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The MIRACLE of renewing my Arizona Drivers License

It was time to return to the U.S.A. only for the unfortunate reason of renewing my Arizona Drivers License.

Living abroad and traveling the world, a current driver's license / I.D. is needed for all transactions, especially renting vehicles!

As I was waiting my turn in the Az.Motor Vehicle Dept., I connected with the Higher Consciousness / Divine asking for more then the normal 3 year renewal period, as living in India didnít allow for the convenience to continue returning to the other side of the world every 3 years for such nonsense!

Upon receiving my NEW Drivers License hours later, I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at the expiration date and had received 30 years!!

I was SURE it was a mistake!

 So curious was I that I couldnít resist asking another person what was happening?

And I was told that Arizona was conducting an experiment in that moment and they were offering that long duration for only a short time period.

Well, it sure was MY lucky day!

 I certainly didnít need to return to the U.S. for THAT reason anytime soon!

A whole 30 years!! Thankyou Divine Consciousness!! Thankyou Bhagavan!!



WE ARE YOUR PARENTS was Amma and Bhagavanís message

In Jan 2005, just after arriving back to Barcelona Spain from India , I was sharing about my experience of the 21 day process in Golden City , India . I was explaining to a large group of people what it was like to be 6 days into my process with Bhagavan and have my Father choose to leave his body in that moment and how it was to experience the death of my father in that higher state of consciousness. It brought the reality into clarity of no longer having either of my parents with me in the physical dimension. In THAT moment, positioned just beside me on the floor were AMMA & BHAGAVANíS Separate Round Shaped Sri Murtis and BOTH OF THEM decided to simultaneously roll towards me in exactly THAT MOMENT!!! It seemed to EVERYONE that THEY were telling me that actually I wasnít alone! That THEY were in fact THERE WITH ME!! They clearly demonstrated that message not only to me, but to all present in that event that evening! Everyoneís hair stood on end!! I felt a tremendous amount of LOVE overflowing in my heart in that moment! As did everyone in the room! It was a moment that none of us will ever forget!!! My MP3 Stereo: I love how Bhagavan an the Dasajis are ALWAYS letting me know they are with me as when I place my MP3 Music Player on random allowing it to choose which songs IT wishes to play, The album Antaryamin (devotional songs sung by the dasajis to Bhagavan) ALWAYS unexpectedly comes on in funny moments to remind me that HE and the Dasajis are with me! I just giggle as I feel CLEARLY that Bhagavan and the Dasajis are having fun, playing with me!! Living in Complete Trust, flowing with all, listening intently to guidance in every moment and watching all unfold exactly as it needs to, makes all the difference! And of course where needed, ASKING for Bhagavan 's help !!! As he is ALWAYS there!!! (I will have to share some of THOSE MIRACLE STORIES sometime!!) That is how I live / experience each moment......

**Do People in a Large Group Benefit From Receiving Diksha by Intention If They Are Unaware That it is Happening??


One evening just before Christmas 2005, I was with a fellow Diksha Giver in Los Angeles , California in the lovely lobby of a Beachfront hotel and she asked me, " If we were to give Intention Diksha to everyone present without them being aware of it, would they in fact receive the seed?" I responded with, "Letís do it and find out!"

And after about 20 minutes, a Rather Distinguished Looking Man approached us, asking us humbly if he could please talk with us as he noticed us meditating & wished to learn more about it! After explaining Diksha to him, we then BOTH gave him a hands on experience.

Soon his wife also arrived and received The Grace as well with both of them feeling so peacefully transformed that they offered us a $100 cash gift in gratefulness! How lovely!! It went directly to The Mexican Hearts Fund.

Thankyou Bhagavan for always creating miracles everywhere in every moment!


EVERYONE benefits and DO receive the Diksha seed of Oneness whether aware of receiving it or not!

Enjoying each moment with The Presence and Sharing Amma & Bhagavan's Grace with The World!!



Hoping that you too are able to experience this ........


If not NOW........SOON!!!!


Alexis has written many experiences, see a collection of all of them on this link.

* * *

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