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My life has been completely transformed since the Deeksha experience and now I feel much calmer!

Dear Alexis.

I'm sending you a huge hug full of love & affection from my heart, hoping that you are enjoying many beautiful moments wherever you find yourself. We are now doing much better and I remember you with much love as you are in my dreams always dressed in a beautiful long white dress, like an angel full of peace and love, as you truly are.

My life has transformed since the Deeksha experience and I now feel more calm, at peace, no longer identifying so much in my emotions. I also stopped worrying so much! I have my distinct activities in my job in the spiritual healing center and this pleases me a great deal! It has been very intense with the massage and all is going well, I am studying new techniques now and learning very interesting things.

Alexis, I have noticed that I am much more efficient now in organizing my life which leaves me a lot more free time to do more things that I truly enjoy & everything is flowing much easier now.

I am so happy with this change in my life! Thank you so much!

Alexis precious, I send you all my love and hope that all your life continues in this way, so beautifully enlightening others, I love you with all my heart, thank you for everything & I hope to see you soon!

Maria Mariaca, Puerto Escondido, México

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