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February 9, 2006

Christmas Week Miracles in the U.S.


On Christmas Day 2005, I made a surprise visit to friends in Scottsdale, Arizona as out of town relatives with their dogs were visiting as well.

And when they found “moving DOG toys” in the outside cold water fountain/dog watering hole they just had to investigate by chewing on them to see if they continued to move in the same manner when ‘out of the water’ as well. Unfortunately for them, I feel that a long period of time had passed when I was suddenly drawn to the outside patio and discovered one such new dog toy dried out and stuck to the concrete!

Not familiar with these particular pet fish of the children, I questioned if they were plastic or in fact real!

This one certainly seemed questionable as I peeled it from the hot cement!

I felt anguish as the reality presented itself in my consciousness. Appearing to be quite dead, I placed the fish back into the fountain and pleaded with Bhagavan to please save this beautiful, innocent expression of nature as it deserved life after such a misunderstanding with the uninformed dog souls.

(Imagine an overweight goldfish being, about the size of a man’s hand)

I held “Bubbles” between both of my hands under the cold water sending light, life and love into it’s little fish body begging existence to revive it so that he may continue to bring joy into the life of the little boy owner and his family. I was informed by his mother that it had been the boy’s personal fish pet for over 7 years! My hands went numb from the cold water but I didn’t stop as I was determined to do whatever steps necessary (mouth to mouth?) to assist life back into this gorgeous expression of Nature/God..

I’m happy to report that after about 30 minutes, the fish began to move his fins attempting to swim. He was clearly in shock and badly injured with a significant dog bite visible on his upper back. He lay on the bottom of the fountain gathering his strength, recuperating for some hours before it was evident God had decided to spare his little fish life this time.

By nightfall he was swimming slowly again.

The following day as I was checking on his status, I observed (to my horror) that another smaller goldfish had also been chewed on but had been hiding in the plants inside the water, hidden from view. I also placed it between my hands and prayed to Bhagavan in the same manner. He had suffered such a drastic injury to his little goldfish back which left him only able to feebly swim in the upside down position!

What a sight! Imagine an overweight goldfish about the size of a small cell phone, swimming back and forth upside down!

To witness this joke on nature just broke my heart!

I spent much time with BOTH fish over 3 days and am happy to report that “Bubbles” fully recuperated! The little boy was relieved and grateful as he had become quite fond of him over the last 7 years.

The smaller fish who didn’t have a name after being in the family for just 1 year, after 5 days of struggling only able to survive in the upside down position, finally left his little body.

‘Bubbles’ was truly a miracle fish especially surviving ‘out of water’ for an undetermined time period (hours?) ….

For Mother and Son it was a true Christmas miracle!

For me, just another day with Amma & Bhagavan!

There is only Gratitude and Love as I live in true ‘heaven on earth’ in full service and surrender as Amma & Bhagavan guide me, assisting them to fulfil their mission by 2012!!


Angelica’s Cat

Angelica’s Cat had been suffering from a bladder problem with a serious blockage that was threatening his life. He had spent a lot of time in the animal hospital over the last month in surgery and Angelica was truly suffering as well witnessing her ‘baby’ (pet) in such duress. She explained that she felt intuitively that he really wished to leave his body. I asked her to please bring her cat to attend the next Diksha Event as I wished to ease him of his suffering with a healing Diksha. She brought him and he stayed in his cage throughout the entire evening also experiencing the Anandamandala Meditation.

Afterwards, he received Diksha on my lap for about 20 min.

When I stood up after the event finished, I realized that he had urinated all over the front of my dress.

It appeared that Bhagavan successfully relaxed him and an opening had occurred.

A few weeks later he was found peacefully curled up in front of an altar where a Sri Murti of Amma & Bhagavan lay among others and he had left his body.

I felt as though Bhagavan relieved him of his suffering that Diksha evening and he was later guided to a dimension returning to Source.

Kindred Spirits Sharing the ENERGY of the SAME HOUSE

The day AFTER Christmas Day of 2005, I was truly blessed to meet a lovely soul named Hillary Bee.

She volunteered and very graciously organized last minute successful fund-raising Diksha Groups in Scottsdale Arizona! The following days, she so lovingly also booked Private Sessions for many, informing me that her consult room was located just 30 minutes away in South Scottsdale.

I felt an immediate deeper connection with her…..

Could it possibly be true??

MOST people that live in Scottsdale live on the North side.

I owned a home from 1987 until 1992 located in South Scottsdale.

I sold it in February 1992 to a lovely newlywed couple.

Feeling this connection with her; I wasn’t at all surprised to soon discover ……

Hillary and her husband had actually purchased exactly that same house in 2001 from that couple who purchased it from me in 1992!


What are the chances of THAT being a COINCIDENCE?

Bhagavan works in strange and unique ways!

Always planting seeds in many forms!!

You just never know when or how his Grace is flowing in your lives.

As we are NOT always conscious of how he is ALWAYS there for us!

A suggestion to allow MORE Grace to flow in YOUR life :

Practice Surrender and Gratefulness 24/7 to the Divine Presence

Practice Acceptance of whatever is happening in the moment.

As all is perfect and unfolding exactly as it needs to in every moment!!! Despite the fact that our mind doesn’t always agree…

Just try it for 24 hours.

Make the commitment to say ‘YES’ to EVERYTHING: from the moment your eyes open in the morning until the moment you lay your head on the pillow to sleep at night.

Even if a NO comes….Say YES to your NO!!!

And really experience how that feels!

Just one FULL period of 24 hours!

If you find yourself having quite a different kind of day, you can always continue for another 24 hours…………… or not.

If you do decide to continue, I also suggest keeping a journal of what happens for you during those “YES” days.

Also consciously noticing when you ‘fall back’ into the pattern of the mind

Which is one of resistance!!

I guarantee that you will have a different experience on your ‘YES’ days.

(Guaranteed or your $$ back)

And don’t forget to ASK the Divine Presence for exactly what it is that you want!


And KNOW that it will happen. (If it is NOT an ego based desire)

You will soon also find ‘coincidences’ and miracles happening in your lives.

Feel free to write me and share your experiences as I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you Amma and Bhagavan as I’m honoured to be in service to your mission.

There is only Gratefulness and Love.


* * *

Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you can find more at this link.

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Central America, click here

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The fish in the center of the photo is the fish that only could survive in the upside down position! Bubbles is to the left.


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