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February 22, 2006

I just finished a Diksha Course with a group of CFE (Commission Federal de Electricity) employees early this morning and I am happy to report that Bhagavan gave them quite a session!!! In advance I explained that receiving this energy is much better then any amount of cervezas (beers) could provide!

Many look forward to the end of the day just to drink a few cold beers!

Many also suffered from back problems and stayed after for a special healing that I offered.

Almost one third of the participants received images and detailed visions of their lives during the exercise (there were at least 30% that admitted to having life visions!) and ALL felt a radical change deep in their being! Many could not put into words in that moment what exactly that entailed as it was so intense and unexpected but ALL did agree that they felt a deep peace & tranquility that they had not experienced before. I asked that they please share in writing their experiences for me later on when they felt that they had clarity on what exactly that was for them.

At the end of the session, I explained that I am traveling Mexico alone sharing this gift with everyone that I can, from my heart to theirs and said that if anyone felt to contribute a donation, in appreciation, to help me with my expenses in Cancun so that I could continue this work ..... 

......... I couldn't believe how they almost fell over each other RUNNING up to the front of the room to put pesos into my little box in GRATITUDE!!!! 

I was very touched to say the least!

 I received almost 800 pesos ($70 U.S.) from a small group of almost 60 employees. That is quite a substantial sum for a Mexican group of blue collar workers!

I think these Electricity workers get paid fairly well (in Mexican standards) for the risk that is imposed on their lives daily. I've had experience with unfortunate burn victims and trauma from the shock of what electricity can do to the physical body and I can share that it is NOT a pleasant experience,


 MANY do not suffer long as they do not survive; and others wish they didn't as the pain is so unbearable! Fortunetly Bhagavan's Grace does relieve them of the pain while the body recuperates itself. Which only time and Grace can heal the rest as the damage is not only to the exterior skin, many times the internal organs are also damaged from the entry of the electrical current.

 I really feel quite pleased to offer the Mexican Federal Commision of Electricity (CFE), Bhagavan's Grace as I KNOW that they will now be protected from such horrible accidents.

 I wish to give Diksha to the entire corporation of CFE employees in the whole of Mexico. 

 That consists of approximately 25,000 employees in the entire country.

Hopefully I can gather them in groups larger then 60 at a time, or that could become very time consuming!  ***

They requested another session before we finished not only for them but for their wives and children also. Of course I consented, and look forward to it with pleasure!

Enjoying each moment with The Presence and Sharing Amma & Bhagavan's Grace with The World!!


Hoping that you too are able to experience this ........ 

If not NOW........SOON!!!!


There are a few women who work inside the offices

Anandamandala Exercise

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