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June 27, 2005


It all began when Robert Bodrogi from Hungary noticed that I was doing courses nearby in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico & e-mailed me from Puerto Escondido, Mexico inviting me to do a Intensive Diksha Course there.I arrived there late April.
We decided to begin with a Temezcal (Sweat Lodge) at 5a.m. with the participants receiving Diksha inside the Temezcal, that Roberto constructed beside the Ocean for maximum results!

It was the most amazing way to begin a Diksha course!
It gave a new meaning to my Intensive Flowering of the Heart Courses!
It was more like a Bulldozer Intensive Cleansing of all the Subtle Energy Bodies preparing the participants for the most Intense Intensive Diksha Course I would ever give!

The participants crawled out of the Temezcal so happy that they survived the experience of the intense heat, (which is part of the process) they kissed the ground in gratitude!  We then placed them in the Ocean giving them Diksha there creating complete out of body Bliss experiences!
It was such a pleasure working together with Robert as he brought his Shamanic talents to the Diksha Course raising the experience for all involved to new levels!

We also did Sensorama; blindfolding everyone as Robert led them with the beat of his drum barefoot thru the lush green grass, wading thru the palms of the palm trees, up over walls & across fine ledges, jumping down 1 meter into the sand from the wall blindly trusting as they couldn`t see. Robert led them struggling up & down thru sand pits, around the sacred fire of the Temezcal & crawling, finding their way groping thru the Sweatlodge in one small door, either around the empty firepit or thru the middle of it & out the rear smaller door only guided by following the sound of the drum.

They experienced the sudden cold spray of the garden hose to being told to RUN thru the midday hot sand of the beach up over a sand dune following the sound of the surf only to find themselves encountering the intense, strength of the waves threatening to pull them out to sea in the current of the tide as they maintained their blindfolds on the entire time!

They were all given the opportunity to observe their fears in this experience.....
They then all received Diksha again IN THE OCEAN BLINDFOLDED experiencing simultaneously the POWER of the OCEAN with it`s thundering immense crashing waves, this incredible force of nature, and instead of identifying with the mind`s fear of it.....they MERGED INTO IT!
The drops (participants) one by one, by Bhagavan`s Grace (Diksha) suddenly became the Ocean! Amazing to watch the transformation from Fear to Oneness!
Thank you Bhagavan! What a gift!

I then decided to simultaneously give & receive Diksha with Robert in the Ocean to then complete the experience for us as well! It was a new experience for me as I had never done that before! I saw golden lightening bolts inside my head & went into complete bliss; laughing with the power of the Ocean, Giggling with the Universe as each crashing wave thunderously tossed & turned me like a ragdoll in a huge washing machine! I became the laughter forgetting that I needed to open & close my mouth under the water but it didn`t seem to matter; all is one!

I was the Ocean!  Words are not sufficient to describe the Divine!
Heaven on Earth! Oneness with Nature!
Each participant having their own unique experience with the divine!
And this was all before lunch!
What a Beautiful, Beautiful Day!!!

I must confess that the "Efficient, Perfectionist" Personality is ALWAYS looking for the best possible conditions providing the participants with an opportunity to obtain the highest results in their own enlightenment process & this particular group could not have had any better conditions!


Temezcal specially built & conducted beside the Ocean at sunrise to intensely cleanse the energy bodies complete with Diksha inside, then another Diksha IN THE OCEAN ITSELF!
All Meditations & Lessons held outside under an open air Palapa also beside the Ocean!
A Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Lunch.

It was a very special weekend for ALL of us!
Complete with beautiful Sunsets to complete the day!
Thankyou Robert Bodrogi of Hungary, for this opportunity to cocreate such a unique experience for all involved. It was an honor to work beside you! You are a very special soul.

Love & Light**

Forever in gratitude to  Amma and Bhagavan


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