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Policeman Falling In Trance


After having many successful Divine Diksha filled days at the Palenque Ruins I felt it was time to visit the local Government Municipal Palace & Police & offer Bhagavanīs Grace to them!

As I was waiting to enter an important Govt.Official`s office to speak with them, a man who had received Diksha at the Ruins days earlier passed by & commented how lucky they were to have me there offering them this gift as the energy that I share is miraculous & transforming!!

He told them that I am an absolute angel that has descended on Palenque!

Un beknownst to me, this Govt.Official had been praying ALL MORNING to GOD for help! They have some major difficulties in this moment/problems to solve & needed extra support!

When this person heard this comment (made just outside her office door) she felt that whoever that person is outside her office she must be the person that GOD sent to help !

(Bhagavan always knows exactly when & where to send me!)

After we spoke for some minutes, she felt that her prayers had been answered! In just 1 hour from that moment there just happened to be the monthly meeting of ALL the DIRECTORS & SUB-DIRECTORS of the GOVERNMENT!!!

Thank you Bhagavan!!!!! You made it easy for me!

Of course I was invited to please attend as well and provide ALL of the Officials together at that meeting with this lovely transforming energy therapy!!!!

I am happy to report that this group POWER Diksha was very successful!!!! Each had beautiful experiences!!! I was able to touch all of their heads! And we had a sharing afterwards! It was so touching to listen to all the beautiful souls after being touched by Bhagavan`s Grace! Many of the men felt the energy in detail as it entered their body, their hearts & described exactly how it touched them on that deep level. I felt very fortunate to have been given this opportunity!

All the Political Power in 1 Room Together!!!

They were all very grateful & hoped that I would also be available for their staff & families.

The following day I visited their various offices to continue with their staff, & all flowed as each Director already had their personal Diksha experience & highly recommended their staff to also seize the opportunity!!! It was lovely to see the state of peace that each Director was in...

I also began at 7am with the Municipal Police (also located at the Municipal Palace:How convenient!!) They were all very beautiful & open.All feeling peaceful & deep tranquility. Many had headaches before the Diksha & were so grateful to find them disappear so quickly! They also welcomed me to give the detainees held in their temporary jail. It is a small base so all is seen by the detainees as I give the energy therapy to the police. The Municipal Policeare also very supportive in taking me personally to other bases as they are mostly outside of town & not conveniently located for walking as in San Cristobal.

Later that day they drove me to the base to share the energy with the Sectorial Police. They are the Police that wear bullet proof vests & carry machine guns (in 40 degree celcius temperatures): responsible for guarding the banks all day long besides patrolling the streets always on high alert with high stress levels. I would like to report BIG BIG SUCCESS with THEM!!!!

After demonstrating to the Commandante how the energy works by giving Diksha to a few of his men, the Commandante witnessed them going into very deep states. Quite surprised and really concerned he asked me if they are going to come back?? To consciousness??? And be normal??? There were 4 of his policemen in very deep states when he asked that question... I told him, "It`s very possible that they WON`T return & definitely not be normal !"

After seeing his concerned face, I told him I was "just kidding!" And we laughed!

It was the first police base where I had such HIGH RESULTS FROM ALL PRESENT!!!! The Sectorial Police members each & EVERY ONE after just a 60 second Diksha, went into DEEP DEEP STATES for over 30 minutes EACH!!! Seated in their chairs!! Completely GONE!!! Experiencing other dimensions! Complete BLISS!!

This was almost scary for their coworkers to witness.... as their minds had thoughts passing like....what did she do to them??? She MUST have special powers!!! Are they GOOD POWERS??

I need to explain that at this level of Police they are accustomed to ALWAYS being on HIGH ALERT 24/7 watching each movement & detail for possible threat and danger! They only sleep 4 hours maximum at one time.

And out of nowhere this woman offering therapy' from Barcelona' appears; placing her hands on their heads for 60 seconds and they are dropping like flies into complete "unconscious blissful states" !!!! What the heck is up with that??? Their poor minds didnīt know WHAT TO THINK!!!

Another most amazing thing was: their office telephone rang with such a LOUD obnoxious RING permeating the entire room that I couldnīt believe that THAT didnīt even bring any of them back to consciousness!!!! And it rang many times!!! They were all deep in state!!!

After observing his men obviously enjoying this beautiful state the Commandante asked me to PLEASE give him the same! Unfortunetly his mind didnīt allow him to "let go" into such a deep relaxation & he never lost consciousness. But he did feel very deep peace. He was very jealous of his menīs states & asked me why he couldnīt also go there like they did? I explained that with his responsibility as Chief Commandante, his mind wasnīt allowing him to really move into his heart space fully and totally "let go" in that moment & we planned another Diksha for him in a more private room where he could relax & enjoy fully!

I learned this after the fact from a fellow co-worker: There was 1 particular policeman who told his co-workers that he would receive this energy transfer from me & he would prove to all of them that he would be completely unaffected since he was much stronger then the rest of them & of course he wouldnīt feel anything!!! A little PRIDE & EGO present at that moment (possibly?) & I’m happy to report that he ended up having a deeper experience more profound then ALL OF THEM !!! He didn`t come back for 45 minutes!!!

I love to watch Bhagavan work!!!

He seemed as if he was really going to "sleep" forever & a jealous coworker began buddy punching him & hitting him hard to wake him up & I asked that he please didnīt choose such an agressive way to bring him out of his state. He still continued to hit him (less hard) but still agressive & I could hardly believe that he still didnīt wake up! He was really worried! Imagine! I asked him to please stop hitting him!!!

And I then went to him & caressed his hand & he slowly lifted his head & opened his eyes!!

The secretary who was just seated beside him working on the computer had witnessed everything & we both could hardly believe that after such a beating from his friend... that my soft caress is what brought him back!!!

He must of had a very moving experience as he was sitting silently alone until I left the base over 90 minutes later!.

I wonder if Bhagavan showed him just how useful his "prideful attitude" served him. I will return tomorrow to give the other members who were not present that day & I will ask him about his experience.

I noticed an important detail here different then San Cristobal, (with the police especially). I have to speak about GOD often & do healings in the name of Jesus or they are not as open. They really need to know that I carry the Bible & like to hear me talk about God.

Iīm learning how to do that here in this town as I donīt have a lot of experience in that area… That is the downside of not having been force fed organized religion in my young life!!! And I'm learning FAST>>

I had to ask the police chief to please bring his Bible to the morning healing session!

I will keep you all updated....

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


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