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March 6, 2006

I, Second Sergeant Martín Reyes Sandoval, state that  at approximately 16:35 on the 2nd of March 2006, while I was in my work office talking to a colleague, the office television switched on all of a sudden, and then switched off, which happened repeatedly.

Upon trying to unplug it, I realized that it was UNPLUGGED and at that exact moment it stopped switching on and off!

 This is something that had never happened to me before and therefore left me dumbfounded and thinking “what happened here?“

It's worth mentioning that a colleague in precisely THAT moment was receiving a Diksha session nearby, and maybe that had something to do with all this....

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Cancún, Quintana Roo, March 2nd, 2006

Today I lived something truly amazing!! Something that if I haven't seen it with my own eyes, I would have found impossible to believe.! In my own personal way, I would describe it as follows.A few minutes ago I myself received a Diksha energy session. It was about 5 minutes and naturally I felt somewhat more peaceful, although I wanted to experience something more impressive. 

 While talking to a colleague in the office where he works, all of a sudden we heard the television switching on in a somewhat unusual way, which surprised us both, since there was no-one else in that office.

My colleague, thinking that there might have been a short circuit, approached it in order to unplug it,  but....... what a surprise!

It wasn't plugged in!

What happened? I don't know. It's something I never experienced and a long time will go by before I'll be able to understand it. The kinds of things that happen in life! I still can't understand those moments of uncertainty, what could have happened?

 Domingo Méndez Vázquez


Second Sergeant Martín Reyes Sandoval & Domingo Méndez Vázquez 



Cancún, Quintana Roo, March 2nd, 2006


I, Antonio Jesús Marzuca Hernández, am one of those fortunate enough to know Miss Alexis Shaffer, who on several occasions helped me to relax mentally and even physically, with the Diksha Relaxation Sessions. I especially wish to share an experience which happened on the above mentioned date, when Alexis gave me another Diksha session in my office.

 During the exercise I had my eyes closed, and saw very shining lights, white in color so to speak, although I can't “name“ the color for sure.

They could only be seen at the right side of my visual field. Later on I felt only relaxation and inner peace.

The surprising and astonishing thing about all this was that as we walked out of my office, some fellow military colleagues who were in the next office called me urgently, telling me that they wanted to share something amazing that had just happened to them.

 They ,Martín Reyes Sandoval and Domingo Méndez Vázquez, explained that while I was receiving the energy session,  they were talking in the above mentioned next door office, when all of a sudden, the television which was on a desk in the back corner of the office began to switch on and off intermittently, of its own accord and without having been programmed to do so. Martín, thinking that maybe there had been some sort of overload, and therefore the threat of a short circuit, told Domingo it was better that he disconnect it, in order to avoid short circuits and the possibility of the TV burning up.

 Imagine his surprise when he got close and bent under the desk in order to unplug the TV, and found that it was already UNPLUGGED!!!!!

...Meaning that there was no chance of it getting any electricity (energy) to switch on and off several times and without anyone touching it!

He told me, half frightened, that they were quite stunned by what had happened, and that they hurriedly ran out of the office upon which they called me in order to comment on what had happened. 

 I write and state the above, in order to serve as yet another witness to the goodness, benefits and kindness received through the Diksha sessions given by Miss Alexis Shaffer during her stay here in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México.

Thank you for sharing your gift to the world Alexis, Good Luck and keep up the good work!!


Antonio Jesús Marzuca Hernández & Alexis after the Session



Yes, energy influences electrical appliances too! EVERYTHING is energy!

From humans all the way down to material objects! Thank God that two people were there to confirm the experience they went through , because if only one had experienced it, it wouldn’t be believable!

He would STILL be thinking he himself was a LUNATIC!! 


(I have to be honest in admitting that I truly LOVE watching Bhagavan in ALL of his escapades as he plays with people!

It was absolutely NO ACCIDENT that there were 2 Military Officers in that office at that precise moment to collaborate their story! It was a Divine Plan!!

They will be talking about THAT experience for a long time!!!

And MORE MILITARY OFFICERS will be interested to know MORE about this energy!!!

May Amma & Bhagavan shower you with special blessings!

Love and Light** Alexisji

It really was unplugged!!!



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