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Jan. 6, 2007


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Hello Beloveds,


Last summer in June of 2006 I managed to share Diksha with a few lovely Police Officers working for the City of San Francisco, California Police Dept.


I decided to pass thru the United States doing a quick California Diksha Tour on my way back home to Barcelona from Mexico. I was looking quite forward to returning to my fluffy bed in Spain after being away 15 months straight; working diligently in Mexico.

It all began something like this… always...


  As I was exploring hotels one evening in downtown San Francisco ...  I visited one particular small hotel next to the wharf and after being shown a 2nd floor room by the manager, I looked over the balcony and noticed 2 Police Officers at the Manager's office door below.


I commented to the manager that I think he needed to get down there quick as he had very important visitors!

 So we hurriedly headed down the stairs and I went ahead of him. When the metal door swung open and I exited first, I will never forget the surprise on the faces of the Police Officers, when they saw me.


I'm not sure what they were expecting...

(but you must imagine that they have to be ready for the worst at ALL times as their lives are in danger just wearing the uniform!)


It was a look of surprise, then great relief, on their faces.


I greeted them with a smile and said, "Hello Officers" and continued walking to my car leaving the manager with his new visitors.

I went to speak with my girlfriend waiting for me in the car and told her that I felt that this visit wasn’t a mere coincidence.

So I decided to also speak with the Officers after the manager attended to them … I introduced myself and explained that I was working alot  with the Police in Mexico and had hoped to also do the same  in the U.S. someday.  

And one of the Police Officers Philip  commented, "From the first moment I saw you exiting from the stairwell, I felt good!" 


So to make a long story short....


I ended up sharing the Grace with him as he sat in the squad car in the parking lot as they were officially 'on duty'.


His partner John stood  "Watch" as Phillip received Oneness Diksha. And after about 10 minutes...


I asked the second one, John if he wanted the energy as well, and he replied, “Yeah I trust you, go ahead.”


That is a big compliment when an American Police Officer trusts you within a matter of minutes.


Remember most Americans carry/conceal guns!


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 Sorry that the photo is a bit dark as one partner took a photo of the other with his cell phone while he was receiving his energy transfer in their patrol car. 

And after being relieved of their negative energy   (claiming that I  removed a huge weight from their shoulders leaving  them both feeling 10 kilos lighter...) 

 I was then provided with the phone # of a Special Police Unit. 


I then learned that there are over 2000 Policemen and women in San Francisco, California.

As there are only 750,000 Population in the entire city.  


I was also quite impressed to learn that the San Francisco Police Chief is an Asian Woman and her Sub Police Chief is also a Woman! How wonderful!!


Unfortunately they are both suffering quite a bit physically from the stress of their jobs, and due to my short visit  I was unable to get to see them personally before I left the City of San Francisco .


But I did manage to share the Grace with them various times thru their photos which were provided to me by caring and concerned co- workers of theirs. 


I was also taken by this Special Police Unit to see a Female Police Officer who was in the hospital suffering quite intensely after receiving operations for various problems.

  Her body was FULL of tumors and during our visit Bhagavan gave her a very intense healing!


She was left in awe and astounded with the amount of energy running thru her body after the session and couldn't thank us enough!


Both Alexis and the Special Unit Police Officer who brought her!!


She began writing her experience down on paper but then told me that it would take many hours as there was so much to share... Her face had completely changed!!

Thank you Bhagavan as the Police in the U.S.A. are really suffering!! (even more then the Police in Mexico, if that is even possible...)


 Sorry, I don't like to compare..


As the American Police explained to me that they live on 'high alert' and in fear for their lives because almost EVERYONE in the United States has their very own firearms and they are ALWAYS using them! 




And the very citizens that they are protecting don't even like them!!


Let alone appreciate their sacrifice...  


I feel alot of compassion for them as it is really sad that as fellow human beings we don't realize the sacrifice that the men and women in uniform are making on a daily basis.. and all for our protection and safety ..


Unfortunately due to some recent terrorist activity in the U.S.A. I feel that finally the consciousness level has risen a bit and gratitude is truly being expressed to these brave men and women who have chosen this difficult role.

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It was a pleasure for me to take part in their process.


Wishing you ALL true inner peace and overflowing hearts filled with Unconditional Love.
Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you

Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.
In deep love and gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma  for their Grace and Endless Miracles!
Love & Light**


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