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March 2, 2007

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper

Your True Essence
The beauty of this process

Hello dear readers, my name is Alexis Shaffer and the beloved people of this newspaper have invited me to share my experiences with you.

The beauty of this process is that it is so simple, it doesn't require any effort and it is available to all of those who wish to awaken to the great abundance of Grace direct from God. Diksha is a transfer of energy, a phenomenon of Grace, which creates an opening through which you can experience the true desires of your heart: Love, God, Joy, Peace, Healing… directly and completely.

You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

These are some experiences from Air Force personnel who have received
(Diksha = Oneness Blessing)

  • In relation to the relaxation session given by Alexis in the Military Installation of the Military Air Force Base No.13, personally I have felt very significant changes since participating. One of the most important being on how I now confront my family differences as I find myself much calmer now which allows me to perceive with fairness and not exaggeration.
    Another change I’ve noticed is in how I sleep now; with a much deeper quality of rest and without problems to begin the next day’s activities. In respect to my health my back pain that I suffered from has not re-presented itself since the session but its difficult to determine if that will remain permanently gone forever yet. I believe that this session offered an immense learning and life changing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is presented with the opportunity to receive one.
    2nd Captain of the Air Force Air Pilots
    Marcos Martínez Amparan

  •  I experienced a very deep state of relaxation, and I clearly felt the energy moving thru each area of each chakra and when we reached the crown chakra I saw the color violet. Thank you so much! I suffered from a lot of tension in my lower back and after participating in the exercise I now feel very relieved from that pain and with a deep peace in my mind, an intense tranquility and a new feeling of well being deep inside of myself.
    2nd Sergeant of the Mexican Air Force
    Fernando Báez Ramírez


  •  It was definitely a unique experience and a very positive one at that. I had never lived anything like it before especially the nature and magnitude that I experienced. I still am unable to explain with words exactly what it was that I experienced, as I can only tell you that when I heard my comrades sharing their experiences afterwards in the session, I also felt and saw many of the same things as they did; like seeing the colors blue and purple. And I also saw flashes of light like fireworks in my head. I also saw images of people that I wasn’t familiar with walking just in front of me. I wish to express to you a deep gratitude for this fabulous experience as from this day of the session, I feel completely different inside of myself.
    Ernesto Rojas

Your True Essence
by Eckhart Tolle

The NOW is inseparable from who you are at the deepest level.

Many things in your life matter, but only one thing matters absolutely.

It matters whether you succeed or fail in the eyes of the world. It matters whether you are healthy or not healthy, whether you are educated or not educated. It matters whether you are rich or poor – it certainly makes a difference in your life. Yes, all these things matter, relatively speaking, but they don’t matter absolutely.

There is something that matters more than any of those things and that is finding the essence of who you are beyond that short-lived entity, that short-lived personalized sense of self.

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

Reincarnation doesn’t help you if in your next incarnation you still don’t know who you are.

All the misery on the planet arises due to a personalized sense of “me” or “us”. That covers up the essence of who you are. When you are unaware of that inner essence, in the end you always create misery. It’s as simple as that. When you don’t know who you are, you create a mind-made self as a substitute for your beautiful divine being and cling to that fearful and needy self.

Protecting and enhancing that false sense of self then becomes your primary motivating force.

Many expressions that are in common usage, and sometimes the structure of language itself, reveal the fact that people don’t know who they are. You say: “He lost his life” or “my life,” as if life were something that you can possess or lose. The truth is: you don’t have a life, you are life. The One Life, the one consciousness that pervades the entire universe and takes temporary form to experience itself as a stone or a blade of grass, as an animal, a person, a star or a galaxy.

Can you sense deep within that you already know that? Can you sense that you already are That?

For most things in life, you need time: to learn a new skill, build a house, become an expert, make a cup to tea…Time is useless, however, for the most essential thing in life, the one thing that really matters: self-realization, which means knowing who you are beyond the surface self—beyond your mane, your physical form, your history, your story.

You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.

Wanting to be:
Once a friend approached a king and asked him:
“My lord! If you conquer Rome, what will you do after that?”
The king replied:
“Sicily is next and it will be easy to conquer!”
“And we will we do after Sicily falls?”
“We’ll move into Africa and conquer it.”
“And after Africa my lord?”
“We’ll attack Greece.”
“And what will be the result of all these conquests?”
Then the king said:
“We’ll be able to lie down and enjoy life.”
The friend said:
“Can’t we enjoy life right now?”

This story is self-explanatory.

The peace and joy which one hopes to find alter accumulating material wealth or that which one considers an ideal future, can be found here and now. The possession of material goods can help us to enjoy a comfortable life.
It does not guarantee relaxation and enjoyment of life. To apply an interesting thought, when one explores the inner world and complex human emotions, one finds that the great part of human suffering is due to the human being that “is”, constantly “wanting to be”.
This “constant wanting to be”, is clearly seen when one tries to go from jealousy to not being jealous, from bad to good, from stupid to intelligent, from imperfect to perfect, from profane to sacred; it’s the battle that has been going on in human minds for thousands of years.
You should be what you are. What you should be isn’t important. Whoever you are, you are unique. The Universe created you this way. God created you this way. Why does His work bother you so much? Surrendering to God is being yourself.” Being yourself is being enlightened.

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