Living in Oneness

Healing Armies in Bliss

June 30, 2005


I would like to update you on how marvelous the Grace is flowing here in Mexico! It's absolutely a miracle unfolding before my eyes!!!!
I`M STILL HERE IN CHIAPAS, MEXICO!!!!! I cannot leave when things are escalating into miracles!!!

It was a lovely morning when I experienced a beautiful drive thru the mountains & lush green pine forest where the air was fresh & clean. It was time to meet a General of the Military and give him Diksha!  And hopefully receive permission to then give all of his hundreds of soldiers as well!

After explaining to the General how the energy works...... (and the fact that I had also shared it with most all of the local Government Officials & their various supporting Staff. All of the Municipal, State & Federal Police Departments, Firemen, Cruz Roja, Protection Civil, Investigative Forensic Teams and over 3000 of the public (civilians) he then willingly gave me his head commenting, "OK, lets see if this energy is for real! What do I have to do?"

I always ask that the person receiving Diksha first moves into their heartspace feeling their heart & breathing deeply relaxing into that place, inside their heart. So I asked him to do just that.

After a few seconds.... noticing that he was grasping the sides of the chair VERY firmly with his muscles bulging I commented to him that he didnīt appear very relaxed displaying that very tense posture! He opened his eyes as he hadnīt realized it himself, & we both laughed! So I removed his hands from the death grip he had on the chair & placed his hands in his lap. He then proceeded to relax........

After 90 seconds of Diksha & asking Amma & Bhagavan to please hear my prayers which went as follows: "I know that you are both VERY BUSY....please I need to ask something important in this moment, as I have MY HANDS on the HEAD of a GENERAL of the MILITARY! Bhagavan will you please give him a wonderfully transforming experience & help me to continue sharing your Grace with the Generalīs more then 1300 soldiers.........

By the time I removed my hands The General had already gone into a beautiful state & after about 15 minutes he returned from his experience, opening his eyes, commenting , "Yes it IS TRUE! Itīs amazing how I could feel the energy entering my body! Itīs so beautifully relaxing & the electricity I feel in my head is refreshing!" He was impressed & very happy to begin sharing this with his troops!

On my way out of his office The General thanked me many times & told me that he appreciated my visit & the energy gift very much! His small dog accompanied me to the door & I decided to also give him love & Diksha too before leaving. He told me the dogīs name & thanked me on his behalf as well.

What a beautiful man and such a pleasure to share The Grace with!

Days later my day began at 5am as I began with his troops at 7am!! I shared insights with the Officers & Soldiers before giving them Diksha : how the energy clears blocks from the Chakras also healing the physical body in the process. I also shared the self help technique for the few that wanted to sleep deeper (these particular troops did not suffer much from insomnia unlike the police that had much difficulty!) I feel it is because they are living, sleeping, and connecting deeply with nature , by working in the middle of a beautiful pine forest!!

We spent a lovely morning together in a large special room {that I was honored to have been given the chance to transform the energy of that particular room in itself !}talking & sharing their various experiences before & after the Diksha. They were very open to all, including learning Vipassana to deepen their state.

At the end I instructed each one if they had felt any benefit from receiving this energy to please express their gratitude personally to the General & his 2nd in charge as they were the lovely souls responsible for welcoming me into the base with open hearts so their soldiers would benefit! I also gave a special healing Diksha as well to the Officers who suffer from Migraines & Back Problems. They were all very impressed & grateful!

I then offered them a future Intensive Diksha Course where we could work together deepening the process thru meditation & learn fun enlightening lessons on how exactly the mind works!! They were ALL very eager to continue!!!

I am playing the beautiful relaxing Moola Mantra Music CD on my mini portable stereo the entire time that I am with the military. They have commented how nice the music is & want to know what it is....
so I gave them both cd`s, so that it will be played many times over at the Military base itself, transforming the energy of the Base. It was another gift from my heart to theirs to help the Military in their transformation to enlightenment!

After giving Diksha to so many, I find that my physical body is very hungry after and I would like to say that they always feed me a wonderful BIG lunch! (The men all eat very well!)
But if I continue in this way more weeks eating with them in this manner I'm concerned that I will begin to expand physically! Ha Ha!!

On another day (not in the middle of nature) I was guided to another base & I enjoyed very much meeting another General as he received me very openly & even shared with me that when he feels stressed he goes into his office alone to meditate. (Yes,even Generals MEDITATE!!!!!)

When I explained about the Transforming Healing Energy that Iīm channeling, he commented that he was familiar with what is available from "the Cosmos"! We had a lovely conversation connecting deeply as if we were long lost friends.After only about 15 minutes (before he even received Diksha himself !) he commanded his Leutienent to gather the troops in the dining hall so that I could share this energy with all of them! The General needed to leave to a meeting but I pursuaded him to first give me his head for just 1 minute so that he would know what it was that I would be sharing with his men!

After about 10 minutes of his experience, he commented how beautiful the energy is, & how very deeply relaxing on all levels! We proceeded to talk for 20 minutes more about the level of Consciousness of Humanity & the Ancient Mind & he shared his hopes that this energy will in fact help humanity to come out of the state that itīs been in forever! He agrees it`s well overdue for a change! He sees the ĻbadĻ that many men have inside of their hearts & feels the need humanity has to transform itself as itīs been this way since the beginning of time.

I asked for his help & support to give ALL of the MILITARY this transforming energy & he didnīt see that I personally would find it very difficult. He did admit that he is more open then most Generals.

He was grateful that I came to offer them this lovely transformative energy gift & commented that it was even nicer that I also arrived in the body of a beautiful woman!

I then spent the rest of the day at his Military Base sharing insights & Diksha with all the men there. They shared with me that Im VERY lucky that the General authorized me to work with them as they NEVER authorize any outsiders to come into the base, especially a woman sharing energy!!!

I began first by sharing many insights (Bhagavanīs words) with the soldiers & the Officers. I taught them about the Chakras, also sharing this self help Chakra Clearing Meditation with them so they can sleep easier as many shared that they too had insomnia. I then taught them Vipassana & began giving them Diksha.

I gave each soldier at least a 90 second Diksha as I wanted them to all have deep experiences as well as physically healing. I was giving Diksha in the Dining Hall for many hours & all were very relaxed & open waiting their turn. (As you may notice in the photos)!!

I stayed for lunch eating with them after ; speaking personally with the soldiers & they commented how never in the history of the Military Base would a woman be allowed to come in & touch (or caress) any of them. And to feel my hands on their head was so tender & comforting! THAT in itself was deeply healing for them!

They are predominantly an ALL MEN MILITARY! I saw only 1 woman.

Many had blissful experiences seeing various colors & light