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Long Distand Phone Diksha Report



I have been giving Diksha by telephone to 2 members of Arturo, a Military Generalís family located in Mexico City, D.F.

One of them was a sweet young 21-year-old girl named Guadalupe who to the familyís horror, from one day to the next, suddenly found herself in a Diabetic Coma without even the ability to breathe on her own!

They had to perform an emergency tracheotomy and the doctors felt that she didnít have much chance!

Days had passed when in desperation Arturo asked me if there was anything that I could do. So of course I offered to give her Long Distance Phone Diksha with her father holding the phone to Guadalupeís ear as she lie in coma in the hospital, while I held her photo (see below),

which was sent to Arturo's cell phone by her Father.



A few days after that first Diksha I felt the need to call again & give her another Diksha from Arturo's cell phone using her Fatherís cell phone.

I explained, speaking directly to her soul thru her unconscious body that I knew that she wanted to live and to please connect with God inside of her heart & ask for his support to heal her sick body.

Her body was comatose but I knew that her soul could hear me!

I am happy to report that within a week we called her hospital room again and without receiving any answer, we quickly dialed her home number looking for her parents where a very nice woman answered the telephone!!!

The General asked for the parents and the woman explained that they were not at home and could she please take a message.

He explained that he was worried at not finding an answer at the hospital room and wanted to speak to the parents to know how Guadalupe was?

She explained that Guadalupe was fine as it was HER actually answering the phone and SHE was NOW COMPLETELY FINE!

The General could hardly believe it and we BOTH cried in joy!!!!

He explained to Guadalupe how he had asked God for a Miracle and that he felt to ask Alexis if she could help in any way and without hesitation Alexis had offered to give her a Healing Long Distance Phone Diksha. Upon request her Father also provided Alexis with her photo of her, as she lay comatose in her hospital bed. He had mailed it to the Generalís cell phone and every time that I saw him during the week, I seized the opportunity to give her another Diksha (to her photo) when the Father was unavailable by phone as I wished to connect with her in every possible way giving every chance for Bhagavan to work his miracles.

The General was touched by this and commented on my loving persistence.

Guadalupe was too, and began crying out of gratefulness!

Arturo then handed me the phone and I introduced myself explaining the times that we called her bedside to share the Grace and Healing with her unconscious body and she continued crying tears of gratefulness explaining how she was feeling depressed just then not understanding how that whole coma experience had happened to her!

She explained that she remembered nothing as she woke out of the coma, breathing completely on her own, so the Doctors removed the tracheotomy and just days later she was home back to her normal routine leaving the doctors in COMPLETE AMAZEMENT at her rapid recovery!!

The Doctors could not believe the Rapid rate in which her body normalized itself and MOST of all they were stunned at the disappearance of the injury to her brain!

They could NO LONGER find any evidence of her brain lesion that she had!!!

They had x-rays of it! Upon her awakening it had disappeared completely!

Thank you Amma and Bhagavan!!

She thanked me profusely, crying in gratitude and I gave her another Phone Diksha in that moment explaining that there was only God and he was the Miracle behind everything and please pray to him in gratitude.

We then spoke with her parents after we located them at their different offices listening to their joy in having their daughter back as they had suffered tremendously believing the Doctors as they spoke of Gloom and Doom in her prognosis.

They felt that she truly had returned from the dead!

After such a terrifying experience for them, it was an honor for me to share in their New Feelings of Joy!! I only wished for them to also feel a deep peace inside, feelings that they could only dream about! So I decided to share The Grace with them also by telephone, which gave them both Deep States of Peace and Tranquility.

Bhagavan and Amma reunited another happy family in Mexico!!

Thank you Bhagavan and Amma so much for your Grace and Miracles!!



Another relative of the Generalís is recuperating from a stroke and was in deep depression

After receiving Diksha he slept like a baby for the VERY FIRST NITE in 2 months!!

And he awoke with the desire to LIVE AGAIN!!!

He is ready to go back to work now (which is something he was NOT interested in for the last 2 months & it REALLY worried his wife!)

His wife was RAVING on the telephone to us how she could not believe the HUGE CHANGE in him just after only spending 5 minutes on the phone the night before with The Therapist Alexis!! She didnít know what I told him but IT WORKED!!! I then gave her a telephone Diksha to bring the same happiness, peace and tranquility.

In gratitude to The Divine for their Grace and Miracles!


(traducido de ingles con mucho amor gracias a Marintia)

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* * *

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