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Namaste Beloveds,

Sorry it took me this long to write something for the website!

I had promised Freddy by New Years I would post it! Please forgive me.....

As I´ve been so busy giving Diksha to everyone I could possibly place my hands on since November 26th 2004 that requested it both in Chennai and Pune, India & since my little feet touched the ground in Barcelona, Spain January 15th!!

Normally people take some weeks rest after taking the 21 day process but I didn´t even need 1 day!

I knew that I needed to get started ´right away´!

Bhagavan gave me a beautiful state back in July 2004 thru Freddy & Anette and out of gratitude I wanted to get started sharing it with everyone I could immediately!

After all, ALL the people on the planet are waiting for this Grace!

They just don´t ALL know it yet, but we can inform them, no?

And THAT is the MOST important thing to me!

To help people OUT of their suffering!

Like Freddy said,¨We can rest in 2012!¨:O

After attending the November process in Golden City, having MANY beautiful experiences..

I received a private meeting with Bhagavan for ALL the lovely work I did in Spain gathering SO many open hearts in 5 cities (almost 1000) for Freddy in October 2004!

Bhagavan called me a " Ball of Fire !"

I went to Kosmic Studios Chennai, India to record videos of my experience in both English & Spanish to share with many friends all over the planet preparing them for Diksha.

December 3rd I decided to return to Pune, India to share this gift with all of my friends there!

(after being away 6 years as I lived there for 3 years from 1995-98)

I am so grateful to Osho for assisting me so well here in Spain thru the Sannyasin network & I’m SO grateful to him as he prepared me SO WELL for Bhagavan´s work!

So I wanted to share this gift gratis with ALL of the people responsible for the running The Osho Meditation Resort!!!

ALL 21 of them!

Including the 2 Main Directors of the Resort.


I couldn´t REALLY explain to them what the Diksha was & where it came from as they are clear with there choice of Osho as a Master and are not open to hear about any other Avatar in India so I didn´t feel the need to explain about Amma & Bhagavan.....

A & B explain to us that it isn´t necessary to mention them as they only want to be the wind behind you that helps you along to realize your own spiritual goal sooner then you would otherwise without Diksha. Receiving the Grace is enough!

So I just told them all it was a ¨healing¨

After giving Diksha to the main director,

He said to me 2 hours after,

"WHAT the hell was that? That´s a hell of alot more then healing! That is like cranialsacral or something! I want you in my office tomorrow and I want to know details of exactly what that was that you did! That was amazing! Do you have that effect wherever you put your hands?"

We laughed!

He absolutely loved it!

I ended up giving him a SUPER POWER DIKSHA!!!!!

I was ¨flying on 880 volts for 8 hrs after!¨

And he was SO JUICY that whole night!

That evening he came on the dance floor of the Disco & danced with everyone!

He was so ´high´ on the Grace! It was lovely to watch! :)

He has NEVER done that even once in the last many years if ever!

Dance with all the sannyasins in the disco!

He had never even stepped foot into the Bar! He told me!


I wanted to give all the 21 people running the Commune this gift so that they could affect everyone that passes thru the gates!

I stayed there gathering groups & giving many friends private sessions.

I visited the Boy´s School & Home for the Blind 3 different times and the Girl´s School & Home for the Blind on Christmas Day to share this healing with them.

Such beautiful innocent children and adults so grateful & happy to receive Bhagavan´s LOVE!

(All is posted with photos in December 2004 on the website under "experiences")

I didn´t rest even one day!

ALL were very ´pleasantly surprised´ and thankful to receive Diksha.

How could I stop?

How can I NOT give this to everyone I love?

And I LOVE EVERYONE!!!! EVERYWHERE! They just don´t all know it YET!!

* * *

I would now like to share with you my experience with my Father:

* * *

I arrived to Golden City, India November 2004 to begin the 21 day process departing from Chicago, Illinois as I was there with my father in October for 10 days just before and right up until leaving for the process in Golden City.

He suffered a serious stroke in December 2003 needing full life support for 3 weeks leaving him completely paralyzed on the right side of his body losing most of his speech ability as well.

I was in Cuba traveling at the time when Hospital Intensive Care Unit contacted me needing my approval to shut the breathing machine down,

as they claimed he wouldn´t make it another day!

Of course I said NO going immediately to his side & proceeded to witness how the LOVE of a daughter can heal a Father thru anything! He lived a full 11 months more!

Last September, my good friend John, told me that if I didn´t return to Chicago to visit my Father in October 2004 BEFORE attending the India November process expecting to see my father after in December 2004.....

My father wouldn´t be there physically anymore..........

John had a dream that told him that clearly! (Thank you John & Existence!)

And John is in NO way spiritual!

So when that message came to me thru him from ´´the Divine´´.............

I listened! And I´m SO GRATEFUL that I did!

As my father & I spent the MOST lovely 10 days together!

We were in the hospital part of that...He was suffering alot..........

It was clear he was enjoying his last days..........

I spent EVERY MOMENT of those 10 days BY HIS SIDE as I ALWAYS did!!!

I told him how I wished that I could take him with me to India ,

as he came there to visit me for 3 months when I lived there in 1996 & he LOVED it so much that he was forever asking me to take him back to India again!

The problem is that I never returned to India again after moving to Europe X-Mas of 1997.

I kissed & hugged my father goodbye on the afternoon of the 1st of Nov

to catch a plane to Chennai Golden City, India.....He gave me his blessing..... (knowing that it was most likely the last time we would enjoy each other in the physical world)

I told him that if he waited for my return in 1 month on the 3rd of December, I would be able to give him Diksha then, as I wished to give it to him FIRST!

I also told him that I would understand if he didn´t wait for my return to ´cross over´ as he was suffering so much in the body.

Can you imagine?

It wasn´t easy to know that it was most likely the LAST HUG I would give him!

I didn´t want to let go!

I couldn´t kiss & hug him enough!

But I knew that in order for him to ´go peacefully´....

That was exactly what I needed to do.......

Let Go.....................

I was so sorry that I had to leave him physically.............

I wanted SO much to be beside him when he drew his last breath.

To see his soul off in peace.............

We spent such a beautiful last 10 months together

I was by his side in Chicago at LEAST half of that! 6 months out of the 11.

I would go every other month to the U.S. for 5 or 6 weeks at a time!

Thank you so much, existence, for that time.

I´m so grateful!

6 Days later in my bedroom at Oneness University Campus in Golden City, India

I was awakened every hour on the hour beginning at midnight for 5 hours in a row!

I couldn´t figure out WHAT was happening!

5 times that morning! Every hour exactly! I was propelled OUT of bed each time!

As if I had something VERY important to do!

The frustration was that I didn´t know WHAT it was that I was supposed to DO!

Later that following day....

I was already 5 days into the 21 day process....

I was told by a Divine voice that I needed to call the Care Facility where my Father lived,

So I did, & I received the news:

That my father had "crossed over" Chicago time 4:40 p.m. / India time 4:10 a.m.


My father came to visit me in my bedroom that early morning!

As he ´crossed over´........................

I didn´t realize: he was there with me!

His spirit wanted to tell me that he was O.K. now

He was liberated of that sick, weak body!

No more suffering!

I immediately attempted to connect with him to ask him if he was O.K. & why didn´t he wait for my return in just 3 weeks to give him Diksha?

He replied, "I wanted to be WITH you,............. in India ................ DURING your process!"

I felt SO much LOVE in that moment words cannot describe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He really could NOT have chosen a better time to leave his body!

For my process.

A couple days later...............

After comforting ´the little girl´ inside of me who knew that she would never physically be able to squeeze her Daddy again.................tears came.....................

I asked Bhagavan in a question during one of his Live Lawn Darshans if it was too late to please take my Father to his Satya Loka?

Bhagavan told me,"No it isn´t too late & I will take you and show you where he is."

And in the next Diksha, Bhagavan showed me where my father was.............

I saw.............

My father VERY happily playing with his favorite Golden Retriever dog ´Baby´ (I completely forgot about this dog of his!) in a park laughing & enjoying in a healthy body at about the age of 40 I would say.

I was able to see him clearly...............

It was as if I was looking thru a window that wasn´t there!

What a gift of peace I received..........

I felt SO much LOVE! It was really a beautiful experience!

Thankyou Bhagavan !

If I can share anything with all of you from this personal experience.................

No matter what the State of the Relationship is, that you presently have with your parents...


Please think about healing your parent relationships. NOW!

It´s not always the easiest, but it is the MOST IMPORTANT!!! FOR YOU!!!!!

You will regret it later if you don´t, I promise.

* * *

I had an AMAZING 21 day process with MANY MORE experiences that I will share.... another time....

Now with the ability to share this gift with others; I began giving Diksha here in Barcelona during MANY events sometimes 2 or 3 weekly!

Then I had 2 different 2 day weekend courses.

Back to Back!

All this during a span of my first 3 weeks back!

And BOTH weekends were VERY beautiful groups, in Barcelona!

And with great results as most ALL the participants felt beautifully transformed!

And many from the 1st weekend repeated the second weekend as they enjoyed it SO MUCH!

It was SO much fun!! :D

I have my 3rd weekend course this coming weekend 5, 6 of March.

I love to watch how the hearts of everyone who receives DIKSHA just open up & blossom right before my eyes!

Each person is ALWAYS so pleasantly surprised!

And all I´m doing is channeling this Grace.

The stronger the connection that one has to Bhagavan, the stronger the energy comes thru!

And the level of commitment you have to devote your-self to helping humanity also has an effect in the level of integrity you have in your heart.

I am truly grateful & honored to be able to share this with the world! :)

I truly love watching the magic of it all happen!

The level of healing right down to the DNA level!

There are NO limits to the dis-eases that are cured!

It´s TRULY a miracle that something so beautiful, so much love,can be transferred in only 1 minute by placing hands on the head of a person!


Especially returning to the 65 countries I have visited in the last 4 years to touch the hearts of MANY friends & acquaintances that I have met in each place!

Please let me know where in the world YOU have family & friends as I´m SURE I will be passing thru sometime soon!

This is all I will do for the rest of my life!

How could I not?

People are SO grateful as their lives change for the better immediately!

When the heart flowers................

And a deep state of peace & love happens.............

The mind is finally calm....................

Your soul awakens!

The Diksha shows them that life is so much more!

That everything is LOVE!

So now you all know what I have been up to!

You are all beautiful souls!

And I hope to meet each one of you personally someday soon!

Please feel free to write me at:

as I will gladly travel to YOUR CITY in YOUR COUNTRY with pleasure & share this

Wonderful Transforming Divine Grace thru Diksha with your friends and family so that we ALL may experience the TRUE JOY of LIFE that is our Natural Birthright!

Suffering is UNNECESSARY! I guarantee you there IS ANOTHER WAY!

WE ARE ALL ONE and LOVE IS ALL THERE IS........ anything else is only illusion!

I will be more then happy to show you by giving you the opportunity to have your own experience with Diksha.

I love you all and I´m sending you BIG HUGS full of Love,:)

Namaste , Alexis

Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Mexico & Central America, click here.


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