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Links  The main site for the Oneness University.  This website so beautifully provides recent updates from where Sri Bhagavan is located.  The monks there (they are referred to as "dasas") are always available to communicate with you and help guide your evolution.  You can email them at
 Gorgeous website offering Oneness Blessing twice daily with on-line chat ability by Susanne & Asgeir in Norway!

  See "The Bleeping Herald" for an excellent background on the Oneness Movement.


 Online Music & Video Store (English & Spanish)



 A catch-all site with countless articles



 No-Mind Festival



 Christian Opitz



 The Mayan Calendar




 Deva Premal & Miten's Angelic Music




 The Presence Portal  




Spanish Sites - Para informacion en espanol vez estas vinculos.... Latin America Oneness University - Era de Unidiad Site (Spanish)



 Spain's Oneness Movement (Spanish)

 South American Oneness Site (Spanish)




USA Ravi Krishnamurthy's website



Taiwan Amira & Revatos Website




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