Red Cross and they were personally caring for the Turtles & their eggs!

Then they showed me the Red Cross Emblem on their T-Shirts!

What a joy! We became fast friends and as we sat around the turtle as she was digging her nest patiently waiting for her to lay her eggs, (It can be a 3 hour process) and more colleagues of theirs arrived.
I didn`t miss the opportunity to give Diksha to all of them: 9 lovely teenage boys & girls aged 14 to 20!

What a lovely experience that was for ALL of us!
They allowed me to help with everything from collecting the Turtles eggs
(as she is laying them she goes into a trance and is unaware that anyone else is there retrieving them as they fall from her into the deep hole that she created in the sand for their safety).
After collecting 120 eggs from her, we then carried them back to the Westin Hotel in that bucket and created the new safe nest there by placing the eggs into a hole dug in the moment by hand to the width of your hand and depth of your arm; covering it in the proper way by sifting sand with your fingers ever so gently filling the hole so that the new baby turtles may hatch and exit easily & safely! What a beautiful experience!

I was wearing a knee length dress & I was completely full of sand from head to toe by the end of the whole process at 3am but full of joy & bliss from the experience!

I’m only sorry that I didn’t have my camera as I didn’t consider that I would be giving Diksha to any groups walking down the beach alone in meditation at midnight!

It just goes to show that you just never know do you?

With Bhagavan ANYTHING can happen!

I learned that it is better to be ready with my camera 24 hours!

Only when I’m sleeping, only then can I completely forget about needing the camera!

Since I regretted NOT having lovely photos to share with all of you of that evening,

 I made it a point to return to the nest we created; later, at the designated time of hatching.

And I am happy to report that most all of those particular babies survived!!

They have so much energy that it is impossible to hold them in your hand!

Their little flippers just go and go and go!

They are programmed to hatch, exit skywards from the nest and run as fast as they can to the ocean; swimming with incredible speed so that predators will not eat them upon their water entrance. At night entrances, most are devoured by patiently waiting predators.

That is why the Red Cross contains them in yellow containers waiting for daybreak, when it is a much safer water entrance and 95% have a chance of surviving.

All night they are exhausting themselves in the container as they continue their effort to “run quickly and safely ” to the water's edge!

There is ONLY gratefulness for yet ANOTHER beautiful day with Amma and Bhagavan!!

Abundant Love to ALL of you on Valentine's Day

May Amma & Bhagavan shower you with special blessings!

The nests meticulously marked

Freshly hatched Baby Turtles


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