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Back to Reality!

"Diksha"; the little push that humanity needs.

It all started the 2nd of February in a Wednesday, when mi Tai-Chi professor and friend Ravi called me to cancel de Tai-Chi class we had the next day. In fact I really wanted to go so it frustrated me a little. But the reason was because there was going to be a “Diksha” in Barcelona.
He asked me to go but it didn’t really convince me. The next day he texed me a message asking me to please tell a friend that there wasn’t going to be class that day, since he didn’t have a movil. I tried to locate her, but I couldn’t, so I had to call Ravi to tell him.
After talking to him for a while he explained me more about Diksha and from my inside a very spontaneous reaction came to me and I said “well I will go, any experience that will help me unblock myself, I’ll be happy to experience.”
My situation of that time was much limitated, a the lung operation and the death of my father for terminal cancer, a neumotorax, and the separation of my parents etc…. Was a big reason why I wanted to receive Diksha with a great predisposition.
The Diksha was going to be given in Happy yoga and Alexis Schafer was going to give it. I’ve never seen a woman with such presence. In the beginning Ravi told me it was free, which was the primary reason that made me go. Je, je. But in fact the only thing that was free was the conference before the Diksha. Which you can imagine that I went without paying.

Well the conference started and I began to relax in a very suspicious way.

I closed my eyes so I could relax even more, suddenly my right ear unplugged and energy started to flow in. Good Mother of God!! Like you can imagine, for one instant I was very nervous but then I started to breath in a relaxed way.
I thought they had begun giving diksha. But the first thing that passed threw my mind was: “maybe while I was distracted Ravi and Nuria, which were laughing in the back of me, plugged me the energy, those bastards!!! Ja, ja… But later I realized that after 10 minutes Alexis was done giving the conference and she began to place us in a circle so she could start giving Diksha.
I couldn’t move and when I tried I began to feel dizzy, but suddenly my state changed and I began to laugh without stopping. Lucky me the Diksha didn’t do anything else!! Because if it had, I would’ve ended in the LIVI…
Later on I opened my movil and realized it was my Saint, the 3rd of February, which made me have a lot of missing calls and messages of all family. For me it has been the best gift that anyone has ever given me in the day of my Saint,

Thank you Amma Bhagavan. The next morning it was like a party, since from that day I hadn’t been able to breath form my nose. And just a few hours after I woke up I realized that I was breathing form my nose!!! And also when I was heading towards my job, I began to contemplate the trees, not just looking how I used to. They looked so real. What Joy!!! In these moments I have the certainty to say that in that Diksha my entire life changed.
And a few weeks after I decided to go on an interior journey and do the 21 day process in august in India.

P.D. Evidently I cleared my debt with Alexis.

A Huge


published in spanish in july 13 2005

translated by Alexandra Ruiz


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