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Jan 26, 2007

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper

Positive Mind


Hello beloved readers, my name is Alexis Shaffer and the caring director of this newspaper has invited me to share my experiences with you.

The beauty of this process is that it is so simple, as it doesn't require any effort at all.
And it is available to all of those who wish to awaken to the great abundance of Grace direct from God.

Oneness Diksha is a transfer of energy, a phenomenon of Grace,
which creates an opening through which you can experience the true desires of your heart :
Love, Joy, Peace, Healing and Oneness with God … directly and completely.

You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

These are some experiences from Mexican Navy personnel with whom I have personally shared the Oneness Diksha energy:

Through this letter I would like to send you a warm greeting hoping that you are very well and continuing always onward with your life’s work. I had the opportunity to attend the therapies you performed on two different occasions in the Dining Hall of the 7th Naval Zone. I am happy to report to you that it was a very different and interesting experience for me, giving me a very special feeling of peace and serenity which I had never felt before until then.
In our naval environment, stress is the primary cause of many physical and psychological problems and due to this, on the day of the session I had a very intense headache (onset of a migraine), however when you placed your hands on my head I felt a sort of electricity and initially a slight dizziness and after a few minutes I was quite surprised that the headache had completely disappeared and not returned again since then!
I hope that many people receive the opportunity to experience this gift that you possess and wishing the best for you in your continued work to give spiritual nourishment to all, which so many of us lack in these moments.
Sending you my greetings reiterating once again my admiration and respect to you.

My reflections are as follows:

There is more harmony now at work, There is more understanding of my superiors,
my subordinates and my family.
And I am now 100% recuperated from my problems.

“La Iluminación consiste en desprenderse de la idea equivocada de que no estamos iluminados."
-Ramana Maharishi


How quick we are to form an opinion of a person, to come to a conclusion about them. It is satisfying to the egoic mind to label another human being, to give them a conceptual identity, to pronounce righteous judgment upon them.

Every human being has been conditioned to think and behave in certain ways - - conditioned genetically as well as by their childhood experiences and their cultural environment.

That is not who they are, but that is who they appear to be. When you pronounce judgment upon someone, you confuse those conditioned mind patterns with who they are. To do that is in itself a deeply conditioned and unconscious pattern. You give them a conceptual identity, and that false identity becomes a prison not only for the other person but also for yourself.

To let go of judgment does not mean that you don’t see what they do. It means that you recognize their behavior as a form of conditioning, and you see it and accept it as that. You don’t construct an identity out of it for that person.

That liberates you as well as the other person from identification with conditioning, with form, with mind. The ego then no longer runs your relationships.

How wonderful to go beyond wanting and fearing in your relationships.
Love does not want or fear anything.

If her past were your past, her pain your pain, her level of consciousness your level of consciousness, you would think and act exactly as she does. With this realization comes forgiveness, compassion, peace.

Alexis is presently working in Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Please feel free to write me at:



DIKSHA with your friends and family so that ALL can experience the TRUE JOY OF LIVING

that is our birth right!

Suffering is UNNECESSARY! I guarantee to you that there is ANOTHER WAY!

WE ALL ARE ONE - ONLY LOVE EXISTS…. Everything else is just an illusion!

I’ll be happy to show you, giving you the opportunity to have your own experience through Diksha.

I love you all and send you BIG HUGS full of Love.

Namasté ALEXIS


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