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March 29 2006

MARCH 29, 2006
Much Gratitude to The # 1 Cancún Newspaper Novedades as they did a SUPERB JOB!!!

The #1 Cancún Newspaper Novedades sure did a WONDERFUL JOB in their writing of 2 Lovely Articles describing WHAT EXACTLY Alexis is doing in MEXICO with this phenomenon of Diksha, Transmission of Energy! And they successfully gained MUCH interest of the Public!



 “The Natural State of people is one of health, peace and pure joy! When it’s not like that, it’s because something’s wrong inside of us, the energy gets stuck, it can’t circulate freely and people begin to feel bad.” assures the lady with the deeply expressive blue eyes.

 Alexis Shaffer is a woman who has dedicated the past years to travel extensively around the world with only one objective: healing people who need and desire it, through the transmission of energy. I asked her, “When did you find out that you had this gift?” Alexis responds that she always knew for as long as she can remember, as she realized that when she touched people, she took away their pain, illnesses and depression.

Just recently she has rooted herself in Cancún, leading numerous group and massive public sessions, as well as individual , at many public and private institutions.

Next Monday and Tuesday she will be in Chichén Itzá and on the 22nd and 23rd  of March she’ll be at the Taxi Driver’s Syndicate Union in Cancun.

We had a chance to speak to Alexis at the Television Studio of TVCUN where she was invited to participate in several Television Shows. In the interview with Novedades, she goes deeper into the subject of energy and shares with us some very interesting aspects of her experience in countries like India.

 Don’t miss the complete interview next Sunday, March 19th, in the special edition “Edukt”!

 (Rosalba Flores)

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The heading on the front of the Special Edition Sunday Section where Alexis's Interview was placed.

The Newspaper Novedades did a GOOD JOB creating interest in the public so that they would

look for the continuation to Alexis's interview from Friday....


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Is it possible? To be in peace

Novedades Q. Roo Sección Edu KT 3

Cancún, Quintana Roo Sunday March 19, 2006

By Rosalba Flores

When Jorge González asked me to interview a person who dedicates herself to “healing”, I don’t know why I began imagining all types of witch doctors, shamans, black magic and traditional ceremonies from Prehispanic México.

Because of this prejudice I was quite stunned when I met her, as I was expecting someone totally different! Alexis Shaffer is a woman dedicated to traveling around the world for years now, with only one intention, to heal people who wish to be healed, using a transmission of energy.

Her aspect can be defined as “luminescent”. Always dressed impeccably in white, she is tall, very slim, white skin, bright blue eyes, an honest smile, exhibiting a very relaxed, calm, peaceful demeanor.

Of course, at the beginning of the interview it was impossible to leave behind the memory of so many charlatans that show up in life, whom in their moment have affirmed to be the ONLY MESSENGERS from the “highest dimension” to heal all the agony from this world. And then they ask you for “ridiculous amounts of money” for their services.

Is it possible?

Many questions filled my mind: To heal the people? To heal them, from what? Does she offer potions? Is she a massage therapist? Does she sell books? Is she from a new religion?

No please!

She seems to know in advance my thoughts, and very calmly opens a binder folder that she always carries with her, where she keeps photographs of her most recent sessions, ´as a proof that in her words are no intentions to fool anyone´.

The images show moments of concentration and relaxation, where she faces the palms of her hands towards an auditorium full of people, smaller groups, or private individual sessions.

They are common people (like you and me), government officials, firemen, taxi drivers, policemen, soldiers, parents, radio and TV commentators.

From how long back did you know that you had a gift?, I asked, and Alexis responds that she always knew it, since she began to reason, when she noticed that when touching people she took away their pains and illnesses .

However, it was in India where she found “enlightened” persons that taught her to develop her gift for the benefit of all. She learned to transfer universal energy to any person, as long as they are open to receive it.

She said that the only thing she has to do is to connect herself with the energy that is available for everyone and channel it out through the palms of her hands, placed over the head of the person, so that their body receives it as this energy heals anything that is blocking the free flow of energy inside of the person.

“The natural state of a person is good health, peace and joy. If it is not that way for the person, something inside is out of balance, blocking the energy not allowing it to flow freely”, she points out.

When that happens, Alexis explains, many people don’t realize it and they start looking “outside” for the reason of their problems, when the solution is right there inside of us, that’s why is also important to learn how to know ourselves better.

“Life is like a river, and you have to flow with it, not against the flow, affirms Alexis, you only have to ask God/The Divine to fill you with The Presence, to connect with you; and you will feel immense love and a deep gratitude for life”…

“It takes only a moment to achieve this, she pointed out, but you have to be open, because the only limit is your VERY OWN MIND”, she expresses with emotion, reflected in the shining of her bright blue eyes.

She clarified that she does not pretend to promote a religion, nor a product, neither imposing ideas, as her mission is to help people to heal, to be protected and feel good within .

I ask her about the sceptical people that sometimes ridicule her because they don’t believe in these kinds of things. Alexis Smiles when answering that it doesn’t matter, because the energy exists for all, if they believe in it or not. “They’ll have their moment” realizing it sooner or later.

She points out that the mind can be a great tool, but it becomes the owner/master of our body because we don’t know how to use it and we allow it to dominate us.

“When we don’t train it, the mind oscillates amongst four modes: judgment, conflict, wishing/desiring and looking for who is to blame / make guilty . All this is negative…"

I ask her nationality. This question makes her laugh. Then she comments that she has visited 65 countries around the world and that she hope to visit them ALL. “The first question that people always ask is where do I come from, what is my nationality, and where I was born… I am a mix of Irish, Sweden, German and American and I don’t identify myself with any of those countries, I travel a lot; and you can think I’m from another planet, it doesn’t matter”… And she smiles joyfully again.

A few days later I attended one of her group sessions, to personally experience her technique.

It is really difficult to describe, because it has to do a lot with your own personal history. But I will say that I was quite surprised!

Each one has their moment and there is yet a lot of people that are not interested in what they call “those subjects”. Very respectfully.

But if you have interest, or at least curiosity, Alexis will be this Monday and Tuesday in Chitchen Itzá, and Wednesday and Thursday at the Taxi Drivers Syndicate Auditorium, here in Cancún.

You don’t lose anything in trying… don’t you think?

Some people reach complete relaxation.

There’s no age for Diksha, transmission of energy.

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