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March 29, 2006

My name is Joaquin Antonio Piña Ruiz

In Alexis' session which I will divide into two parts, I had the experience of feeling the strength, the energy and the light through an unfolding which consisted of me feeling in the beginning when Alexis touched my heart with her hands and requested me to ask God to allow me to feel Him through her, then she touched my head ... and I began to feel a sense of peace, accompanied by a very calming silence, which made me feel that my body was suddenly sliding through time and space like when a leaf falls from a tree in the fall, but during the leaf's fall everything was with a dark background, which made me feel as if my body kept on traveling through that peace with a calming silence until I felt that I was part of the water, water which was manifested in me through its waves, returning to feel the sense of tranquility in my whole being.....

Immediately after, I began to feel some intense pain in my forearms, and I came to the conclusion that it happened as a result of the unfolding of my energy through time and space .. and Alexis came and touched my forearms with her hands and I began to experience the intense pain slowly disappearing, and in that moment I began to feel a sweet warmth which comforted my body and I started to experience strength and energy surrounding my body like an aura, then I began to visualize some sort of multi-colored bar going up and down.....

The bottom color was a deep, dark blue, followed by orange, and yellows, until it got to white, which
ended with a bright light...

White Light


Soft Yellow


Pale Orange


Deep Blue

I did not manage to distinguish what there was after the white light because in that moment I opened my eyes ...

My experience and conclusion are these ...

1.- Alexis is a wonderful being through which the Almighty transmits peace to us.

2.- The eternal war between good and evil has no end.

3.- Alexis is an angelic warrior of the Lord who can do anything.

4.- We must preach by example and help the needy in order to help people like Alexis so that they are not alone...

5.- I hope one day we can all be happy.

Cancún, Q. Roo 22 Mar '06

Atte. Piña
So lovingly translated by Monica Varney


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