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Experiences of Mexican Soldiers after Diksha Session

second part

Alexis received hundreds of written experiences by those soldiers she gave diksha to near Cancun.
Here are some of them and you can find more at this link.


Sld. Cab. Luis Fernando Chan Hernández
2/o Edn. 3/er Ptn 2/a Seccion 11/o Rgto. Cab. Motorizado

Relaxation Exercise

I had a feeling of relaxation in my body. I felt like I traveled to a place where I had never been. I felt a little queasy, with desires to vomit, but I was satisfied with what I felt. I wish other’s could feel and experience what I felt from this exercise. My body feels as if were new.

11/o R.C.M. Sgto. 2/o Cab Eligio Marmolejo Jerónimo

Summary: of the conference given by Ms. Alexis Shaffer. The experience and sensations emitted by her toward me, was that I felt a broadcast of energy that circulated through the body. I a joining of my index fingers when she placed her hands to on my heart. Then, on my head and on my navel. After the relaxation therapy I feel rest in my mind and tranquility. I thank her for her dedication to this work …. Thanks

11/o R.C.M. Sld. Cab. Secundino Humberto Tun C.

At first I felt some cramps and a little upset, later when focused on the throat I experienced lights of color like waves as my body received the energy.

Cabo Cab. Otilio del Carmen Lopez Pérez

At the moment when the exercise began we were in a group. I was tense, nervous and my head hurt. I began to listen the words and the coaching I experienced peace, tranquility and forgot all of the stress that we have from work. This is a very good exercise, to close the eyes and to breathe. I felt some cramps in my hands and legs. When I felt her hands in my head. There was energy over me. I saw red and yellow lights and when I opened my eyes they were gone. I was relaxed and I felt happy and tranquil. Thanks for giving us this exercise it is very good.

11/oí. R.C.M. Sld. Cab. Arnulfo Caraveo Reyes

You talk of realization

I felt calm, and had cold sweat. Then I felt a sensation that never had felt, something very rare and strange. When I closed my eyes I saw landscapes and then nothing but calm and the headache that I had, was gone.

11/o R.C.M. Sld. Cab. Jorge Iván Junco Virgilio

This is a very good session of relaxation for every individual that is able to grasp what the session really is. High stress is diminished adequately at the moment. I feel altered and no sense of desperation. My point of view, is that there is a balance point which we can utilize to surpass stress. This can happen at any moment and in any place.

11/o. R.C.M. Cabo Cab. Julio Ramírez Trujillo

I felt electronic sounds and had clear dreams in my mind, I began to see dark and little by little it became clear until totally blank. It was a good experience, unlike anything I had ever felt.

11/o R.C.M. Cabo Cab. Ignacio Matus Rivera

I felt chills in my body that balanced out. I arrived at a moment in which my mind was blank and then the music seemed to put me to sleep. The truth is, I had never been in a place like this and I liked it because since then I feel relaxed, tranquil.

11/o R.C.M. Cabo de Cab Tomas del Ángel Hernández

At the moment feels the relaxation in my body, with my mind cleared. I have desires to run or to continue exercising. It makes one forget problems as if a dream. For me this is a new experience that am living.

11/o R.C.M. Cabo esc. Jorge Flores García

After the relaxation therapy, what I felt was a relaxation of my body and mind which helped me to forget things that worried me. It helped me totally relax my body. Your body sits down and is alleviated as the tension is removed and all the foolishness.

We should repeat it again on another occasion.

11/o. R.C.M. Cabo Esc. Anastasio Guzman Estrella

I felt something like harmony and good vibrations with my companions and with all the ones partook in the session. My sincere congratulations go to those people that are dedicated to these types of therapies since they contribute to the peace and tranquility of the everyone with their communication.

11/o .R.C.M. Armando Eliseo Martínez Valencia

I felt less stress, more tranquility and also internal peace. During the night, my body was able to rest more and to sleep peacefully. I was able to concentrate and reflect before beginning to meditate. I could see a white light and it left my mind blank. I feel positive energy and I thankyou for your time and availability for myself and all my companions. Many thanks.

Sold. Cab. Eduardo Román Moo Cortes

I felt that my body was relaxing as I breathed deeply and quickly. Later your body feels rested and better able to concentrate on what you are doing. I believe that is good for the root of all the stress that we have.

Cabo Cab. Cesar Armando jerónimo Chan

The sensation of rest is good for the body and mind because it permits me to meditate. What I like, after a while of meditation is that the mind is capable of feeling all and I have control of the mind at the same time.

Sgto. 2/o Cab. José Cesar Pérez Vicencio

With these practices of the exercises of relaxation the stress accumulated in our body disappears little by little and for that reason I recommend it. Mine was helped to disappear but not totally. I feel motivated to practice it again as is recommended.

Sgto. 2/o cab. Fidel Mateos cortes

The practice of relaxation is very good for those individuals that suffer inside or suffer from illnesses that gives one a sense of gloom, failure or hell. In my case I felt a relaxation and I believe that perhaps what is needed is to practice more because once or two times is not enough and to know the depth of this process.

Sold. De cab. Sergio de la cruz Crisóstomo

This type of relaxation can utilized for any type of problem, moment and in any place. What is important is to take from this session and what we learned so we may use it in times of very high stress. This will allow us to overcome it and to ascend that beyond the tension. I feel to relaxed me and to have more positive thoughts.

Sold. Cab. Rey Rodríguez Muñoz

I felt much heat in my hole body, I got swetty and saw white lights.

 Sold. Cab. Ángel Antonio Alavez Rodríguez

I feel peace tranquility, harmony in my physical and in my spiritual body from the practice of the technique of relaxation. I felt energy in my head and in my hands. I think that this technique helps.

Sold. Cab. Abraham Feliciano Gómez

Before the session I felt very stressed, in a bad mood without desires to do anything, was a sad young man. After receiving the two sessions I have noted a great change, pains have disappeared that were in my back. Now I feel peaceful and have desire to work. Today I feel relaxed and I am very pleased since the session.

Sold. Cab. Elio Montejo Pérez

This is a therapy that in our situation as soldiers, is beneficial. It helps us to totally relax mentally and physically. Since we participated in the sessions, many have changed their state of being. In my situation I felt that my state being and energy level changed, therefore already I feel a little more peaceful then I did in these last few days.

Cabo de Cab. Geremias Olivera Orozco

I have had pain in my spine, all that desapear after the energy that I recieved and I now feel very relaxed. Thank you very much.

Cabo Cab. Luis Aguilar Ramos

My opinion is that is a good therapy. In the first session I was a little confused because I never has this type of experience. It seemed to me that this is a very good technique because I feel peaceful. I am relaxed and do not find myself thinking of things other then my work and my family. For me personally I feel this is a good therapy and I thank you for your effort.

Cabo Cab. Gregorio Pérez trinidad

This is the first time that I have ever participated in this type of exercise. When we did the inhaling, I felt peaceful. When we held our breath and then exhaled it was relaxing and caused me to concentrate. It takes a lot of peace to be able to be focused and to clear one’s mind. It feels as if the mind remains blank. Nothing seems like very little but when she put her hands on me I felt a change that never had felt. Thanks for giving us this exercise.

Sold. Cab. Ángel Enrique Clemente fuentes

My opinion of Ms. Alexis, is that she gives us a sense of peace and harmony. The concentration that it takes to do this is to be admired. I would like to have more sessions like the ones we have had these last few days.

Many Thanks

Sold. Cab. Esteban Novelo Basulto

In this situation we are under a lot of stress. By means of this method of relaxation we give ourselves the opportunity to relax our body and our mind. I obtained many benefits with this therapy like that of a psychologist. I am a well recognized in that field. Never have I experienced something such as this.

Cabo de Cab. Guillermo Zavala Hernández

I feel more relaxed and peaceful. I slept well. When we were participating in the practice I saw lights of colors that were like flashes of cameras. I am happy you visited us at Escárcega Campeche and brought this to us.

Sold. Cab. Manuel Gómez cruz

In the practices that we carried out, I felt my energy clearly and it grew larger. I felt better than before, with desires to work and above all I began to feel happier than before.

Sgto. Cab. Juan silvestre Aguilar R.

The session were very special in the way they served to relax the body and the mind in a very personal way. If you have stress that causes discomforts, like headache, exhaustion, sexual impotence, etc. Then I think that this therapy is very good for this type of problems in our military life. The energy that is created fills your mind full and relaxes you.

Translated from spanish by Amy Ford

There is only LOVE & GRATITUDE , Alexis


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

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