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Flor's Story

Dearest Alexis,

I am so very happy that you are here in Cancun again! I shared with you by phone my personal and my whole sales team's miraculous experiences of Hurricane Wilma. I am convinced that the Grace that you shared with us completely protected us thru that whole disaster!!

I would like to now share it in writing with you so that you may show the world that unexpected miracles DO ACTUALLY happen!

My name is Blanco Flor and it is difficult to express with words how lucky I feel! I would like to share that before receiving the Diksha energy from Alexis, I deeply suffered with intense kidney pain! And from that very first moment that I received Diksha from her that first time in my home, it completely disappeared!!!!!!! The doctor told me that I was a serious case in which I needed to be seen and reviewed minimum every three months!

And NOW I have NOTHING!!! I'm absolutely healed!!!


Alexis, letīs remember that just before the Hurricane you came to our hotel Fiesta Americana Aqua and personally gave the "Diksha' energy to myself : ) and all of my colleagues.

And just a few days after Hurricane Wilma hit Cancun, what was left was a very intense uncertain environment! As you know my home was destroyed, my hotel where I work was COMPLETELY destroyed and almost everything was lost! So for everybody it was the absolute worst scenario one could find themselves in!

Amazingly Alexis, inside of myself , I felt an incredible state of peace! I personally felt that I was not part of those circumstances. I felt that I was completely outside of it;

 NOT identifying WITH ANY OF IT AT ALL!

While MOST people were concerning themselves with being lost in a desperate scenario ...

I was totally calm, knowing that everything is for the higher good. I was feeling completely peaceful inside .

I stayed at the Hotel's shelter as did my boss who had also received the Diksha energy. This shelter was by far,the best human experience ever lived by any of us. We really felt protected! We had food, light, air conditioning and the principal needs that an environment could offer as we were surrounded by so much love and caring for one another. So when the people left the shelter for what was left of the city, they didnīt even realize what ugliness was happening outside.
Miracles started happening for all of us!

First letīs remember that I didnīt have a home anymore and there was nothing to rent in good enough condition in the entire city!

Blanco Flor : I fortunetly met a beautiful man in the shelter who gave me all of his support , company and friendship and from that very first moment what began for me was the nicest and purest relationship that I have ever had in my life! I'm still enjoying this relationship and I am convinced that the universe is putting every piece in its own place for the good and happiness for both of us. It has it's own Divine Plan for us. ( a new unexpected relationship in an unexpected circumstance... )

I found myself one day, without having anything physically left, nothing, forced to look at myself ; remembering my personal history of who I am , who is me in my inside. On that day I started visualizing what I really wanted and needed in my life. I opened the newspaper and suddenly I found a nice new place to live! It was like starting all over again, a rebirth, with a feeling that I had a fresh opportunity to begin again. And this time, this new period in my life began with a DEEP undercurrent of love. This new period of my life also includes the experience of an actual "thirst" for being at peace with myself and a desire to learn more and more about light and love. I started practicing yoga and reading books but as I mentioned before it is like being THIRSTY!! I look back at what were my interests before and see that NOW they are completely different! Now I 'm REALLY CLEAR about what gives my life real feeling and reason!

And regarding my job? Well, after the evaluation of the damages caused by the Hurricane, the company decided not to open the Hotel again until Fall of 2006.

With those conditions the company decided to say good bye to almost ALL of the people of the hotel offering them the best possible conditions they could for each one. At first, our team thought that we will sooner or later get fired or be transferred to another hotel... It is incredible to me to express to you the miracle that then happened to us!!

The final decision was that just the sales team, OUR OFFICE would keep our jobs!

The entire hotel was COMPLETELY destroyed EXCEPT OUR VERY OWN SALES OFFICE!!!!

The ONLY OFFICE in the Hotel where Alexis personally visited and gave each employee Diksha!!

It remained WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE!!! How interesting is that!!!????

We ALL feel that it is clearly a miracle!!!

The whole team is also doing VERY well !!
Dadette: After the Hurricane she renewed her love with her boyfriend after a period of ups and downs with many doubts. And she still has her job!

Dany: Happy as ever, smiling, traveling doing whatever she wants and with a nice man that is really interested in her. She also still has her job!

Rafael: Now he has a new position as Director of Sales in another hotel within the company! He is very happy!

Alex: He has received the most wonderful gift! A new baby! And he is so in love with his baby and his wife and he also still has his job!

Paty: She finally gained the weight that she wanted! She is now another person and she looks really good! She also has a new nice car and she is doing very well.

Alexis thank you so much!!!!!! From ALL of us!!!!

Thankyou for being the Divine Instrument that gave me and my team such a wonderful gift of life!

Iīve attached some pictures of the sales team and myself.

Warmest Regards
Flor Blanco
Cancun Mexico

Flor is the blonde on the right side

Fiesta Americana Sales Team

The final decision was that just the sales team,

OUR OFFICE  would keep our jobs!

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