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D.E.M. Brigad General & Colonel's Thank You Letters to Alexis

October 20, 2005
Cancún, Quintana Roo México
C. Alexis Shaffer
Barcelona, Spain

I would like to take this opportunity to properly express in writing our appreciation and gratitude to the above mentioned, Alexis Shaffer, in the name of all of the personnel of the Garrison and 64th Infantry Battalion of Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico for her most valuable help and service provided thru her relaxation techniques and energizing transmission received by the above mentioned personnel, who have received permanent states of great harmony and internal serenity, also demonstrated as great teamwork spirit in their work.  Also, giving them a better disposition in which to fulfill their military duties and obligations.

I praise the good faith and willingness of service demonstrated by Alexis in her dedication & commitment to give light, good health and well being to all people, that has in this case resulted in a reflection of harmony in my men with a new attitude and consciousness present in their work and with more personal responsibility clearly being taken in their actions.

In respect of what has been mentioned already, again I would like to reiterate our most profound and deep gratitude on behalf of all of the families and friends as well, of all the personnel of the Garrison and 64th Infantry Battalion of Cancun, in Quintana Roo Mexico for receiving the benefits of increased mental health from the transmission of energy that has freely been given by Alexis without distinction of race, gender, religion, personal gain or interest.

My most sincere Congratulations Alexis and I hope this recommendation letter serves you in the most positive way.
Wishing you much success. Sincerely Yours,

D. E. M. Brigade General 

Arturo Olguín Hernández

October 24, 2005
Cancún, Quintana Roo México
Miss Alexis Shaffer
Barcelona, Spain

Dear Alexis,

I would like to now take this opportunity to thank you in writing for the enormous help you have given us thru practicing your relaxation techniques and receiving your transmission of energy that has both helped me personally, and all my (Soldiers) work colleagues .

We have been blessed with permanent states of internal serenity, personal relaxation and the gift of working in complete harmony as a group as well as noticing great benefits in our family lives. We have also seen very positive results in cases in which knee and back pains have been completely eliminated.
There has been a notable increment in my men’s working disposition as well as a (collective) experience of higher energy, increasing resistance to fatigue so commonly known to us in our unrelenting military service provided in great honor for our country.

 On a personal note, I would like to share a most unique and surprising experience with you. For quite a few years I had been experiencing pain in a wisdom tooth in the left side of my jaw. I did not wish to surgically remove it but I suffered, as it did not allow me to bite down in a normal manner on that side. Without a doubt, after just one session of receiving the Diksha energy from you, the pain disappeared completely and upon visiting the dentist he informed me that he could no longer find anything abnormal in this molar and considered me cured of this problem!

For more then five years I’ve been reading about the practices and techniques of relaxation and meditation by my favorite author Osho but unfortunately hadn’t yet had the chance to make any of these practices into reality.
Fortunately for us this opportunity presented itself in the form of a beautiful woman, Alexis, because by nature females are the ones providing energy, and in your case, channeling the Divine Energy as well. I feel extremely fortunate to have personally experienced this energy in your group sessions that you provided on 5 different occasions.

In respect of what has already been mentioned, I would like to express my deepest gratitude once again wishing only that the Creator blesses you, gifting you with even more energy so that you will continue benefiting not only us, but everyone in the whole world with it.

Joel Ciprian Avila (personal letter)
(Infantry Colonel)

Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

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