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Every day is amazingly HIGH ENERGY here in Palenque! The energy is SO HIGH!!!

Today another Military General Brigada (2 star) received Diksha & I will be giving his soldiers a mini-course this Saturday at 9am! Im SO HAPPY!!!! I just called the base & asked to speak to the General & went to him all within the same hour!

I feel like my new "motto" is the same as NIKE'S....JUST DO IT!!!

Everyday....Im JUST DOING IT!!!! Im NOT talking about it.....Im ACTUALLY just DOING what feels needs to be done!!

If I wake up & feel today the Military General will receive Diksha, I call him & go there & give him DIKSHA!!! Itґs that easy!!! No time to waste time thinking about it!!! Just GO!!

Bhagavan is clearly telling me what to do!! And I'm "doing it"!

The Federal Preventive Police (PFP) they patrol the highways alone & also carry machineguns. They are a small group of 16 members. Only 7 received Diksha today (due to shift changes). I also did the same today... Just called them up, introduced myself, & went & gave them Diksha during their shift change when most are present!

They are so nice, & they ALWAYS pay me VERY WELL! (50-100 pesos each) $5-10 dollars When you compare to the others....(I receive mostly nothing or 10-20 pesos - $1 or $2)
But I also don't ask for anything! I say that I accept donations if they want to give something. I see that money can be a hindrance for them to receive the energy... That can be the mind's "way out" .......Oh, I cannot pay.......or donґt want I can't receive Diksha... So I leave it completely open, if they feel to give $$, I will accept. If not, itґs not important. I am always taken care of by the Universe. Money always comes in some form......So appreciative are the PFP Police always giving $$ ! Maybe they get paid well?

Yesterday, Sunday, I finished (my 3rd day) all of the Municipal Police as they have 60 new men working each day over 3 days.Very beautiful open hearted souls! The Director is NOT so open (always quoting from the Bible & very scared of the energy). But he always watches & observes everyone's wonderful states & lets me "do my thing!" One of his Commandantes asked me to please visit the Police Academy & provide the 180 students also with the "energy". I will visit them this week as well!

After that, I decided to visit the local prison outside of town 45 min with 130 prisoners that are mostly guilty of rape. Thay were also very eager to hear what I had to say & share with them. I gave them a mini course for 3 hours & left them with "homework" for the week. To look deep inside their hearts honestly & clean out the hidden things from under the rug that we all seem to have so well packed with unacceptables.....

I will return next Sunday to the prison again as they all want "MORE"... I was toched by them as they donґt have much, but gave me gifts from their hearts like, a woven friendship bracelet putting it on my wrist, a pen also woven with colorful thread saying I love you sweetheart,& someone bought me a Coca Cola & placed it on my chair next to my water bottle as I gave them Diksha (I never found out who was responsible for that lovely gift as I was perspiring like I have NEVER perspired in my life there with temperatures of 44 degrees celcius with stagnant air! And we were outside in the courtyard!)

As I left them, I discovered a smaller base of the Sectorial Police just next to it & stayed with them until it was time to return to the "Main Base" of theirs to finish giving Diksha to all the men. They took me in a HUGE wartime operation vehicle that was big enough to carry a tank! It was fun!

I was given the opportunity to give Diksha to all of them in their huge dormitory & it was the best place as they all were able to lie down on their mattresses & get the full benefit! I felt so tender as if I was giving each one tender loving touch on their heads & putting them to bed with a kiss on their foreheads. (I didn't kiss their foreheads but I felt as though I had!) The Commandante asked for my return next Sunday for a mini-course for all! I'm thrilled! As the results are SO HIGH with them that I feel they are really receiving deep transformation!

I feel tomorrow that the Mayor will receive Diksha!

Will keep you posted.............
Love & Light**


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