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June 1, 2005


After requesting Bhagavan's assistence in reaching the Police here in Chiapas, Mexico.....

I proceeded to witness a beautiful miracle!

The San Cristobal Commandante {Ex- Military Man} is a very beautiful open hearted man that welcomed me into the Base where the Chiapas San Cristobal Municipal Police Force work.

After the Commandante received Diksha & had a lovely experience, the entire force received Bhagavan's Grace over a course of 4 days as they have 2 shifts of 200.

I had to wake up at 6 am each morning to provide them with the Grace before their next shift change.The Commandante also graciously explained in detail to the force who I was & explained to each member what they could expect from receiving this energy. He also told that it's origins come from India & explained that I went there to take a special 3 week course to be able to come here to Mexico & offer it to the people that cannot afford to go to India.

He explained that special for the police it was a gift from my heart to their's.

I wouldn't even accept donations.

The day that I decided to visit the police base, Saturday 28th May as luck would have it,

it was also the day that they held The Monthly Meeting of the PGR Directors of Chiapas.

(Federal Mexican Bureau of Police) Similar to the U.S. FBI

They traveled from all over Chiapas to San Cristobal for this meeting!

After giving Diksha to many of the Municipal San Cristobal Chiapas Police Force, they drove me to this PGR Federal Police meeting so that I could give the entire PGR force!  here were over 100 of them.

What a coincidence that I finally decided to visit the base & give Diksha to the Police Force!



There are NO accidents, with the Grace as Bhagavan guides me in every moment!

The PGR Federal Police are a majority male work force & were all very grateful to receive such a calming, peace & tranquility energy as their work is VERY stressful!

They work daily with Illegal Drug Dealers, Firearms, Fraud, Murder, Suicides, & Violence of all kinds.

They only see & feel the heaviest, darkest, part of life & the people who are responsible for it on a daily basis & are doing their best to protect the Mexican people from suffering the consequences!

It was an honor to provide all these lovely people with Bhagavan's Grace.

There was also a jail there & I was able to give Diksha to 5 detainees as well.

They were all involved in Illegal drugs.

I'm really enjoying spreading the Grace in Chiapas & it is flowing so well that I've decided to stay for some more time here before moving on to Palenque.

I will stay here during the special high energy days of June 1st & 2nd bathing San Cristobal & the other levels of Police & Military in Bhagavan's Grace!

Today I was also finally able to give Diksha & Healing to the Director or the Police as he is a VERY special man & NOT easy to catch! He was suffering from a stomach bacteria & was on his way to the doctor for analysis and I asked if he would please allow me to help him as I promised that the Energy Transfer would make him feel better.

I gave him Diksha first then a specific Healing for about 10 minutes for his problem & he thanked me profusely, {I could feel Bhagavan put him right into his heart}

I hope to see him again tomorrow to see how he is feeling.

The Commandante explained to the Police force today about the planetary transits & how special these next 2 days are & that they should also send their families to me to receive Diksha as I'm sitting under The Cross in the Plaza of Peace.

I have been spending alot of time with the Commandante over these last 4 days & observed many of Bhagavan's words & teachings coming out of my mouth!

It's lovely to then witness the same words come out of HIS mouth to his Force of 400!

It is REALLY unbelievable what a open, spiritual man the Commandante is!

Thankyou Bhagavan for making all of this so easy & flowing here in Chiapas!

It's really a miracle unfolding before me!

The firemen also invited me to their base tomorrow, June 1st to give them Diksha.

After I'm finished with them I will work on the Military Police!

There are 5 levels in total.

I will keep you all updated!

Always at the lotus feet of Our Beloved Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


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