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New Year's Eve Wet Showers of Grace!!??

Happy New Year Beloved Friends

Wishing you only the highest states of consciousness ALWAYS in every moment and sending LOVE to ALL of YOU All is Love as we are One Invoke the Divine Presence.

I arrived to the U.S. December 5th for a whirlwind fundraising trip in California to support the glorious work & miracles happening thru me in Mexico.

And I would like to now take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE that participated with organizing the events and also giving so many heartfelt love donations.
Especially Jeff & Chava from Burbank for your very generous $$ love donation! The Organizers: Ranjit & David Vishnu in L.A. ,Stacey in Orange County ,Susan Allen & Mahakali in Santa Barbara , David ,Sharon & Ramana Das in Marin County ,Victoria in Grass Valley ,Ghislaine in Palo Alto ,Doug in Berkeley & James in Sacramento are true organizing angels as they all gathered the most gorgeous groups and we all had so much fun playing & experiencing Bhagavan's Grace together!!
And Freddy & Madeline, Thankyou for inviting me & creating the space!
Thankyou ALL from the HEARTS of MEXICO!

While I was still in Mexico and L.A. was planning fundraisers, a lovely gal there was working very hard to get me a private appointment with the Sheriff of Los Angeles. She only received much frustration as they were giving her the 'run around' to put it nicely...
I also suggested to a lovely Diksha Giver that she visit the local fire dept. in Los Angeles & offer them Diksha. She did & told me that she was not welcomed with open arms!

Diksha Difficulty with the Los Angeles Police & Firemen....

- - - -

Now I would like to share a story showing how Bhagavan opens doors easily....

Another adventure in a normal day for Alexis..
It was New Years Eve morning as I was preparing myself for a Full Day 11am til midnite Special Intensive Diksha Workshop in Scottsdale Az.....
I was quite happy with how time seemed to be on my side (only 30 min from waking up to out the door!?)This was a first! I thought my watch had stopped!!
This extra time now allowed me to enjoy the idea of an extra long breakfast at the free hotel buffet before the event.
I decided that I would load the car in advance so I could enjoy every extra minute next to the hotel fireplace after breakfast. As I was leaving my hotel room , with all my luggage well stacked on the luggage cart & my ironed Diksha outfit on a hanger.....

The DRAMA began to unfold!
The fire sprinkler in the room decided to explode!!
Spraying water EVERYWHERE!!!
Within 5 seconds I was completely DRENCHED!!!!
And NOT with clean normal water!, stinky rancid water! Apparently, from the construction of the building, this water sits in it's pipes waiting for the day that a fire breaks out to unleash it's rancid water reserves! Or waiting for the day that Alexis decides to visit!

Fortunetly I responded quickly and was at least able to push the luggage cart OUT the door so that ALL of my belongings didn't also begin swimming!!
Just me & the entire room!
My sparkling white clothes were now BLACK & stinky!

WOW!! What a SURPRISE!!!
If I thought THAT wasn't interesting enough, just 30 seconds later the obnoxious FIRE alarm went off PIERCING the silence in the entire hotel: creating fear in all the guests!

I headed for the front desk looking like a drowned mouse to ask what happened??
Apparently I was the ONLY lucky one to have the faulty sprinkler room!
If my days weren't already full of wonderful surprises & miracles I would of hardly believed it myself!

 As I graciously received a key to a new DRY room to reshower & prepare myself, I asked Bhagavan why had he created this wonderful sprinkler experience for me this New Years Eve morning???

40 minutes later... As I was heading down the hallway exiting the hotel for the event, passing my swimming pool of a room.....
The hallway was FULL of firemen and they asked me if I had created a fire in my room to make the sprinklers go off??
I explained that YES I ALWAYS do a small fire ritual to "clear the energy" before leaving a hotel room! NOT!!

We ALL just laughed and they offered to help me with my luggage out to the car.
During that process the subject of "what I do" came up & I of course offered Diksha to the lovely fireman who handled my bags.
He was quite surprised as I removed my hands from his head he exclaimed, "WOW! It felt like you just removed a very heavy negativity from my head! You actually removed something from my skull! Now I feel so good! THANKYOU SO MUCH!"

He gave me his phone # and told me that I was welcome at the fire station to share this wonderful therapy with his co-workers.
I explained that unfortunetly I was flying out early the next day without plans to return any time soon. But I would send my lovely co-workers based in Scottsdale to follow up with them.
Looking at my watch, I now had very little time before the Diksha event began...
Getting ready to drive away I noticed ALL the firemen exiting the hotel and I NOW understood WHY it was ONLY MY ROOM that was swimming and felt that I needed to seize this opportunity to at least share Bhagavan's Grace with the Fire Chief & Fire Captain of this particular fire station.

We had a wonderful exchange laughing about the mystery exploding sprinkler. I
shared with them that when the Universe wants something to happen, it will do whats needed to create the necessary situation.
And in this case, it was clear that I needed to share The Grace with the Scottsdale Az Fire Dept. before leaving Az! They were VERY grateful as they all felt much lighter & peaceful.

The 'thankyou' s came from their very souls.
They collectively decided that it must have been the HEAT of my "energy" that made the sprinklers go off in my room!
What a fun way to begin the New Year!
Swimming in my hotel room & laughing with the Firemen of Scottsdale, Arizona
I will see if the Universe supports me in February to return to Grace all 250 of them in Az before I return to Mexico.

Always enjoying the adventure of "living" as it unfolds in each moment!

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet personally!

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light,


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

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