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March 18, 2006

Bhagavan in Newspapers giving his GRACE to Millions in Cancun and Quintana Roo Mexico!!!


Chichen Itza

Alexis brings her energy to Chichen Itza

Alexis Shaffer, healer and therapist, will be in Chichen Itza today (Tuesday) to share her energy with thousands of visitors during the Spring Equinox which will take place at this Mayan ceremonial center.

The healer made an open invitation, offering all those wishing to attend the Equinox the opportunity to receive this divine energy which would allow serenity and inner peace to fill their lives .

“I'll be there to support anyone who needs it“, said Alexis, who has the gift of healing the sick, and gives healing sessions to those who feel tired, overwhelmed, and burdened with personal issues they haven't been able to resolve.

Alexis has worked with numerous large groups of people in which she has transmitted 'inner peace', such as members of the Mexican Army, the Mexican Navy, the Federal Electricity Commission, the Special Police Forces of Cancun, and Several Unions, to name just a few.

She will be at the Taxi Drivers' Union

Upon returning from Chichen Itza, on Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March, she will be giving sessions to thousands of taxi drivers and associates of the Andrés Taxi Drivers' Union of Quintana Roo, starting at 10 am, in the Union Auditorium.

She specified that these sessions are open to the entire public, which means that all those wishing to receive a session or healing therapy may attend at this venue, and receive a dose of energy in order to heal whatever illness ails you, relieve your tensions and stress completely , replacing it with an inner peace, which helps all to better accomplish their daily tasks.

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She will share the gift of energy in Chichén Itzá

This March 20th and 21st in Chichén Itzá

Therapist Alexis Shaffer will take advantage of the Spring Equinox to, with her hands, transmit the energy that according to her, God granted her in order to help people reach their destination faster, “We are not the mind, nor the body, energy cures all” says the doctor who developed her gift in India through Diksha, a Sanskrit word that refers to the transmission of Divine energy. She has visited eleven countries like Sweden, Germany, Spain and the U.S.A among others.

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A negative Article written on the part of a particular 'non-believer politician' as they put it & a few Businessmen living outside of Cancun who of course haven't had any experience with "Diksha" as they share their 'opinions' of what a waste of time it MUST ALL be!!

There ALWAYS is at least ONE to represent the 'Ancient Mind' as it too is part of the WHOLE!

What I REALLY enjoyed observing was HOW exactly the Police Chief responded to it!

“A foolishness” spiritual healing for Policemen.

An opinion poll carried out with a few politicians and business leaders, they´ve demonstrated much scepticism about this therapy and labeled it as “a joke”.

By Ma. Teresa Suárez and Teresa Yah

"The healing therapy that members of the Police and Fire Departments are receiving, is a waste of time and  foolishness, instead of dedicating that same time, the chief, Adrián Samos should instruct the Police to do their job better to fight against crime & prevent delinquency."

To the PAN party leader, Marcelo Rueda, this subject didn´t even deserve a commentary, even more so he felt an insult to his intellect re: these kind of activities. When there are much more important things to do like fight against delinquency and gangs of criminals that has increased lately in this city.

Calling it superficial and trivial ; members of the Police and Fire Departments attending these kind of sessions, considering that Adrián Samos should do his job better as Chief of Police, taking it more seriously and not wasting time with these kind of activities under pretext of giving his personnel more tranquility to do their job better.

And the PRD representative Maribel Villegas said that the Police General Director should approach more the preparation and training of the Police members and not with this kind of spiritual cleansings and healings that are just a foolishness and waste of time!

Its a fact, she pointed out, that the Police know where the delinquency is, and in THAT they should focus themselves to fight and erradicate it, and not waste time in spiritual healing activities to clear away their bad moods, when what is needed is for them to be in the streets, working and fighting against criminals and delinquency.

The late Cancún´s Chamber of Commerce president, Rubén Mora Fuentes, called the “healings” given to the Police members a joke “I don´t believe in those things! The only thing that needs to be done by them is work ,work, work ; nothing else!” he said making his point.

And for Raúl Flores Roldán, president of the National Chamber of the Manufacturing Industry in this city, declared that “it is surprising to me that an institution with such importance like the Police Department of Cancun represents, base their efficiency or seems to base it in esoteric therapy. ”. “Definitely the correct thing is practicing a proven and established instruction, and certainly avoiding the kinds of things that only diminish the institution”, he stated.

A strong controversy amongst city leaders against the Chief of Police / Fire Department

 and his promoting healings for the well being of his Policemen & Firemen personnel. 

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This is the Police Chief's response..

Spiritual healing given to policemen isn’t a trivial thing!

The spiritual healing given to members of the public security police forces and firefighters isn’t at all trivial, nor is it a waste of time, said the general director, Adrián Samos Medina.

By María Teresa Suárez  CANCUN

“The spiritual healing given to members of the public security police forces and firefighters isn’t at all a trivial thing, neither is it a waste of time, since it was an opportunity in which each member chose voluntarily at the invitation of the female healer. Our aim is to STRENGTHEN the public security services, and it wasn’t anything illicit,” argued the general director of the corporation, Adrián Samos Medina.

“We will always do all that we need to do for the good welfare of this corporation , as long as we don’t break the law in any way,” stressed the public service commissioner, referring to the actions needed to be taken in order for his corporation staff to do their jobs better.

He also added that Alexis, the healer not only worked with the Police in Cancun, but also worked with other levels of Police Forces; not only with Municipal Police Officers, nor only in Quintana Roo, but also with the Federal and State Police, which is why she has gained such trust within this realm.

This is why he appeared so surprised after hearing stories from certain business circles and politicians who considered this type of activity to be foolish and trivial, since Police Chief Samos Medina knows that the choice given to ALL Police & Firemen personnel is to freely and voluntarily participate in this therapy, which is neither illicit nor a waste of time.

He clarified that no-one was forced to participate in this mind-relaxing healing therapy. Rather, that it is an open therapy session and given outside working hours, intended for those who might be interested in participating; furthermore, Alexis, the healer, pointed out that this contribution is being given by her free of charge in order to help improve the services of people in uniform and guide them on the path of  righteousness and well being.

In fact, she emphasized that these activities have served to keep the police stable and without demonstrations, which was their earlier habit of protesting; and that fortunately (the appropriate) channels and forums have opened up for them, in which she considers to be helpful in maintaining stability within the organization.

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The police received special MENTAL RELAXATION treatments.


2 FULL DAYS in the Taxi Syndicate Headquarters with them & their lovely families!

Alexis Shaffer gave healing sessions to the Taxi Drivers’ Union

Away With The Bad Energy!

By Eloísa González

QUEQUI, Quintana Roo, Mexico

To help humanity have a better quality of life, leaving behind all negative attitudes and giving way to be replaced with an open attitude to receiving positive energy, Alexis Shaffer gave healing sessions in the Auditorium of the “Andrés Quintana Roo” Taxi Drivers’ Union.

“The objective is to help people reach an inner state of peace and serenity, as this is the natural state of human beings,” said the lady healer while indicating to the assistants to form a circle in order to create even greater integration. “Please interlock all of your hands so you can feel the transmission of positive energy from each other,” she said as the participants, over 30 in number, held each other’s hands, thereby initiating the process of relaxation and absorption of the positive energy.

She stated that it was essential to live in harmony, as well as to feel joy during the course of our lives, in order to detach ourselves from suffering and from the attitudes that create negativity and contribute to the poor health of humanity. Alexis Shaffer comesfrom Barcelona, Spain, and has travelled the world channelling positive energy, and freeing all those who seek her services from suffering and negativity.

She explained that through the transmission of Divine energy it has been possible to cure depression, illnesses, as well as physical body pains. She also stated that her healing modality is based on a direct conversation with the person in question in order to learn of their afflictions, and in this way channel the energy in an adequate manner. “First I touch their hearts, so they can connect to the Divine through it”, she explains.

Similarly, she stated that the human body has seven “chakras”, or energy centers which need to be stimulated in order to awaken the energy of them in the brain. “The human being only uses 15 percent of its brain, and the need to awaken the chakras stems from this fact,” she stressed.

The first chakra is found between the anus and the genitals (the area of creation), the second is in the coccyx and the genitals, the third is in the navel – symbolizing power -, the fourth is in the heart, the fifth is in the throat, the sixth is in the “third eye”, that is, in the central point between the eyebrows, and the seventh is in the crown of the head which is where the energy enters the human body.

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For a better quality of life. Attendees form a circle to create even greater integration and thus receive positive energy.

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Alexis Shaffer Heals PFP Police Officers

By Eloisa González QUEQUI, Quintana Roo


More then 300 police officers from the municipal security police department received energy for their personal relaxation and inner peace, from therapist Alexis Shaffer.

Each of the participants in this event, received from the healer’s hands an injection of energy to help relieve their stress, tensions and give inner tranquility to their bodies in order to better perform their activities.

The doctor and therapist explained it is pure energy, which allows body relaxation to happen to those who receive it; as it heals maladies and gives a state of inner peace helping people enhance their performance at work as well as within their family circle.

She commented that this therapy given to the police corporation was made possible thanks to the help of Mayor Francisco Alor Quezada and the Public Security Commissioner Adrian Samos Medina, who supports her therapeutic techniques.

Alexis will also be imparting healing and relaxation sessions in a midday television show TODAY on TVCUN and later in the day on the TV program “Escena” hosted by Mara Lezama, which airs at 5pm. Alexis also has a large group on the evening of the 16th of March with the workers of the CFE (Federal Electricity Company) and their families

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A mental relaxation therapist named Alexis Shaffer was yesterday at the

DGSPT(Main Headquarters for Security, Police and Transit Officers),

where she performed a deep healing session for more then thirty police officers, whom aside from getting new uniforms, were given a spiritual purification.

The German therapist said she travels around the world performing this activity, especially with police officers and security workers, “due to their chosen work they sometimes experience the darkest, most negative moments that a human being could possibly imagine ” she explained.