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Hello Beloveds,

Waking at 4am to board a plane from Chicago to Mexico for this very special Spring Equinox Event in Puerto Vallarta was a pleasure!

I arrived at Terra Noble at 12:30 & I began at 1pm with about 200 people.

I explained about the Diksha energy & how healing it is for the physical body.

And how many receive the Unity experience connecting with "all that is" awakening the soul & transforming your being so profoundly; creating consciousness on all levels that you didn't even know existed before the Diksha experience.

Creating 2 circles with everyone holding hands we did a very strong breathing meditation to clear the chakras & energy bodies before the Diksha began.

Many people had profound experiences just from the meditation alone.

The Mexican people are similar to the Spanish people with open hearts like children.

There were many that had never done meditation in their life & yet they were very excited to try it! There were all ages present from small children to elderly people with physical problems.

In 2 different photos posted I'm healing a lovely man who asked me to please heal his leg 3 different times!

After receiving the Diksha, almost 100% received the Deep Peace & Overwhelming Love & Connection with All, and many had transforming out of body experiences that couldn't even be shared in words at the time. They will e-mail me later when they come down from the clouds they told me. Before leaving they All wanted to know when the next event would be which I hadn't had time to plan yet as I had just arrived 2 hours before................

In Love and Gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

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Here are some photos from the event:





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